Added reply in a thread Who is the best rider ever? 11/29/2015 4:04 PM

Very hard to argue against Ward. 2 wheel on dirt and pavement...and Indy cars. TP199 , RC , Stewart for Raw talent and JMB. Kenny Roberts too.

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed 2 Strokin it? 11/27/2015 11:59 AM

The simple sound of a 2 stroke blitzing whoops , is just the best sound in the world. Gawd that is like music to my ears.

Added reply in a thread Paris shootings and explosions near Stade de France kill 18 11/24/2015 12:18 PM

I really hope this shit stops. Poor France is just getting hammered by these thugs. They need to start shooting and ask questions later in these situations. I hope they kill every last one of them Jihadist pieces of shit.

Added reply in a thread You know you're old 11/23/2015 10:59 PM

I really , really wanted the gold DG head and swingarm! And the YZ to go along with it! Learned my trade of riding on my dad's 1969' Kawasaki 238 scrambler because I blew up my 1975 XR75 and he couldn't afford another bike for me. Rode that thing for ... more »

Added reply in a thread Is this the BEST Man Cave EVER? 11/23/2015 7:57 AM

You guys would be shocked to see what I had the privileged of working on. A guy up on the NW hills here in Portland has a pretty nice sized house up there on the side of a big steep hill. He took 3yrs , with cranes and a huge man-hole cover in his driveway...and ... more »

Added reply in a thread Herlings in MX2 / CONFIRMED 11/23/2015 12:11 AM

A healthy AC222 ,CD25 and GP21 aren't going to be push overs either. Kind of bummed to hear he isn't moving up , but he did have two really bad seasons in a row. Give him one more solid year on a 250 and see him on the big bikes in 2017.

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For sure brother. I will always try to help if I can. Not just the computer stuff , but other things in general , you know what I mean. I wish I was more computer smart and could of helped you out of this situation. Honestly , some of the computer sites ... more »

Added reply in a thread New David Bailey model AF 11/22/2015 7:11 PM

Oh man , if you haven't done it , you're missing out on an experience! I had the privilege of swapping bikes with my good buddy Kory at a race day at Washougal a couple times. I rode a 95' KX250 and he rode a 93' CR500. I raced INT and he raced Pro. ... more »

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Scottie , I didn't have much time today to go look for the Xbox / pc hookup issue that you had. But it sounds like you goit back running again. What about your files from 11-30-2011 and after? That's 4yrs worth of stuff , can you get any of that back? ... more »

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Ha! yeah , don't feel to bad Scottie , you could be out having to hang , tape and texture drywall all day like some other dumbass I know. I had a choice when I was younger , either Nasa rocket scientist , brain surgeon or drywall contractor. I went with

... more »

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I'm still rocking my 54" Samsung plasma I got a few years ago.....still in love with it. I have a pretty sweet little HTPC though too , so all my web surfing , youtube and so forth all goes through that. One big plus for a plasma is....during the winter

... more »

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Scottie , was it an SSD drive that failed? I know they are prone to fail after a few years ( short shelf life ). Wicked fast boot up times and so forth though. I run a 512GB SSD for my boot drive and basically store nothing on it except the windows install ... more »

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That insurance won't happen. If you want a 100% sure bet to watch the races , you need to pony up , plain and simple. $150.00 a month aint that bad for cable or satellite / internet. If you are going to gamble on finding not only someone streaming it ... more »

Added reply in a thread MadSkills, I'm particularity proud of this one! 11/21/2015 8:55 AM

Wow holy hell ! That was awesome haha. Gawd I suck at this game. I don't think I've played more than 1hr total on it. So seeing the video you just put up is amazing! I can't do anything even close to what I just saw.Good job man!

Added reply in a thread Any word on Tomac's progress? 11/21/2015 8:51 AM

I know guys like Roczen , Dungey , ect will be fast as hell , but I think Eli is going to be the next step in evolution in this sport. If those first 5 moto's outdoors this year were any indication , were going to see some pretty rad stuff. I'm not sure ... more »

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I wish they would stand up for themselves , grabbing weapons and start defending themselves. It's like having one bad neighbor , chase off every single person on the block from their homes. The bad dudes are severely out numbered over there, and yet ... more »

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed looking for RM 250 2-stroke 11/21/2015 12:27 AM

NO! I wouldn't sell my bike to Chad. Besides , when I get a new bike, I think I may just keep the RM because I love the damn thing too much. Besides , if he bought my bike he would probably call me a week later and complain about it.

... more »

Added reply in a thread Any word on Tomac's progress? 11/20/2015 11:42 PM

I have feeling if Eli stays healthy.....well I'm not sure what's gonna happen. We may just be in for seeing some incredible speed / skill coming from that dude.

Added reply in a thread 2016 YZ250 Plastics Conversion (for 06-14 YZ's) OEM 11/20/2015 11:31 AM

Smez.....that kit is just totally badass. But if he sells it in a kit , including the tank , that may be out of most people's price range? I know you posted some info before about the CF tanks for the YZ's , so out of curiosity , what does a tank alone

... more »

Added reply in a thread Cornering Technique 2 stroke vs 4 stroke 11/19/2015 8:00 PM

Monte Hill ( Justin and Josh's dad ) has a section at his track that is very well known to quite a few of the local NW guys. It's a great idea and it really helps on corner speed. Top of a hill coming down the track ( engine off , just coasting ) , you ... more »