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Vortex all the way. Unlimited possibilities.

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A couple of things.. > Amsoil dominator is designed to be ran at 50:1. With that being said, I always ran 44:1 and never had a oil reared failure. I'm an Amsoil dealer and have plenty of experience and knowledge of that product. > Like previously ... more »

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Agreed. PC doesn't make their cams anyways. If your looking for more top end and don't want to spend a chunk of change, go with stage 2 hot cams. Decent cams that move the power to where you like it.

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What's the difference in 10wt fork oil and 5wt? Besides the obvious, that it's thicker. How would you compensate for going from a 10 wt oil to a 5wt? Any info is much appreciated. Love learning!

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Remember I know your number too buddy lol

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I live about 30 minutes from Lorettas in Dickson. I will be at the ranch most of the week working the Amsoil rig. I am also a tech at the local dealership and former mechanic for Justin Starling and Daniel Baker. I have a shop at my place in case you ... more »

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Man I stayed in that hotel last night and didn't see or hear a thing. I'll kee my eye out on the way home. So sorry man. Good luck!

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I've built a couple of motors for a couple of 250 guys running the Nationals, and my experience is to stay away from the wiseco on the four strokes. I got two of the exact same piston and they had two different measurements and weights. Their production ... more »

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Piston, spark plug, make sure your valves are in good shape, valve stem seals, check the crank(it should be good unless you rag your bike), and put it all back together with all new gaskets and you'll be dialed.

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Lance Vincent? Justin Summers? Taylor Futrell?

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The Hondas are good bikes. Coming from someone who has built many SX and MX Honda 250 race bikes, I love them. With a little bit of money, you can have a great motor. They turn great and there is a lot of good set ups. My suggestion would to be get a ... more »

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How much for the case splitter and crank puller?

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Check the fuel pump. I've had a few go bad on me.

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Did you over oil the air filter?

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Not trying to be a dick, but are you 100% positive you refilled it with oil? It's easy to get distracted sometimes

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All of the fuses are good. It is getting power to the solenoid, but it's not transferring it to the starter. I have replaced the solenoid with a new one and same result. I'm leaning towards the capacitor

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In my experience, the RMZ is pretty notorious for that. I've owned a couple and one brand new that did it for probably the first thirty hours.

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So I have a 2014 250 SXF that has got me a bit baffled. Let me start with, I am a dealership tech as well as former SX and MX tech and I have tons of OEM training but this bike is making me want to pull my hair out. I picked the bike up in several boxes. ... more »

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I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but with a smaller company, especially one like TLR that knows his stuff, he will be able to move the power around to your liking and would be a little more willing to work with you personally.