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Reply to MTB jump for show 8/28/2016 8:19 PM

Excellent picture!

Reply to Thank you Vital MX ! T shirt 8/22/2016 3:08 PM

Got mine also! Thank you!

Reply to Diaz got burned ! 8/21/2016 12:39 AM

Very close fight. Connor turned it into a points fight, and piled up points with leg kicks and body shots, showed a lot of heart. If Diaz won I would not have understood that also. Very entertaining fight. Bright side is we get to see a trilogy in the ... more »

Reply to JS7 Out For The Year! 8/19/2016 7:39 AM

Bummer. Get well soon, and enjoy your new baby!

Reply to Craziest Style? RV2, JB51 or JS7 *Video* 8/17/2016 6:10 PM

One badass video!

Reply to It's a Major Award, I Won It!!! 8/17/2016 4:35 PM

Got the same email. That is a very nice thing to do! Thank you Vital.

Reply to Any update on Jessy Nelson? 8/17/2016 8:00 AM

Hang in there Jessy, lots of people thinking about you. Stay strong!

Reply to Me, at work...dressed in purple. 8/16/2016 7:51 PM

Very cool!

Reply to We're 10 8/15/2016 6:02 PM

Race day threads.

Reply to Webb vs Herlings 8/15/2016 1:11 PM


But man it sure is going to be exciting to watch them race, hopefully they both get good starts and get to battle, at least a little bit. ... more »
Reply to JS7 Injured shoulder. 8/15/2016 12:55 PM

I'm pretty sure your "I will never understand it' is sarcasm, but just in case it isn't, its actually easy to understand. For the few that do it repeatedly they are obviously getting something out of it, there's no denying that. By pointing out misfortunes ... more »

Reply to #319 Coty Schock update 8/15/2016 11:32 AM

Damn that sucks! Thanks for the update. Get well soon Coty!

Reply to What's your worst MX crash? 8/14/2016 10:00 PM

In 2013 I got landed on, broke my pelvis and 4 vertebrae. Hospital for 10 days, had surgery to insert a long titanium screw from one hip to the other, and a small titanium plate to hold my pelvis together. I had to use a walker for about 8 weeks, was ... more »

Reply to Any update on Jessy Nelson? 8/14/2016 9:19 PM

Thanks for the updates! Sounds a little better today, than yesterday. Get well soon Jessy!

Reply to Some of my shots from Unadilla! 8/14/2016 8:47 PM

Cool pics, I like the Forkner best

Reply to JS7 Injured shoulder. 8/14/2016 8:36 PM

It's so much easier to hide and talk shit. Lol James is rich and living large, probably feeling sorry for some of these peeps.

Reply to Falling stars 8/14/2016 8:27 PM

Lechein RJ Bradshaw Three of my favorites, but life's bumpy road builds character and appreciation. That being said, all those dudes (including James) have had a kick ass successful life, and career.

Reply to From the sidelines 8/13/2016 9:30 PM

Cool pics JJ. Thanks for sharing.

Reply to Any update on Jessy Nelson? 8/13/2016 7:03 PM

Looked like a hard hit.

Hoping for some good news soon.
Reply to Hitler's meltdown over Neil Peart's retirement 8/13/2016 4:46 PM

Ha! Good stuff.