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A lotta passion for motorcycle racing in all it's forms....and a shit load of Red Bull Scottie is way ahead on the quality percentage as well.

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I'll pull the jar out of the freezer when I get home and take a big swig to his speedy return.

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It looked like that other planes wing was what went through his head...... Damn that was something.

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Man Huck that is awful. I'm glad your daughter is ok and hope that Jason will regain more feeling and mobility. We all do stupid things as kids/teens, I hope one dumb mistake doesn't take that away from him for the rest of his life.

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I had a similar issue with my Ford Ranger and it turned out to be the latch catch on the bottom of the rear door. Not the latch assembly inside the door but that little metal ring that is bolted to the floor that it latches to. It was worn down and the ... more »

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I've been jndmx since the motodrive days guess I'm doing something right. Now there was the night that we filled the front page with "I apologize" Devin Davis threads that I was a little worried.... I find that the best way to avoid issues is to type ... more »

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Not going to happen.....they don't want to run a 450 team. That comes directly from Ziggy

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I'm starting to think we should drug test new people before letting them post on Vital

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Well Shane I'm bummed to hear that the riding days are done but sometimes you gotta know when to say when. Someday you're gonna need to walk your little girl down the aisle and walking without pain is a much better way to go. Man flying has to be a blast....which ... more »

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I use MetLIfe Auto. Good rates, I have a car and a truck on my policy and it's $700 a year for liability with full glass coverage.

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Saw that this morning, they are saying possible murder/suicide....

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Nice! I don't think I could run 26 miles if someone was chasing me with a gun.

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My son is 21, went to Chicago 3 years ago for school.....1200 miles from me. I thought I would get better about it over time but if anything it seems like it's worse, man I fucking HATE it. We were together all the time when he was growing up, racing ... more »

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Hawk says "Fuck you and your picnic lunch!!!"

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Got mine yesterday.....Thanks to the whole Vital crew!

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Actually that trophy is 3 feet tall....Chase Sexton is 28ft tall. It's all perspective.

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Can't a guy stir up a little shit now and then....sheesh.

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So getting up from a crash and taking 4th with a busted neck is "dropping anchor"?

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I got this update from a family friend of the Nelsons about an hour ago. "An update on Jessy from his Mom today. Let's all continue to pray. Good morning, we are hanging in there. No real changes , the plan is today to get him off the self administered ... more »

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