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If you're coming to TN, you may want to go to Abernathys. I work at a dealer in Middle TN, and even with our employee discount, all of us at work go to them. Just can't beat their prices. My service writer at work walked out the door with a 16 CRF450 ... more »

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We have been discussing this. Since we are running JGR A-kit, it would make sense to have all of our stuff going to the same place. We originally were going to have PC do a full motor, but over the years, and knowing a few guys that have gone that route, ... more »

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We have a couple gytr heads and the complete gytr setup and have been running that set-up all year. It's great, but looking for a little more.

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Alright guys, I'm working with a local pro who is wanting to get a really good motor package together. At the moment, he's racing pro-Ams and should Be on the gate at hangtown as long as he says healthy. This gen 250f has been out for a minute now, so ... more »

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The forks on your RMZ are just as good as what you would be swapping to, if not better. It wasn't until 2013 that Suzuki messed up by going to the SFF forks. If it was me, I'd keep what you have, anodize them and get s revalve. If you had a 2013 RMZ, ... more »

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You're wrong. A lot of those guys pay their own race fee. Not the factory guys, but most guys on privateer bikes pay their own way

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It will fit

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you only replaced the one gear? What size is the one off of the x? I ask because I've got mine YZ tore apart and I am having to replace third gear as well as a couple others

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Not many of you know that it's not really that bad. I have worked for a couple guys doing this exact job, traveling, away from my family and friends, for less than this. It's for the ones that really love the sport. I love the sport and I did this for ... more »

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How much for the cylinder?

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Yep, I'd do a valve job.much cheaper to do it now than it would be if it broke more.

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What year did it come off of?

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Stay away from wildflower. You'll be disappointed. I'm twenty minutes from it and won't ride it. But then again it is the only place open during the week. Maybe check with fast farms. Maybe call and see if you can ride

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OEM crank with Carrillo rod, matched to a cosworth high comp piston. If I was you, I'd go with the FMF single instead of the PC dual. Supercross 14, we made more power with the FMF single than the PC dual. Have the ignition mapped and be very specific ... more »

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I don't think you're totally wrong. If I remember correctly, the 450X was 261 lbs.

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I've got the 60". Love the damn thing. Cuts 6 acres pretty quickly

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Exactly. Actually imoto34, I run the same setup as you , but I cut 3/8 off each side. Where at in TN do you live? I live in Dickson.

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It will not work on the yz450f. There are more differences than just the plug

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Yep, the Polaris engineering department needs their heads checked when it comes to a few things. One thing I have done is drill into the BJ cavity and put a small grease fitting in it. And then when it's time to replace the BJ, I just pump it full of ... more »

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That's a Polaris ranger shock hub. At least that's what Polaris calls it. I'm a full time dealership tech and work on those day in and day out. Your best bet is a die grinder and a good carbide bit. You may get lucky. I actually had one two days ago ... more »