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New thread Would you really " Boycott " the races? 12/17/2014 10:53 PM

I know 99% of us wouldn't boycott watching the races because one of your favorite riders may have to sit out. But just for fun.......who here WON'T watch the races if James can't race? My personal vote......HELL NO I'm not missing the chance to watch ... more »

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New thread Damn it!...I lost two friends last night. 11/29/2014 2:41 PM

I just got a phone call from one other long time friend and she informed me that Amanda and Elizabeth both died in a car wreck last night. I was really good friends with Amanda and we grew up together. Elizabeth I knew pretty well and she had been married ... more »

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New thread Why isn't this thief in jail? 11/29/2014 11:35 AM

So I just read in another thread the story about how this lil chino douchebag steals this bike....then posts videos of himself riding wheelies through town. No negative comments on his youtube videos , no arrest has been made and it seems he is still ... more »

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New thread Full Genova SX right here...... 11/22/2014 9:09 PM

I didn't get to see it earlier today so i went on a search and found the entire race in full if you guys are interested. [img] [/img]

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New thread The pics we have been waiting for....The Bercy 15sec card girl! 11/16/2014 9:44 AM

So I re-watched some of the races this morning of yesterdays race and she came up again. I tried to get a couple descent pics......but they don't do here any justice. Good Lord......they broke the mold when they made this one! Amazing looking gal! Sorry

... more »

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New thread One badass Tomac pic!! Credit GuyB! 11/14/2014 3:22 PM

Saw this in the Bercy pic on the home page! Awesome! New wallpaper right here! Actually there are a lot of really great shots in there. Thanks Steve!

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New thread Attn Newmann!!....You are going to like this thread! 11/12/2014 7:13 PM

I talked to you a couple years ago about my Dad's old bike. It's a 1969 Kawasaki 238cc Scrambler. Well.....by luck....I found a guy out here in the NW that knows how to restore bikes the right way.....and he's spoken to you a few times! He has some of

... more »

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New thread This wind here is getting effing scary! 11/11/2014 8:32 PM

This morning just driving to work in my big cargo van was nuts....as it was blowing me around all over the place. Now , later tonight I'm getting some really bad gusts here that it sounds like it's going to rip the roof right off my damn house! Hoping ... more »

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New thread Wow! Another buddy just joined the 2 stroke club! 11/6/2014 10:09 PM

So another buddy of mine sent me a text tonight and said he picked up this little gem. Said he was talking to someone else , when another dude who overheard them talking piped up and said " I have a bike you may be interested in " The guy told my buddy

... more »

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New thread Update on Big Lenny? 10/28/2014 9:31 PM

Huck , or any of you other guys that can get in touch with him......how is he doing? I can't get a hold of him on the other board , so I wanted to ask here. Lenny....if you see this , I hope you are doing well my brother! Please keep your chin up and ... more »

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New thread sitting at my house with no power!! 10/25/2014 11:16 PM

Just got back from going out with some friends and my neighbours 70' tall willow tree split in half and blocked the entire street and ripped the power lines right off my damn house! No power ,no wifi .....this sucks big donkey balls!!!! I'll get pics ... more »

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New thread Ebay sellers on MX parts....how do they even get this to work? 10/24/2014 11:37 AM

I see a lot of this on Ebay when searching for parts and so forth. How does an outfit take a $30.00 part and try to sell it for damn near $700.00? AND......have over 10,000 sales with a 99% feedback? In this ad for a set of fork seals for a 2006 RM 250 ... more »

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New thread Why didn't CP377 do what Malcolm did tonight? 10/18/2014 11:44 PM

Malcolm bought his own bike and went out and did the total privateer thing to go out and make his mark , prove a point. He had a great showing tonight....so it got me thinking.....why couldn't Pourcel do that? Why didn't he? People are expecting some ... more »

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New thread Damn.....some of you guys make me sad. 10/16/2014 8:37 PM

I got the news last night James is moving forward on the ped's / meds thing.....I get all excited to finally see all this stuff finally getting behind him.........YEAH!!......we get to see James on the line come A1 !! I go to work a 12hr freakin' day........only ... more »

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New thread Best moto DVD's 2014....and way before ? 10/15/2014 7:26 PM

I'm trying to catch up on getting a bunch of moto videos for the damn winter. The ones I have right now are.. Dust to glory moto 3 moto 4 moto 5 RV champion Supercross behind the dream 4 & 5 Crusty demons 12 and 14 For me personally . I'm looking ... more »

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New thread So I got a chance to ride another 2 stroke after 13 years. 10/13/2014 10:41 AM

A few months ago I was able to pick this 2006 RM 250 RC replica bike up. And I got some pics of it here. I finally had the chance last weekend to go out and break her in and have been able to ride the past two weekends. I have like 12 practice rides

... more »

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New thread Quick question please : 2012 KX450F / FMF power bomb ex ? 10/8/2014 6:53 PM

I ordered up the full stainless mega bomb / stainless exhaust for my kawi 450 a few months ago. It's basically been just sitting here and I'm just now finding the ambition enough to put it on. There are NO clamps in this exhaust kit. Between the header ... more »

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New thread What do you guys think of Sunoco race fuels? 10/1/2014 6:25 PM

There is a local gas station that I buy my non-ethonal fuel from for my 12' KXF450. They have another pump there as well which sells the 112 octane Sunoco. I was thinking of running it 1/2 and 1/2 in both bikes and using the Maxima 927 in the 2 stroke. ... more »

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New thread You guys think RV willl hold his own in the sand? 10/1/2014 2:17 PM

I know AC222 can ride the sand tracks like an animal. And from watching some southwick races....RV seems to do very well too.....but it aint the same kind of sand. On the dirt based tracks I think RV will be just fine , but wondering what your thoughts ... more »

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New thread So.....it's USA vs the rest of the world? 9/29/2014 2:28 PM

According to Jamie in this thread here >> http://www.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/1-year-of-butthurt-as-you-call-it,1276138 It sounds like it is? You have guys from GBR bragging that team USA lost. You have guys from other countries bragging ... more »

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