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I have this exact one! I use " Totally awesome " I get from the dollar store as well.....the combo works great. Not super powerful to blast shit into bearings and engine case covers as long as you don't point it directly at them. Love my little Ryobi ... more »

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A lot of assumptions there. 1st....You think with Coop's AM career , that Yamaha was the only one knocking on his door? 2nd.....He's just starting this 450 career. The words " learning curve " come to mind. He'll be just fine , and it sounds like he's ... more »

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Exactly what TX said! The box costs about $90.00...BUT , it's worth every penny compared to the stick. You can add a mini SD card for more memory and load all sorts of stuff on there. ( I think mine was 128gb? ) The box also works about 5 X faster than ... more »

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Exactly what Crusty said! Couple new kids on the block here , that just came out swinging! I dug it!

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Hey Josh.....I've missed quite a bit this past week from just being busy as hell. But great videos dude! I really , really need to get a damn helmet cam one of these days. Keep her rubber side down brother!

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Well , he certainly didn't get any slower when he moved over here. He's steadily gotten faster and faster each and every year. That should say something if you know his history.

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Being an American....I just so happen to love our series. I wish we had a little more variance on some of the track prep / soil. But I love watching the MXGP stuff too. Hell , I love watching the moto's up in Canada too. Why can't we love all of it? ... more »

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Christian was riding exactly how I knew he was capable of doing. His style and technique fit those 450's really well. He has world class speed when he's healthy , and am hoping he can get healed up quick. One thing is for sure too....he proved he deserved ... more »

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Super clean build John! She looks great! Hope to hear a ride report from you as soon as you can get the time to get out. And congrat's again on the daughter / graduation thing. Family first....bikes 2nd.

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Thanks for all your input guys. Going to put a little more thought into this before I buy. I will say , as far as FMF , I've never had an issue with their build quality. Kind of leaning back towards the Ti powercore here. So damn expensive though...sheesh! ... more »

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I thought the racing was awesome , and it really got the standings all mixed up , which will make for a great season. Weird thing on the weather. In the 70's down at GH yesterday , and up here we rode all day in the mid 90's. 3 weeks ago we were still ... more »

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No bent rotor I think. It seemed like maybe it just got to hot and started sticking. I had heard he uses a front caliper that Eli himself wanted to use ( which is something Kawasaki doesn't , or hasn't used before in the past ). It may work great most ... more »

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Gawd damn it I'm running late this morning. Most every where I ride are big outdoor tracks. A lot of 4th and 5th gear stuff. Don't need this thing signing off on top. @Jeff Crutcher.....I did a bunch of reading on this and the Scalvini silencer actually ... more »

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Thanks for that man. It seems like the 304 is very popular. As far as the Powercore 2 ( non-shorty ) I can only find the Ti version. And if the shorty's help with bottom end grunt , then I guess I'll try one out. Btw...I'm wide awake now too and I have ... more »

Started new thread Two stroke silencer options? 5/27/2017 12:23 AM

Just looking for some opinions on this. I got the Scalvini pipe for my 125 and was thinking of picking up an FMF powercore....but I'm not so sure on this. I was against using a shorty , as I can't stand the way some of them sound. I've held off on this ... more »

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Not sure why some think he's trolling....a lot of people post stuff like this. He was in some cool bike / race shop.....sounds kinda cool. Crap....some people post pictures of their food everyday??....WTF is up with that? Hope he's having fun doin' whatever ... more »

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Holy crap! How the heck did I miss this!!?? Awesome video and race! Felt so bad for Sleeter...he was on a mission though!

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Really cool seeing Mike doing this race again! That RM of his , is one sweet sounding bike! I haven't seen the video of Malcolm riding his RM...anyone have a link?

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Oh man I'm really digging the new layout changes. And super glad they got rid of that monster triple in the back.