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Thanks for the update.

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Unfortunately, many kids are programmed to insult, and often times they learn it from their parents. You can read any forum for proof. Until that changes, there is always going to be mentally unstable kids and adults, that are going to go to extremes ... more »

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This ^^^ I would watch the top riders race around 2 garbage cans. Definitely looks a little sketchy though.

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That was a great race! It was a bummer to see Lorenzo throw it away, but I like seeing Rossi with a healthy points lead.

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Over the Edge The Warriors

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I haven't read this entire thread, but by the chance that Nico does. Get off the drugs dude, if not for yourself then for your DAUGHTER. Hopefully you're working on it now, or have already stopped taking them. I've lost many friends to drug addictions, ... more »

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Yep. I'm becoming a huge fan of his. I know the stuff with Marvin rubbed a few the wrong way, but RJ, Hurricane and Bradshaw had that same cocky attitude and I was a huge fan of theirs also.

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Trey said he thought the track was over watered, too deep and sketchy. He also thinks the track builders are doing a great job, but would like a sand track and a hard pack track. Its all here, and only about 6 minutes long. ... more »

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Yep! We don't get this treat very often

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This is the most commercials I have ever seen

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In about 10 minutes.

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Woohooo super pumped! Lets do this!

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It will be very interesting to see how those 2 do. I'm super pumped to watch this race!

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Dungey - OA Martin - OA Carmichael - W

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I can't wait to see him on the 450! The MXDN might be a tough place to debut, but when he gets on it permanently he is going to be awesome to watch.

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Congrats to Matt on a great season!

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It looks to me like his style has changed a little throughout the year, a little less aggressive. JMO If what his dad is saying is true, I'm a little bummed for Kenny. Hopefully his dad is exaggerating.

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I've seen RC, DV, Matiasevich, Stephenson and RJ all call JS7 the fastest ever. I would add Tomac, RC, Magoo and RV to the fastest list also. Dungey is one of the most consistent I've ever seen, which is equally as impressive. Opinions in these threads ... more »

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That's good to hear. Kdub put a few up also, still smooth as ever. I'm excited to see this race!