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No but had nothing to do with it. It was a high speed rythm section. someone cased a jumped and swapped into his line. He clipped him and did a flip landing on his ass.

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Went to see him after the races today. Wrist was fixed today and went well. Broke back in 2 places but probably won't need surgery. Docs are going to look at it again tomorrow but with some luck he'll be going home.

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Beat me to it

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Just curious how you are so positive on these $4000 kickbacks on cars.... you obviously have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. This whole thing needs to be flushed. The amount of wrong info and people thinking they know what the hell they ... more »

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I get them occasionally on the bottom side of my wrist. A good smash on my desk at work and they go away for a couple years... unfortunately they always form right over the screw I have in there. Talk about uncomfortable when smashing them!

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I took a screen shot and sent it to my buddy in NC. Probably going to call if he hasn't already.

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My 02 cr125 work in progress. Got it running pretty damn good but thinking about the doing the hpp cylinder and big bore... next will be the cosmetics (hopefully before the end of summer)

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And is there a pipe you do not have to cut / weld? I don't know how to weld and although I could get it done, I'd rather have something that bolts right up. I've been thinking about this project a lot lately and if cutting and welding the pipe to fit ... more »

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I never looked at the pin or gate... I always felt if I focused on one thing or the other too much, it slowed my reaction time. Just looked down and kept any and all gate mechanisms in my sight. When something moved, I did too. I was a very good starter ... more »

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It was probably lepis' track. Not far off 195 about 15 minutes from 6 flags...

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Awesome deal! I just signed up. Not really

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Flood watch and a tornado watch issued for the area!

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Moar model pics and less everything else please

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Good to see Dakota Kessler back so soon after getting hurt so bad a few months ago. Qualified 32nd with only a handful of days back on the bike.

Started new thread Craigslist WTF 6/8/2015 3:14 PM very clean and ready to ride------INTERESTED---DO NOT TEXT ME---I WON'T REPLY----PLEASE JUST CALL ME AT 973-452-0755 AUTOGRAPHED + NOTORIZED BY HIS MANAGER.

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And now a car salesman too... I work for a family business and handle all Internet sales, dabble in digital marketing and i am the liaison to anything computer related in the store. I no longer race after destroying my foot but have built up a pretty ... more »

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They're called champ karts. They run ovals either dirt or asphalt with 4 cycle engines. This particular class is modified 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine on alcohol.

... more »

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the 250 start in Santa Clara

9 of the 14 of us were caught up in this mess. And yes, I'm the only one not right side up...

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Maybe they found his mother had built a secret room within his locker where she cooked up chunky Campbell's soup for him.

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Ehhh probably a scam and changed the number to a local one...