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I don't know if the two stroke will ever go away At the SX on the weekend the 250 2 strokes sounded roughly 15 million times better than ANY other bike there and not just cause I was nostalgic, my 2 nephews were there (8 and 10) and their eyes lit up ... more »

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I was sitting right at that section that Jimmy D hit! During the night Reardon and Moss were the only ones hitting it consistently, It was massive

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The Aus open is next weekend man

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Was just about to say this (transworld pics)

... more »

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Although it sucks that the boys couldn't find themselves a decent ride but the Australian Nationals are gonna be pretty bloody good next year!!

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I think it was that chick on the dirt shark vid from Thailand that was good but showed how stupid the dirt shark is.. He was talking to Herlings and she was there and dirt shark asked her something and Herlings said she doesn't speak English and dirt ... more »

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Man such a rollercoaster of emotions if you're a Stewart fan and going to the Aus open haha

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haha I know everyone is angry about this thread but fuck em I say (huh huh huh I said butt fuck) but I will kinda agree but there is also a lot of big hits in Rugby but I was more talking about Rugby League which is more like NFL.. 6 tackles to get up ... more »

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and around we go

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Ricky, How's it goin man? Massive fan here I was even wanting you to win over Reed haha.. Anyway my question is, has there been a fan experience that you've had that sticks out more than others for any reason? (no we haven't met, so don't think I'm fishing ... more »

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I honestly don't wanna get into a pissing match about whose country plays the more badass game cause I really couldn't care less but I've never understood the logic behind this (my brother in law is American he goes on about it too) Both games involve ... more »

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I agree but it would've just been so much better if he was given a better chance to be at least up with them.. Then there'd be no what ifs.. Although he's a 9 time world champ who knows what he could've managed haha It was pretty good watching him come ... more »

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"if the desire is there" Well it's not! It seems like they just enjoy SX enjoy watching really respect the skill it takes but they've got more interest in MX.. Some of Europe's finest have shown they can adapt to SX when they set their mind to it

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like I said they don't have the out and out speed of Townley but he's 30 and was retired for two years those things you mentioned were awesome but they were also 7 years ago.. Don't get me wrong I'm stoked for him and really really want him to be successful.. ... more »

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I love me some Ben Townley and I as I said above I hope he has a successful year (whatever that is for him) but I do find it weird that Suzuki will hire a dude that retired 2 years ago that was very injury prone, while Dean Ferris (and I'm also hearing ... more »

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I don't know if my heart will take it if he hurts himself again.. Just please stay healthy and answer any questions you have left unanswered thank you very much Ben

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in the other Reed thread there's a link to Lars' instagram and he says "good luck in 2016" so that maybe means he knows something

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I remember the response his video message got on the night haha

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depends, would RV do an interview saying that the current riders know nothing about what it takes to win now and definitely doing PEDs? I'm not saying Hannah wasn't great I'm not saying Hannah wouldn't win now but my opinion is if he was racing now he ... more »

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I think RV will be too busy doing other things haha (I know I would be anyway)