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Insurance is nothing more than expensive air. I deal with people everyday who are being raped by their insurance co.

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Hope your ok Scottie!

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If you guys were true fans you would know that he has problems training due to prior injuries. He was paralyzed and came back from not being able to walk only to win 2 sx lures c-ships and gave away 2 mx c- ships at the last round. CP is nothing short ... more »

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I am also running the 994 and am pretty happy with them. Also want to try the 996,998,921, or even the mc bend with a riser like I Seely was running. Thanks for heads up, bike is unreal man!

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Digger 998 twin walls? Sick ride!

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It's 2014. I would say KO'ing someone would be considered a stupid decision. People end up in prison over that shit nowdays. Takes a bigger man to know someone's being a dumb fuck and know that karma does a great job of dealing with stupid,

Started new thread Dungey NEKEN clamps? 7/9/2014 3:46 PM

Since when? Is Kenny not still running the X-trig clamps? I thought Ryan was to? When did this change?

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Thanks for that mxtech1! I never knew that myself as my current 13kx250f is the first kawi I have had in just over a decade!

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Drain all of the oil from the bike and remove the oil filter. Lay the bike on its side so the clutch cover is facing up. Take off the rear brake pedal. Remove the bolts holding the clutch cover on. Then take off the bolts that hold the clutch springs ... more »

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I was wondering the same thing! Also what bar bend is that Newman?

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Man I love this place sometimes. That was pretty quick there DC! Makes me think your around here more than I thought.... So ready for Glen Helen! Hope you guys are as well. Here's to a good season of outdoors.

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I have bought quite a few bikes from Larsons. When were you riding for them. I wonder if I know who you are?

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Go by the manual. The oil systen still has oil in it. If you add additional oil you will end up with to much oil in motor and could blow seals. Atleast thats whar i was told about kawis.

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Forget all of that. Did you guys see the blow out on that dude in the video? The riders are not going to know what hit them with these Jersey fans lol. Blowouts and big muscles everywhere. Definitely wish I was there as this is not the typical supercross ... more »

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I will teach you a lesson in moto. This beautiful track you are seeing in the background is a nice little track called Millville. I believe this is the 2002 or 2003 national. I remember watching him and think it was his debut. He had skills on a 2 stroke ... more »

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A brotocross wanna be. Just what we needed. Another dude that tries way harder than needed. Thanks Joe.

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Does factory suspension = stock suspension?

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English motha fucka. That is what we speak around here. Even the dude from Latvia can be understood. The thoughts in that brain don't translate well my dude. Work on that because I'm sure you have some good stuff to add to thread. Just that nobody knows ... more »

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On our way. Call you in am