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A lot of people wanted CP , but like Malcolm , he priced himself out. Malcolm deserves a ride for sure....but when you ask for to much money and other things , you don't leave yourself with many options. Right now , I think he's doing the right thing. ... more »

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Timed main is exactly what this sport needs! Actually one of a few , but yes , timed mains will be a good thing. Most mains don't last any longer than 13 - 16 minutes. ( Except Daytona ) let's hope for something like 18 - 20min mains for the 450's ... more »

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I'm so full i can't move. I seriously feel pregnant! So much good food...not enough space in my stomach. Happy Thanksgiving you guys.

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What were the official's wanting him to do there? Either say " Pardon me sir , I'll just sit here until you can get back up and running."......or was he supposed to just plow through them two dudes. They should over turn that ruling because either those ... more »

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That's bullshit right there. He avoided the wreck and didn't gain any positions because those two guys were down. If I was Brian I'd be pissed too.

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What " needed changes" ? The 17' forks got recalled because they were crap. Other than that , there wasn't anything that needed to be changed. As far as what bike to get....personally I hate the feel of the KTM's and Husky's. Kawi , every single time. ... more »

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Except for Washougal you mean? CP was pushing hard and starting to feel comfortable and he went down hard in that 1st moto. He was man enough to line back up for the 2nd moto after that wreck. My respect level went way up for that guy after that. I aint ... more »

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Hey Tegger's....long time man , and I hope you're well. I'm really sorry to hear about your brother's passing. That is a terrible thing to hear. Wish you and your family the best. As far as inversion tables go , I bought my first one about 5yrs ago. ... more »

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You two bastards piss me off! Freakin wet and nasty up here. Probably won't ride until spring! Ride for 2 hours...take all week cleaning the shit back up. Gets old!

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Geoff's written articles with less evidence.

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Never been to straddleline before , and do want to try it out. You guys keep mentioning Burnt Ridge....are they thinking of re-opening it? Last I heard Nick and his dad shut it down. I loved that place! Bummed me out when they closed it down.

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I've had my 16' Kawi 450 for about 2 months and have only been able to ride it twice. Between those two rides FC took care of me and re-worked my suspension with updated valving and so forth , played around with it some and the suspension is working ... more »

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I was at Jake's very first professional race ( AX race here in Portland ). Like 1 or 2 days after he turned 16yrs old. He killed everyone on Saturday night. #151 on a Suzuki if I remember right.

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On the Matthes thing..... I don't even listen to show because I never have that much spare time. Maybe listened to about 3 shows ever. With that being said , kind of irritated at the way Steve ( How the fuck would you know Steve? ) came across. Steve ... more »

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I'm so lost right now. I don't understand the social media crap with Rock River and the attitude towards them. What did they do here? Someone made a fake account? Who or what company said they were hiring James and Malcolm? I keep seeing people say " ... more »

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You seem to be missing the point. Kenny has repeatedly thrown Aldon under the bus , on numerous occassion's. I'd say that's pretty unprofessional. And Aldon ( like him or not ) hasn't said one thing bad about Kenny in all the times Kenny blabbed through ... more »

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Well that's pretty damn exciting! I wonder how James will like the new gen YZF? And is Malcolm going to be on the Yamaha too? This will be weird seeing James and Chad both on blue.....the damn universe just exploded!

Added reply in a thread Adams instagram 11/16/2016 7:28 PM freakin' rule!! LMFAO , that was great!

... more »
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$550.00 a week? I guess bring your own cardboard box to sleep in and don't worry about putting in 12hr days...every day. Is this the going rate for a position like this? How could you survive off of that?

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I don't think we'll ever see him take it totally serious again. He's doing some races here and there , but mainly for fun , Monster is paying him well , Kawi is paying him well , and i think he's already proved all he ever needs to. He could top 4th ... more »