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There is a gorgeous house with sick track for sale here in TN. It's about 25 minutes away from Loretta's in Dickson TN. If you're interested, I would be happy to give you the guy's name and number. It's probably one of the most fun tracks I've ridden. ... more »

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If memory serves right, you will have to pull the clutch cover, entire clutch assembly and then pull the inner case. Me personally, i would not reuse, but if you don't have much time on it and it is clean when you drain it, I don't see an issue reusing ... more »

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I am a Amsoil dealer if anyone is interested in becoming a preferred customer or becoming a dealer. Or you can just order strait through me. If you are a preferred customer, you can order yourself, online, at the same price a dealer would get it for. ... more »

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I'm pretty sure the clamps will work but you will need to swap the steering stems and use your bearings or get new ones. I'm pretty sure the offset is a little different. Or a good machine shop could bore your clamps to fit the bigger forks.

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My guess is the swingarm bearings. I have had many of my bikes do this and new swingarm bearings do it every time.

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I live 15 minutes from the ranch myself. It depends on the time of day, the track conditions and all that good stuff. Yes the mx32 is awesome and would be my tire of choice, but if you have an afternoon Moto, it tends to be a little more hard pack, I ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2013-Current Kawasaki Air Fork 7/12/2015 12:18 PM

So does motion pro. You have to get on their website to find it

Added reply in a thread I guess the ODI / Emig grips don't fit all? 6/28/2015 12:42 PM

Slosh, save your money and just go back to oem throttle tube and regular grips then adjust your cable back out and see how that works. I'm a dealership technician and I have seen this more than once. If I'm wrong, then I apologize but I highly doubt ... more »

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Still have these?

Added reply in a thread 2010 crf250 bike died 5 times then ran fine. 6/8/2015 8:35 AM

As usual I agree with paw paw. When you strap your bike down, do you make sure not to let the hooks sit on any wires? And like he said, the kill switch was a problem with these bikes.

Added reply in a thread To repair bottom skirt or not? 6/8/2015 8:31 AM

I would say don't risk it and let them completely repair it. Just kind of cheap insurance.

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Well you can't really go wrong with an OE piston. With that being said, what is the majority of riding you do? MX, Play riding, trail riding? The single ring piston is more for a full time racer, or someone that can change the rings or piston more often. ... more »

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Wile, you wouldn't happen to still have the cylinder would ya?

Added reply in a thread Attn. digger29, need some info here 5/25/2015 7:45 PM

The x-ring chain is pretty wide compared to even an o-ring chain.

Added reply in a thread 2004 yz 125 cylinder(s) 5/25/2015 7:15 PM

I might definitely take you up on that, I just want to know if it will fit right up and there not be an issue. I know the part numbers are a bit different for every year.

Added reply in a thread 2004 yz 125 cylinder(s) 5/25/2015 11:12 AM

Btw, I have ran the vin and I have confirmed that it is a 04. Of course I was only able to get the vin once I stripped all of the home powder-coat off of her.

Started new thread 2004 yz 125 cylinder(s) 5/25/2015 11:09 AM

I just picked a 04 yz 125 that I am going to do a full project on, which I wild make a thread about it as I get it going. Anyways, my question is, what year jugs will fit on this bike? I have heard of other years fitting and working well, I am just curious ... more »

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Well without revolving, you will at very least need a spring change to compensate for the extra weight. 250fs come spring for people who weigh around 160

Added reply in a thread break in period for new clutch 5/16/2015 8:07 PM

Spend the money and put a time sert in it. They are a little pricey but worth every penny. Or you can tap and go up a size. Maybe consider going to a standard size instead of metric, you won't have to take as much out if you just go up to the next standard ... more »