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If you want your kids to have fun and ride a bike that will bullet proof....The JR/PW/CRF 50's are unbeatable and usually the best price point. They pretty much never breakdown and if they do the technology hasn't changed since the 70's so even I could ... more »

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In Search Of....

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I hate to say it but if you're counting on that "accessory use" zoning you are going to be very disappointed. If you had just cleared some land and slowly built it up into a track you may have gotten a pass. Bringing in a company to construct a purpose ... more »

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Depends on your platform. If you're on a Mac a lot of folks like Final Cut Pro. Win based maybe Vegas Pro or Adobe Premier is a good choice for you. I use Premier

Added reply in a thread Big Lenny - don't free him, keep him in your thoughts! 10/24/2014 5:58 AM

Damn that sucks. Hang in there Lenny, get well soon man.

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You can't be surprised by that at this point can you? I mean you're a student of history right.....lol.

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That sucks. Naran is a good kid, super fast at the Vurb Classic in Georgia and other races this year. Broke some ribs and a wrist too I believe. Hope he heals quick.

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All of these are on Netflix: The Ken Burns PBS stuff is all great amazing images and stories; the National Parks series especially. The Unknown Known was great. Genius on Hold which is the story of the man that actually invented/patented most telecommunication ... more »

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Uh yeah Shane is right, they haven't done anything to the track since it closed, that pic is old. Very cool to see racing back there and I think J-Day is a good choice because the rougher the better for them.

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Not for nothing but you can cut through that with a hacksaw in about 20 minutes and if someone has access to a solid pair of bolt cutters that bike will be gone.

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Brandon is Moto's "Star Wars kid"....lol.

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That one is next on my list.

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Damn dude....hang in there and keep on fighting that shit. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I watched that on Netflix a couple months ago....fantastic movie. I would also recommend "20 feet from Stardom"

Added reply in a thread Bremen Mx closed? 10/3/2014 5:27 PM

Not sure who would have told you that. They have posts on their FB page about practice from yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/bremen.racepark

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Saturday pre-entry: http://www.mxentry.com/Scripts/frmRider.asp?key=65&SeriesName=RPM&idCategory=162 Sunday pre-entry: http://www.mxentry.com/Scripts/frmRider.asp?key=65&SeriesName=RPM&idCategory=179

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Reality TV is designed to make the folks on it look either really cool or really stupid. The general public either wants to look up to someone or laugh at the idiot and feel superior.....that formula is a gold mine.

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Rent... $910 a month for a 2 bedroom townhouse style including heat, off-street parking and a basement and I am adjacent to a big old stand of trees on one side and farm on the other.