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New thread Any word on Tomac's progress? 11/19/2015 8:52 AM

Been pretty quite since a few weeks ago when we saw a short clip of him riding the Kawi. I have no doubt that kid is putting the work in. Just wondering if any of you have heard how he likes the bike and how his training is going?

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New thread So god damned sick of going to funerals. 11/10/2015 6:02 PM

These past few years I have buried more friends and family than any other time in my life. It seems like every few months I have to go to another funeral. Maybe it's because I'm older and know more people than I did when I was younger? It's a bad disease ... more »

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New thread Suicidal Tendencies and slipknot....fuck yeah! 10/22/2015 8:59 PM

At the concert with bigdaddyg.....cyco Mike comes into the crowd!! 30yrs of listening to them and i got a pic!! Awesome night!

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New thread Finally! Go-Pro full moto video! Nelson @ USGP. 10/15/2015 12:46 AM

Enjoy..I know I did! Damn why don't they put more of these up? [img] [/img]

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New thread I need a 3440 x 1440 wallpaper! 10/9/2015 10:28 AM

Jesus these things are hard to find. I just picked up this bad boy monitor for my Simrig and I need a big 3440 x 1440 wall paper for it. My old wall paper fit perfect in my 27" monitor doesn't fit in this one very well. This 34" Acer is like a damn theater

... more »

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New thread Major flooding on the East coast. 10/7/2015 10:12 AM

Been trying to keep up with what's going on over there. Seems that SC and NC both got hit really hard. This past week when it first started , they said it was a 100yr flood. Then they updated it to a 500yr flood and now a 1000yr flood! Hope that if any ... more »

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New thread For all of us that are 30yrs old and older.... 9/28/2015 11:04 AM

I came across this today and thought it was pretty cool and well written. For the most part , good stuff. TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1930s, '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s!! First, we survived Being born to mothers who may have smoked and/or drank While ... more »

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New thread Any update on Max Anstie? 9/26/2015 1:50 PM

I can't get that wreck out of my head. I'm all for the patriotism and seeing great battles , and the last thing I want to see is one the riders get hurt. Here is to hoping he'll be ok. Heal up soon Max!

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New thread Well , good luck to all the teams this weekend. 9/24/2015 10:56 PM

Obviously I'll be screaming my lungs out for team USA to whoop some supreme ass , but the main thing is to get all the riders out of there healthy and in one piece! Good luck to your specific team. Hope we get some good clean racing , no mechanical dnf's ... more »

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New thread So when it's time to watch the MXoN's..... 9/24/2015 6:34 PM

Do we just go to the site and click play or whatever? I can't remember what the hell I did last year. I just bought the two day event and I guess I'm set and ready to go. I guess us west coast guys start watching day 1 late tomorrow night at ... more »

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New thread Request : Jessy Nelson's Helmet cam from the USGP? 9/23/2015 9:42 PM

I was just thinking , since it wasn't a feld or MX sports event , would there be a way to get the full moto helmet cam's from Jessy? We don't ever get these any more. What the hell happened? And whoever owns them , why don't they share them with the ... more »

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New thread Holy crap , I guess I took a pic of the guy going down in the 1st turn? 9/22/2015 7:13 PM

I was just sitting here going through my pictures and noticed something I hadn't seen before. I'm not sure if Simpson went down first and it looks like maybe Butron hit him , then everyone else? Or that may be just Simpson at first. Hard to tell. Can't

... more »

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New thread Pretty proud of the AMA riders today. 9/19/2015 7:46 PM

They definitely came to race today. The speed that Grant and Webb showed...incredible. Anderson i think came from 12th to 4th and would have gotten Febvre with another 2 laps. Mx2 McElrath was riding really well too. I'll tell ya what was ... more »

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New thread The value of older A-kit suspension? 9/18/2015 9:26 AM

If someone like myself was looking to pick up a set of older A-kit suspension for my 06' RM 250 , and it was in good shape , but not really setup for my weight and riding ability , what would you guys think is a good price range for something like that? ... more »

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New thread Getting a bike shipped from LA to Portland. How? 9/8/2015 4:14 PM

If I was to get a bike from around the Los Angeles area , how would I go about getting it up this way? I haven't got the slightest clue as to where to even begin to look. I could use some advice on this if you guys have some. Thank you!

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New thread Great tribute to Justin Wilson at Sanoma. 8/31/2015 9:05 AM

Just had the chance last night to watch the rest of the race. About the first 45mins was a huge tribute dedicated to him. It was very cool indeed. Indy lost a great racer and family man in Justin. RIP Justin. On another note the championship was decided ... more »

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New thread Finally...Rain!! 8/29/2015 9:12 AM

Up here in Portland we had a heck of a rain storm come in last night. Supposed to get even more through the weekend. Some pretty wicked thunder and lightning too as it's still really warm here. Feels like a tropical storm of some sort really. We need ... more »

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New thread We're being attacked by Korea! Sheeesh! 8/27/2015 9:07 PM

What the hell. Damn spammers!

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New thread Couple quick questions on the US mxgp. 8/27/2015 9:03 PM

OK , so if I remember correctly , Team USA ( Barica , Martin and Webb ) will be racing this thing right? And is Webb going to be riding the 450 , since that's what he'll be racing at the MXoN's race? Still can't wrap my head around sending Webb on a ... more »

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New thread I'm sorry , I'm rooting for the foreigner. Moose-can! 8/21/2015 11:03 PM

I'm an American , 100% through and through , but I'm wanting Marvin to win this title. Why? Because this is his last year in the 250 class , I'd like to see him go out on top. He's gave it hell for 3yrs! Also , Jeremy won it last year and he'll be racing ... more »

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