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Return of the skunk stripe!! USA wins!!!

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Because 'Merica!!! I have a pickup because I haul lots of different stuff including dirt, gravel, trash, dogs, and even a bike or 2. Let's see you drop a load of cow manure in your van and drive it across town.

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And Motosport.Com posts your creation on their Facebook page.

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Newman, do you have a CDL??

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Didn't mean to add to the fire... I hadn't read this thread yet so I wasn't aware.

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Sorry I added to your workload. I didn't realize there was an issue... I was just sharing something off Facebook

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Well, it's still posted on Facebook. So I'm not sure what the problem is? Doesn't seem like they are trying to hide anything.

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Saw it on Facebook. If I messed up, oops.

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This is my toy now... got it when I was 15. 2 restorations later and this is where it's at.

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It's funny... at the time so many thought Suzuki had lost their minds with the 91 and 92 graphics. They were awful. Most people, including myself, removed them. I even cut the pink/purple off the shrouds and just ran the blue "RM". Now we can't get enough ... more »

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What I'd still like to see is a true world based, multi-discipline series. 25 total events... 5 stadium suoercross, 5 outdoor Supercross (Daytona/Charlotte style), 5 motocross, 5 hare scramble, and 5 wildcard events (could be MX, SX, AX, EX...). Mix ... more »

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Yeah... that comment was a little strange. But I think what he meant was that all the bikes are good and fairly equal.

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I get what you're saying. I just wish he was racing for team USA. Guy is our best right now and this is one event where I want to see each country present it's 3 best racers, period.

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Jerry "The King" and Steve Austin...

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If you have time to let them rot out, drill holes into the tops with an auger bit and then fill the holes with Epsom salt. Cover and refill every 5-7 days. The salt will speed up the decomposition process. For a faster removal, drill holes and fill with ... more »

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Red Bull/Seven/YellaWood Racing for JS7

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I bet they could build a hell of an SX track at Bristol

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I broke my left talus landing off a jump. Didn't crash, just landed with my foot off the peg. It didn't seem to go all the way through (at the time). Just looked like it lifted about a 2 inch section from the top of the foot. Fast forward a few years ... more »

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Excellent read. Need more stuff like this.

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Could Plessinger or A Mart take a higher 2 digit # if they wanted? Like 99?

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