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Or you can just run with the 51 where it was with your old sprocket, and once the chain stretches, which it will in the first ride, you have the longer wheel base.

Started new thread Craigslist find- Honda OHLINS TTX shocks 11/20/2015 8:26 PM This seems like a pretty good deal for anyone who might be interested.

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I've dealt with this issue a few times, replace your Beadlock with the motion pro Beadlock and that usually fixes this issue. In extreme cases, I have actually drilled a second Beadlock hole and used two bead locks. It is a pain in the ass but it does ... more »

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Scottie, I know Danny personally. He rarely gets on facebook lol, but if you send me a DM I can send you his email, possibly phone #. He lives around Nashville now and work for MB1 as the east coast suspension guy.

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#46 on the Suzuki. I sure do miss that bike

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#46 on the Suzuki. I sure do miss that bike

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I'm pretty sure they will fit. There wasn't a big change in the bike between those two years

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Well as of this year, I have been off the bike for almost a couple years, mostly due to injury and work. Now that I have settled down and got my finances strait, I'm looking into buying a new bike this upcoming year. My question is, how does the new ... more »

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Did you measure the ring gap? Piston to cylinder clearance? Measure the cylinder(the bore), make sure all are within spec. If they are not, possibly send your cylinder off with a new piston and have them take care of ya. Good luck.

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Those brakes can actually be pretty good. You should definitely get a SS braided brake hose and some good DOT 4 brake fluid. Bleed them really well and you should have great brakes. Make sure your pads are in good condition and are not contaminated with ... more »

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I mean, if you have 50k you want to spend, you can pay me to build the replica for you and still save about 10 grand

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Orrrr you can just bring it to me ☺️

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I absolutely love mine. I have three sets, and when it comes time for more, I will order more. I've been wearing them for close to 6 years now.

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I know this really isn't the place for this, but I have a friend who has a WP Cone Valve Fork and Trax shock setup. He ran this setup of his KX 450 and he is meticulous with his maintenance. Just trying to help a friend out. ... more »

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It will not work unless you plan on doing some fab work

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There is a gorgeous house with sick track for sale here in TN. It's about 25 minutes away from Loretta's in Dickson TN. If you're interested, I would be happy to give you the guy's name and number. It's probably one of the most fun tracks I've ridden. ... more »

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If memory serves right, you will have to pull the clutch cover, entire clutch assembly and then pull the inner case. Me personally, i would not reuse, but if you don't have much time on it and it is clean when you drain it, I don't see an issue reusing ... more »

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I am a Amsoil dealer if anyone is interested in becoming a preferred customer or becoming a dealer. Or you can just order strait through me. If you are a preferred customer, you can order yourself, online, at the same price a dealer would get it for. ... more »

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I'm pretty sure the clamps will work but you will need to swap the steering stems and use your bearings or get new ones. I'm pretty sure the offset is a little different. Or a good machine shop could bore your clamps to fit the bigger forks.

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My guess is the swingarm bearings. I have had many of my bikes do this and new swingarm bearings do it every time.