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Plastic compression fitting came loose on my salt tank for the well water filter system.

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Again, we will never know if Dungey would have caught Eli... Maybe he would have, maybe not. It wasn't Chad's place to determine that though. I suppose you know how easy it is to pass another top caliber rider at full speed when they are clearly messing ... more »

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Anyone notice he has a thumb throttle?

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I dont have a problem with racing that way BUUUUTTTT.... how many times has he tried aggressive passes like that and failed, taking him and the other rider down with him? If you can't make it stick or crash more often than it works, better rethink your ... more »

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Fact is he broke a rule... it has nothing to do with his history of being a dirty rider or karma - as some here are saying he deserved it. He broke the rule and that's that. I do think the rule should be amended to a financial penalty and not a dq though. ... more »

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Agree or not, he did break a rule. Silly in my eyes but it's black and white... on the other hand, I think Vince should have received the same penalty due to his mechanic shoving Anderson resulting in him crashing. Where do you draw the line of punch, ... more »

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For a sec, I thought that was crambone on her leg in the bottom pic.

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Please and thank you!

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I didn't read anything past page 2 but here's my idea (sorry if it was already brought up): 450 full series 250 full series (no pointing out) 250 regional series for the "road to supercross" riders currently doing arenacross to get their supercross license. ... more »

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I have a Neo snowmobile trailer that I use for my bike in the summer. I cant say enough good things about it. Very well built, tows awesome and was less than several other brands in that class / size. [url= ]

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Don't know how true it is but reports of clown sightings about a mile from me. Saw this on facebook

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Seriously? You people think cooper blew it? Hell I'm happy he went for it. He never gave up and the US is still on the podium right?

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Travis Preston not boring.

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Unbelievable... my heart just sunk when I saw it posted all over facebook.

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I've had 4 real injuries. Ironically at the same track and all within a few hundred feet of each other. One was a cross rut in the mud on a jump, one was me and another guy coming together in front of everyone right after the start, one was getting my ... more »

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So what I'm gathering, the gist of it all, is that the people that are against the chase don't think a points reset is fair. What are your thoughts on timed qualifiers and still needing to race heats, semis and possibly the lcq to get in the main? Say ... more »

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This is my current post failed marriage rebound piece.

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If you are patient, they will turn up. I looked a several bikes that i wouldnt have paid $1000 for. Another shot.