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That's giraffe camo...

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Depending on where you are driving in from, your best bet is to ride MARTA in and out. Traffic leaving the Dome after ANY event is horrible. I suggest checking out the MARTA website and locating a station on your way in. Easy, safe parking and you can ... more »

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What about Buddy Antunez? He never quite got that #1 spot in MX or SX and I really expected more from him. Another argument could be made for Damon Bradshaw. I know he won the 125E title in 1989 but with all the hype surrounding him, you would have thought ... more »

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It changes to match the color of your powerband. Be glad you got blue and not pink.

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I guess I'll be the guy who steps up and admits I didn't notice a difference in his wheels. Guess I'm just not that cool.

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I wonder if the design is "dialed back" to suit the amateur racing? I mean, I know they can and will still dumb it down some, but could that have influenced the design?

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Broke my talus in 1992 at a LL qualifier at Steel City when my left foot slipped off the peg landing from a jump. No crash. Some of the worst pain I have ever felt. Finished the race and rode 2 hours to Morgantown with my foot in a cooler. Then, a few ... more »

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Nursing Home Administrator.

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I appreciate the responses. I'm not looking for excuses for the US getting beat. I'm simply trying to understand what differences exist. Reed mentioning that the FIM fuel makes the bikes slower is interesting. I wonder what the curve is to learn the ... more »

Started new thread Equipment US vs World 9/29/2014 2:22 PM

Forgive my ignorance. I know there is a production rule in the US series, is there one for MXGP? How similar is the equipment? I seem to remember back in 1987 that Hannah rode a very works level 125 at the MXDN held at Unadilla (not that it mattered ... more »

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Will be interesting to see for sure. One thing I'm interested in is how much different are the GP bikes from the US bikes? Are the GP bikes more "works"? And if that's the case, how much better will his GP bike be than his US bike? And then... will he ... more »

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At the mini-o's one year, I pulled the holeshot in the 85 12-13 class in the TT event. Had Maximoff, Windham, Reynard all behind me. Maximoff got by me on lap 2, quickly followed by Windham and Reynard on lap 3. I was riding really well, keeping those ... more »

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500cc is for pussies! Someone needs to show up on one of these 700cc bad boys!!

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Is Durham out at PC? If yes, that's a damn shame. He never got to see his full potential because of the injuries.

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Three best mud rides I ever saw... Rick Ryan at Daytona, JMB at High Point, and team USA at the 87 MXDN.

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Suprised nobody mentioned or showed a pic of Mickey Dymond and his hand cut 6's when he went to Yamaha. Personally, I also dislike the careear number thing but I also understand it's purpose and place in the sport. If Kroc were to change, I think 9 would ... more »

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Thanks for the clarification DC. I hate to see Steel City go. I hate friggin' liberal tree hugging commie hippies!

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Here is the top 10 in the +35 class at LL this year: 1. Robbie Reynard 2. James Povolny Jr 3. Tony Larusso 4. James Evans 5. Gregory Pamart 6. Edward Walston 7. Sam Yannitelli 8. Robbie Skaggs 9. Karl Scott 10. Phillip Haas If I were still racing, I ... more »

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I would have a hard time believing this to be true. I'm 99% positive that Mad Mike Jones married the daughter of the family who owned the track. He has practice FMX stuff set up outside his house there. But stranger things have happened so who knows ... more »

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"Mr. Vaughn was the best there ever was and no band was cooler than the 13th Floor Elevators" - Ray Wylie Hubbard