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I'd bet he's riding the RM-Zilla

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Honestly very hard to tell you how to build it. Boots on the ground and physically seeing the land is the best call. I've built 6 tracks, here are the basics. 1.) walk the track out, use spray paint to mark trees to drop. 2.) if possible ride a lap around ... more »

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I love this mentality that X rider can't win because of not enough time on a new bike... ive personally watched a friend of mine who at one time was one of the highest paid 250 riders 4-5 years ago jump on a random bike in flip flops gym shorts and a ... more »

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This! Back in high school id check twmx, racerx, all the sites. I don't think I've been on one in 5-6 years! Vital is all I check since everything seems to pool here.

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Headed to the line at RedBud with the old lady
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Goosebumps. We know how to rep the good old U.S of A out here. Actualy give those crazy euros a run for their money on crazy fans. What most don't get that's just how us Michiganders party, only at red bud we dress head to toe in red white and blue.

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I think bike set up is an excuse. Honestly. I'd love to have a heart rate monitor print out and a blood test done after the Moto for every rider that said bike set up is what held me back. I'm not even trying to be a hater. You have 1-10 people And there ... more »

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Lot B is basically 90% dudes. Dudes who are partying like young college frat kids. Doing frat kid type things. Two years ago I watched a guy get gang beat at 3am, a mortar go off in the middle of a crowd, a campsite get turned upside down, a kid slip ... more »

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First 250 A practice park your ass right next to the takeoff of the leap about 5ft from the lip. The first guy to huck it is always something to see. One year we watched JG33 send it first lap on his crf250 just flat out WFO all the way up the face. ... more »

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Here's some H.O.T. action on my cr250

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In surprised there isn't an elevated subfloor they use in place of plywood or even just where the lanes fall. Something with built in channel drains you could connect to stadium floor plumbing. And direct water flow different directions with simple sleeves ... more »

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CMDesigns custom helmets. Check them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Here's my favorite way to put it in perspective. Supercross races are held in a stadium that is rented and the stadiums main purpose is to host 8-10 football games a year. And people wonder why the average joe asks if you can do a bckflip....

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So your saying you hire Jake wiemer or Vince friese because your trying to win a championship then right? Or do you know your battling for 10th-20th place? Just curious.

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My tracks had some fast laps thrown on her from time to time. Izzi, Lichtle RIP, James Marshall, Darren Durham.

... more »
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??? Last I checked at noon all of his personal info was posted.

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So industry bands will not let you onto the stadium floor anymore? If so I'm buying normal tickets.

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One of the fans jammed the rear brake or something if that nature is my guess

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James is a stand up guy! Caleb killed it as always glad to see this all come together for a great cause!