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New thread I'm glad Lenny lost the damn bet!! 4/21/2014 9:56 PM

I don't always see eye to eye with Huck......but the dude had the balls to place up a bet....his $2500.00 vs Lenny's $2000.00......and Huck is going to win that bet this next weekend! Lenny.......think of it as a payback / Karma for all the stupid 500+

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New thread I'm getting hooked on watching the MXGP races. 4/14/2014 12:43 PM

It's nice to check out our fellow racers from across the pond in some good ol' fashioned MX. Italy yesterday was a brutal track and had some great racing. The 2nd 450 moto was definitely one to watch!! The lites class as well was really good. If you ... more »

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New thread Win-Win for RV and James! 3/29/2014 9:08 PM

James rode an awesome race tonight and RV extends his points lead to 36!! I think both camps can be happy about that! Big ol check will be coming in the mail for RV after Vegas for wrapping up another title and James gets his big ol' #50 win tonight!

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New thread Seely's future in the 450's? 3/16/2014 3:01 PM

I think he has a bright one from what I've seen. I kind of bagged on the kid because I didn't think he trained hard enough ( even though I've always liked him ).....but the kid is proving me wrong. Super smooth and he has an awesome style on the big ... more »

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New thread How come Europe doesn't have a supercross series? 3/14/2014 8:49 PM

Reading through Rocks thread about an SXoN's got me thinking......why doesn't Europe have an SX series? Seriously. This isn't one of my long winded posts of the night.......just a simple question here. Does Europe in a whole have any ( or enough ) big ... more »

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New thread Needing some " factory Connection " suspension testimonials please. 3/12/2014 10:14 PM

FC just opened up shop up here around the Portland area and I'm thinking about giving them a try for my 2012 Kawi 450. Thinking about doing the valves , springs , maybe anti bottoming kits......not sure. If you have used FC in the past year or two.....can ... more »

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New thread Let's go Weston!! 3/8/2014 11:13 AM

This track looks like it will suit this brute of a rider tonight! Lets go Weston! Top 3 - 5 ! Gawd I hope I don't jinx him!

BTW....Thanks MotoXaddicts for the pic!

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New thread Triple clamp offset for 12' - 13' KXF450's? 3/2/2014 12:11 PM

Hey guys.....I had some good riding yesterday on a brand new 2013 KXF of my buddies yesterday. Great bike , but the front end seemed a little steep in the front. Cornered good , but a little shaky on the high speed rough stuff. The specs on the bike ... more »

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New thread Who screwed up the Qatar GP show? 3/2/2014 11:32 AM

They have it scheduled for a two hour slot. The first hour gets basketball shown for the first 20 mins for the MX2 races and the end of the race would of not been seen at all if I hadn't recorded the 2nd hour which was scheduled for the MXGP show. Then ... more »

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New thread Just gotta love Marvin on a 2 stroke! 2/28/2014 10:19 AM

I don't know for sure if this video ever got posted here ( probably has since it's an epic video! ).....but if so , it's worth a re-post! Marvin is just simply hauling ass on this little KTM 150SX. Some of the speed that dude is carrying through the ... more »

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New thread Reminder : There is a race on today....Geneva SX 2/27/2014 3:26 PM

It's on at 5:30pm PST on MavTV. Channel 214 on Direct TV. Not sure if Comcast and Dish subscribers get this channel.....but if you have DTV....you're in luck! The MavTV channel seems to be showing a bunch of races this year actually.

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New thread The website is wiggin' out! 2/25/2014 8:39 PM

What the hell? It looks like the Mobil version of the website? What just happened? This is what I'm seeing.......

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New thread Need some bike cleaning help. 2/25/2014 1:28 PM

I picked up a used 2005 KX 125 project bike that needs a lot ( I mean a lot! ) of help. The first thing I need to do is get this sucker cleaned up good enough so I can actually see what the hell I'm looking at. I plan on dumping a little coin into it

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New thread Matthes....anyone....Who is scheduled for PulpMX tomorrow night? 2/23/2014 8:50 PM

Thinking it has the potential to be a great show. I just don't know who is supposed to be on it. Anyone have any idea?

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New thread Finding " A-Kit " suspension for older bikes? 2/20/2014 8:13 PM

Hey guys.....give me some input here. What happens to all the A-kit suspension that satelite teams and privateers used on their older bikes? Like mid 2000 stuff? Around 02' - 08' type stuff? You hardly ever see it around. I may be picking up a "project ... more »

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New thread And Reed is running practice!! 2/15/2014 11:14 AM

Un-friggin' believable! Not sure if he'll make it to the race.....but just being out there on a bike?......Tough as nails! WOW!

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New thread GuyB or Anyone.....have a pic of WP40 pass on JB51 ? 2/10/2014 7:11 PM

OK.....so on the broadcast I was keeping an eye on Weston as he was moving up. As he came up on Eli I think things went smooth.....but in the corner of the screen when Weston caught up to Justin and made the pass.....anyone get a picture of that? The ... more »

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New thread So I guess we ride MX....because we are " Depressed " ? What the heck? 2/7/2014 10:38 AM

So I get daily spam emails from WebMD and sometimes I go check out certain things on health and so forth. This article got sent to me this morning , so i went and checked it out. http://www.webmd.com/depression/ss/slideshow-depression-myths?ecd=wnl_men_020714&ctr=wnl-men-020714_ld-stry&mb=

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New thread Dear Go-Pro.....where are the full moto videos?? 2/5/2014 8:36 AM

Seriously........we as moto fans and dudes that have paid $200.00 - $400.00 for your cameras have put millions in your pockets......and you give us 2 - 3 min videos....of like 2 riders? What happened? Last year and the year before we were getting a ton

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New thread Holy crap!!...A Combat Wombat!! 2/1/2014 1:35 AM

So a lot of us cruise the CL ad's.....and look what I just found! For me and my group we always kid around about how our bikes handle worse then a Combat Wombat.......and I found one for sale! http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/mcy/4313783903.html

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