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Yeah , that'll work LB. I was bouncing back and forth with buying a sim rig , but decided to build my own. Was originally going to build an aluminum cockpit , but by the time I added up all the materials and time to make one the way I wanted , it started ... more »

Added reply in a thread Angry flagger 2/21/2017 8:35 PM

Still have some awesome memories from the indoor , and a lot of really bad ones too. I'm pretty sure I've seen every bone in a person's body break at one time or other. Lots of them I wish I could take back ( never seen ). And yes , the new beginners ... more »

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This " Intentional " bullshit , is exactly that. Reed washed the front end out , locked the freakin' brakes up and layed it down......and he " Intentionally " meant to hit Justin? Seriously....where does all this stupid national inquirer bullshit come ... more »

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If it were to happen with those rules...Floyd wouldn't last 30 seconds. In Floyd's sport....he's king....but if you throw those two in a room , ring , cage....with ufc would be a slaughter. Boxing is only one of many , many different disaplines ... more »

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Might sound weird to some , but as far as sound tracks go , i have been a big fan of the instrumental sound tracks for a very long time. I'm a hard rock guy....AC/DC , Rob Zombie , Motorhead , Metallica , ect.....but for sound tracks , I have always ... more »

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I'm on Win 7 ultimate 64....and don't plan on upgrading any time soon. Had a laptop with Win 8....and freakin' hated that operating system. On my office computer , Win 7 still does everything I want it to do flawlessly. On my big badass gaming / race ... more »

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Sooo.....what this means is , him and Matthes aren't joined at the hip?

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UUHHGG!....why can't you be my neighbor!?? That would go along so nicely with my 06' RM 250! And good on you , but you should honestly get some coin for it. Giving it away isn't right , as you deserve something in return.

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Of course , but that happens anyways. When Eli won all 4 motos last year at the 2 USGP's , he basically stole those three points from a GP rider. Even if Eli took 5th , he still took points from a GP rider. And it goes the other way around too , with ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Ward's 1983 Works SR 250 2/21/2017 11:01 AM

Way back in 83' I got my very first real race bike , which was a used 1982 RM125. Raced that a couple years and then came across a 1985 KX 125 , with a fully built DMC motor. The guys selling it , wanted out of the sport , and I traded a perfectly running ... more »

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Met Brett quite a few times out here in the NW. Freinds with a lot of guys I know out here , and he's one cool dude for sure. Just loves riding his bike and having fun....which so happens to be the same reasons I ride mine. Brett = good peeps!

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This is exactly what it looked like to me. Lost a bit of forward drive.

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Yep , me too! Hard to pick , but man after watching those Italian rounds , AC sure does look to be on form. JVH89 also looked very strong , so I see those two up towards the front. Also really hope Tim Gasjer does awesome again this year! In MX2 , I ... more »

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I love it! It's finally some indoor races that push the fitness levels. 20min+ 1 lap on some of those tracks have to be getting the heart rate up for a while. Timed races....big fan!

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If I won that set of purple gear...3 seconds after it arrived , I would set it on fire. Or I would give it away for an auction to help St Jude. I know some dudes liked it , but good gawd , that was some of the most hideous looking gear I have ever seen.

... more »
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What!!?? Blasphemy!!

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Yeah sorry for the long winded story. On what this thread was created for , the angry flagger guy....i understood why he could have been a little heated. That kind of stuff can happen 20 times a day and a lot of the time it's repeat offenders. Some guys ... more »

Added reply in a thread Angry flagger 2/19/2017 1:10 AM's pretty late here and I need to go to bed , but here is one little quickie..... This older Vet guy comes rolling into the track one night. Probably late spring , early summer , as there weren't that many guys there. He gets his 1980's Hallman ... more »

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Well then you must be pretty new to listening to him. His positives far out weigh the negatives in the broadcasts. Every single dude in this thread just disagreed with you on this , so maybe you're missing something? Jim has a huge history in this sport ... more »