Added reply in a thread Wiseco clutch baskets 5/10/2017 7:20 PM

Cycra doesn't make the valve train components. Xcedlyene does I believe. I may have spelt it wrong

Added reply in a thread Weird Spot in New Cylinder 5/7/2017 7:16 PM

IMO you're over reacting. When you called in, you could have just thrown it out there "hey, I've moved since I last ordered." They can't read your mind. And did you have to pay for the shipping? If not, then you have no room to bitch. I work at a dealership ... more »

Added reply in a thread YZ 125 (something went through motor)? 5/7/2017 6:06 PM

Well I'm guessing since the spark plug is missing the electrode ground tang, it's related to that. If nothing else in the motor is missing and your only damage is to the head, that's probably it. I've seen it on a couple of new YZ250f's. It looks to ... more »

Added reply in a thread Yz125 leaking a little gear oil at the bottom of the clutch case 5/3/2017 8:04 PM

You have a bad water pump seal.

Added reply in a thread KX250F feedback 4/25/2017 7:06 PM

Don't listen to yamaknocker, port and polish does help. It cost so much now because of the technology and development that these engine builders use and do. You want to do two things, make power and be reliable. And then you need to ask yourself two ... more »

Added reply in a thread KYB 48mm SSS Forks 4/23/2017 1:21 PM

Would you be willing to part with the brake system separately?

Added reply in a thread 100ll av gas yz250 4/2/2017 8:38 PM

Thank you for this link. I found it super close to me for $4.45/gal here. Just completely built a YZ from the ground up and needed some good fuel.

Added reply in a thread Honda '17 CR450R throttle grip problem 3/19/2017 7:37 PM

"The loctite all purpose super glue works better than anything for me. It's like super glue." This made me chuckle lol

Added reply in a thread What is this? 2/27/2017 9:51 PM


Added reply in a thread Electric start - NO battery, NO starter motor 2/27/2017 9:34 PM

That's cool! As a BRP/Can-Am/Ski-doo tech, I'm actually looking forward to messing with this. I wonder how long it will be until they transfer this technology over to the side by sides and ATVs

Added reply in a thread Moto Jobs 2/23/2017 7:05 PM

Thank you! I'm 22 and will be 23 in April. I was blessed to have supportive parents. I started working hard when I was 16 and it just kept evolving, and thankfully I was so young, the only money I needed was for Gatorade and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Moto Jobs 2/23/2017 5:32 AM

I wouldn't say that. I never really had to kiss ass, just work my ass off. If I was low on money, because I practically made none, they would get my meals or whatever. And at the dealer level, I stay in my corner and turn my wrenches. I don't have to ... more »

Added reply in a thread Honda crf250r engine 2/22/2017 8:50 PM

Only 06-09 will work. I have seen a complete motor In the bazaar section I think for an 08.

Added reply in a thread Moto Jobs 2/22/2017 8:44 PM

Man if you're single, no kids, go for it. I did. When I was in high school, I started helping out at the race tracks and eventually worked for them full time for a season. During that time, I met a lot of great families, including the owner of the track ... more »

Added reply in a thread Which 2017 250F would you buy?? 2/17/2017 10:12 PM

Probably the Kawasaki. We got one in the other day at work and it feels great. So slim!

Added reply in a thread 15 YZ250FX - "Blubber" 2/16/2017 8:55 AM

What does the spark plug look like?

Added reply in a thread 15 YZ250FX - "Blubber" 2/15/2017 9:52 PM

I have two 2017 yz250fs that I pulled the tanks off of tonight, and neither ran fuel continuously.

Added reply in a thread SOLD--------------Mobius Knee Brace Pair, Large 2/4/2017 3:59 PM

God I want them.

Added reply in a thread ISO YZ 250 parts 2/4/2017 3:56 PM

I literally said in the original post "nothing particular". I'm not looking for anything specific, I may just want to spend money if someone has something I'm interested in. Thanks for being a douche though

Started new thread ISO YZ 250 parts 2/3/2017 8:33 PM

As stated above, I'm searching for YZ 250 parts. Nothing in particular, just would like to see what's out there. Ready to get my bike going!

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