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Don't confuse success with selling out. I don't think he compromised his values in any of his endeavors. He blazed his own path and made it work.

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Englishtown in the 80s and 90s and Aquasco (sp). Hardest (unofficial) track I ever rode was railroad canyon in Lake Elsinore.

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I just blew this picture up on my phone so you could only see from the neck up and showed it to my wife. This girl looks so much like her that she even second guessed if it was her or not. Then I scrolled down to the double d's...

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Wow... someone needs to keep an eye on that ip address so they never come back. Not cool.

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@4:00 wtf!

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This makes me giggle

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Been riding there for over 20 years and it never gets old! Just wish i could get out there more. Really brings me back to when I was their age riding with all my boys in that same spot...

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I was just watching a raw 4 stroke video of Jimmy Decotis I came across on facebook and a coworker asked why I was watching fart video. Now before the arguing starts, this has nothing to do with 2t / 4t - I just thought it was funny.

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I drew this with a pencil in 1990

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Use mine for snowmobiling - it was pretty cold this day! VERY tight fit in a Troy Lee Air helmet with the noseguard. Will be trying the NFXs for moto.

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So say if Roczen, while leading, crashes at minute 15 and gets himself back up and racing in 30th, you're saying he should pull off? I really cannot believe you are serious. I nibbled but i dont like the bait... man I already hate the "off" season.

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Wow Dakota Kessler qualified 8th... He's a great mud rider - I hope he can put 2 good motos together!

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If you notice, I posted this link at the top of the page... that interview was Jessica Zemken's fiance (Stewart Friesen) who was at a race 100 miles away. And If you don't know who Jessica Zemken is, it's tony Stewart's ex girlfriend. Stewart friesen ... more »

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If you have no experience, how can you be sure of anything? If you have ever seen a sprint NOT at speed you would understand. Although i have never driven one, i am at the track almost every saturday crewing for a friend where sprints run just about ... more »

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Interesting interview I came across on facebook today: http://mvads.cdn.espn.com/now/stitched/mp4/4d993388-8b49-4f34-9e48-87906e690281/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/8c913e59-c00a-4d37-925b-27b6ed698fcc/68ce6332-7855-4055-b01c-52f315962351/0/0/204/-2087189602/content.mp4 ... more »

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Thanks for the input!

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OK so after getting hurt and taking about 6 years off, I wanted to do a 2 stroke build (thanks to the awesome 2 stroke thread) and I found a craigslist bike that believe it or not, was already built almost to how I wanted it (and it was local!). Motor ... more »

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Mine was 8 months in a cast after surgery. I didn't ride for 13 or 14 months. It just didn't want to heal. That was 1995. It doesn't bother me now except for a little loss of mobility.

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I'm liking the colors. Hook it up. Please and thank you.

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Riiiiggghttt... And RV said he was racing outdoors too. If the PR isn't out yet, would they really say anything different? Maybe the PR on this is going old school - word of mouth and the people that know are simply not saying anything (online). I'm ... more »