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Reply to where were those funny dubbed mx videos? 8/30/2016 1:17 PM

This here is gold! Haha.

Reply to where were those funny dubbed mx videos? 8/30/2016 12:58 PM

Haha!! Yes! Thanks Bron and you guys! My freakin' face hurts , these are great!

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New thread where were those funny dubbed mx videos? 8/30/2016 11:41 AM

Someone posted a link here a few months ago with some funny voice over dubs of SX and MX. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Reply to Did prado let herlings by ???? 8/30/2016 10:26 AM

CD25 did the same thing , as well as AC222. In fact I saw a few other slide the front end there. That track was knarly and gave a lot of riders fits. Including Jeffrey and Jorge. No need to down play the way either one of them rode. They both rode very ... more »

Reply to FLY Racing Thanks Andrew Short 8/30/2016 8:50 AM

Andrew had a pretty awesome and long career! Going to miss seeing him out there. Good luck in anything you do Andrew after your moto career. And thank you for all the great memories.

Reply to Anyone have a Maico itch that needs to be scratched? 8/30/2016 8:45 AM

I was 14yrs old when I hopped on my buddies 83' 250 sand spider and then 1yr later I rode a 490 sand spider. I was maybe 120lbs and those bikes didn't even know I was sitting on them. I liked the 250 , but the 490 scared the hell out of me. I couldn't ... more »

Reply to Did prado let herlings by ???? 8/30/2016 8:40 AM

I liked both those interviews. Very good indeed!

Reply to If you could pick the MXDN team again.... 8/29/2016 8:22 PM

Call me crazy.....but I still would have picked Milsapp's over Anderson. I'm a huge Anderson fan , but why on earth could he miss the entire season of racing....and then get picked? From what I've seen of Davi this season up north....that guy is ON IT! ... more »

Reply to If you could have one Moto school from? 8/29/2016 8:19 PM

There are a lot of great teachers out there. For me , if Kevin Windham was teaching , that's who I'd go too. I've always tried to emulate my riding style after his. Stefan Evert's , CP377 , David Bailey and even Cristian Craig all have that " super fluid ... more »

Reply to 2005 Suzuki RM250 $$$??? 8/29/2016 8:01 PM

Depends on where you are selling it. Selling it nation wide you could get any where up around $5000.00. I saw a brand new one sell on there a few months ago and think the highest bid was $5100.00. If I was rich , or at least set up financially well off....I'd ... more »

Reply to JH84 on Webb 8/29/2016 5:29 PM

Couple quick questions : 1.) This is / should be an even track between all the AMA guys and the GP guys correct? 2.) If my math is correct , we'll have about 5 - 7 AMA guys , and about 30 GP guys...correct? 3.) Can we , or can't we use this as a great ... more »

Reply to JH84 on Webb 8/29/2016 9:00 AM

You know what's funny? The GP guys were flicking Stewart shit quite a few years ago for letting Stefan by , so we could win the MXoN's race. And yet now , the roles reversed and you guys are coming up with every excuse in the book.

Reply to Jorge Prado 61 8/28/2016 10:41 PM

Man oh man....I dig this kid! Until today , I had no idea he was coming here to America to race full time.

That's freakin' awesome! Watching him today in Assen , he was giving Herlings fits for the first 20 mins. Super impressive for a 15yr ... more »
Reply to check out this final ,worth it no kiddin' 8/28/2016 2:55 PM

Yeah!! Thanks for posting this! My pops would of loved to see that. He was a big speedway fan , along with flat track. That was a hell of a race and those boys were flat gettin' with it!

Reply to I did it. Cut the cord. 8/28/2016 12:36 PM

Oh i just committed! I went to best buy just to look at the Amazon fire and a good hd antenna for my local channels. The guy there was super cool! He not only matched the price of $85.00 on the box but then threw in the rocketfish hd antenna ... more »

Reply to 2005 Suzuki RM250 $$$??? 8/28/2016 9:06 AM

Damn I'm sorry Brett! I did want you to get it too! I had this 05' RM250 up for sale here at vital for about a month at $3600.00. Had a few offers but nothing serious. I then decided to put it on CL and got hammered with low ball's. I had two guys offer

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Reply to I did it. Cut the cord. 8/28/2016 8:44 AM

Whoa! I didn't know the Amazon Fire could get the Vue app! I didn't want to buy a PS4 because I don't console game , but was going to pick one up so I could get the Vue app. Glad you mentioned this. I think I need to cut the cord with Direct TV too.

Reply to I did it. Cut the cord. 8/27/2016 11:50 PM

Playstation vue question : How does a person get their local channels?

Reply to AMA not letting Roczen ride a two stroke! 8/26/2016 9:30 PM

Stepped down off that soap box or's 100% truth. It's also a stupid rule that needs to be re-written. The manufactures have way to much leverage on the actual racing organizations now days. They we're strong enough to basically push them out ... more »

Reply to AMA not letting Roczen ride a two stroke! 8/26/2016 8:21 PM

You're right Jay....I haven't heard that!!