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Wow - just tried that site for the first time and it kicks butt!! I've been using searchtempest, which works pretty good, but it tends to drag up quite a few dead/deleted listings. Thanks for the link!

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Hey bd, TJ better show up today, not tomorrow, correct!! I follow Steve Strobel and his Strobel Motorsports team. We partner with them in our real world "work" stuff chasing this modern day gold rush in North Dakota oil. They are based out of Nebraska, ... more »

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OK, if I did these right here are the links to live tracking and live radio broadcasts: Flash tracking: http://irctracking.com/2014/Mint400/Afternoon/ Radio traffic: http://www.race-dezert.com/live

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markit, Sorta' - there is a live" tracking" system that shows a GPS layout of the course and a icon of the vehicle with name, speed, etc. It's not live video but it is live timing. There's also a live radio broadcast of the promoters team that transmits ... more »

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Looks like he's back on 4 wheels this week. Qualified 13th in the trophy truck class for today's Mint 400. https://www.race-dezert.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2014-Mint-400-TT-Result.pdf photo https://www.race-dezert.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/mint-400-time-trials-jz-021.jpg ... more »

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And per Twitter & IG today, he's back on his dirtscooter!. captain891 2 hours ago Dirtbikes today. I can't thank these people enough for all the help and support with getting back on the bike and healthy @rfedorow @teamdrg @fchonda @sid708 @hutch594 ... more »

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In case you don't want to let your road racing vibe get away! Hallett is about an hour west of Tulsa, or probably 200~215 miles SW of Springfield. http://www.hallettracing.net/ Back to dirt - can't help much with the mx, but as others mentioned, lots ... more »

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You keep it up and you're going to piss off Ronnie Mac, who might hunt you down and go all PBR on your ass. Iowa ain't too far from Oklahoma.

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Agree that Chad is business savy. I haven't watched any live, only Twittered, but has Tate rode all three opening ceremonies? If so, I'd guess that puts more soccer moms in the seats too. Maybe not a lot, but there'd be some go just to see the cute little ... more »

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Any news on his injury? He looked to be in pain walking off holding his arm/wrist.

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Hey, not one mention of Traxxis - WTF! I kid, I kid. I guess all the Kawi guys need to modify their podium speeches to sell more of their stuff! I read this entire thread without a clue as to who makes what in this hobby! Sounds like ton-o-fun though. ... more »

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Chad's a master at trolling via twitter! I hope he wins. Crap, I hope all of the big 7 (or maybe big 8 now with ET17 in the mix) win at least one. We're getting our money's worth this year and, for the most part, not grimacing at a growing injury list! ... more »

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Aw crap - you mean the picture of them together signing autographs was fake!?!, Dammit!!

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Reminded me of last year with RD5 and KTM's first win. Substitute the rider and manufacturer and you have the same broadcast. It's just Ralph being Ralph!

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Dunno' - might be tough to do. I'd see most of these guys in front of him: Wilson Moose Can Bogle Bell W Hahn Durham's fill-in ? plus probably some others that I'm forgetting

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via Twitter: Kyle Partridge ‏@partridge_kyle When I fill my entries out I definitely put my sponsors on my entries MB1 Suzuki high desert services 2 up dubya fmf shift Hinson worcs conn

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After last year's crash didn't Eli have some time to heal up due to the east-west coast split? Seems like it happened right before the switch.

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Movie/TV trickery. My wife catches shit like that all the time. "Hey, his glass was empty just a minute ago....."

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That angle was bad - couldn't see the zippers........