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Fearlessness. Motorcycle racers in general need to have less fear than most people imo, but I've always enjoyed watching riders that seem to be more fearless than the others.

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Good interview, thanks for posting it. Sucks that the injury happened and he's not out there still racing. Hopefully he can get back to the level of race speed he was at. GWS Ken!

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Thanks for posting the replays JV and Rusky. Neither move looked that bad to me, just unusual for qualifying.

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Tomac Dungey Anderson Cianciarulo Osborne Savatgy

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Hopefully no rider will dominate in the future, and we can have very close championship battles for a while. But, if I had to pick one I'd say Cooper Webb.

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Very nice! Congrats!

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Thank Jeff. It's cool to see how many guys have a passion for mountain biking, it's a great alternative when we can't ride MX as much as we'd like to, and we still get to jump, slide and get a good cardio workout. Heading to the trails this afternoon

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This thread is kicking ass! Lots of beautiful bikes, keep it going.

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It doesn't surprise me you'd be "sniffing" around there, as nobody is more obsessed with JS7 than yourself. You really should get that obsession looked into, it's beyond creepy.

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There's no time for common sense here, it's a Stewart thread.

I think he's doing good for a rookie that's not on a factory bike, and has shown more speed than I was expecting. I would bet that him and his team are pretty happy with his results ... more »
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Tomac Musquin Dungey Cianciarilo Savagy Osborne

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Terrible. Rest In Peace Dylan.

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Cool pics! Thanks for posting them.

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Name: Chip Age: 48 Live in: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Began riding and racing: 1976 Favorite rider: Marty Smith, Lechein, RJ, Dymond, Matiasevich, MC, RC, JS7, but I've always been a fan of every rider that can make a main event or national. Profession: ... more »

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Tomac Webb Dungey Hill Plessinger McElrath

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That is awesome!

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Very cool for Dean. It will be interesting to see how he does.

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I was at that 1989 race, it was unreal how much faster Bradshaw was riding than the other 125 riders.