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Regular gig - IT Director/Project Manger for a non profit in CT Sideline - Moto Announcer and video production guy.

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This thread is only missing one thing....

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Strawberry Pop Tart.....come on man; what am I some kind of maniac?

Just providing the definition he was asking for.
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Funny thing about that whole "Peick is just butt hurt because he realizes that Friese is faster than he is" line.... Facts disagree with your "assessment" both in results and lap times. Peick finished 8th, Dean 15th and Friese 17th and #32 turned faster

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The FBI separates the legal definition into 2 categories; International and Domestic terrorism. Domestic Terrorism means activities with the following three characteristics: ◾Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law; ◾Appear ... more »

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It's the flashing. We have 2 replacement window frames that are leaking the same way because the flashing wasn't done right on them causing the water to get into the sill/frame.

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Now I have to admit I am a little bit biased towards Winchester Speedpark because I have worked there for about 12 years. NEMX is owned by the same folks as Winchester Speedpark; they bought the NEMX series from Tom so that they could offer folks some ... more »

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My advice is don't cheap out on the audio equipment. A lot of people think they can just record on whatever quality stuff and "fix it in the mix". Old adage in recording... "When you take shit and enhance it all you end up with is enhanced shit." A decent ... more »

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When I first got into flying I bought one of these. It had good controls and was pretty easy to fly plus it was pretty tough. I crashed mine a few times and it came right back. Buy an extra battery or ... more »

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When we took my sons bike on the road with us I'd call for reservations and tell them I had a very severe fear of heights and enclosed places so I had to have a first floor room that opened outside.

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MSI GS60 Ghost Pro i7 Intel Quad core w/16G RAM Nividia G-Force graphics 128G SSD for my OS and Applications with a 1 TB SATA drive I use to store files. The SSD is the key for quick start up, mine will literally go from off to desktop up in 8-10 seconds ... more »

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I do have a channel and I have quite a bit of moto from live streaming events here in New England. Also have some footage from my drone etc....

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BOOM! Solved....

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Actually I believe we have to give Jared credit for the bears appearance. I do my part to ensure longevity.

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Wow.....that really let me down.

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He shot the Elk....the Elk stabbed him. The guy still gets to carve up delicious Elk steaks......Seems fair to me.

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You seem to be very interested in tagging your buddies girlfriend. Does he know about this? Does she know? It could make social situations kinda awkward. Do you think a lot about the men that your girlfriends have been with before?

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Ha! Saw that on his FB it.

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That did the trick for me too.....thanks man.