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That's why they shouldn't dig it up but instead bring in dirt for just the jumps.

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Just saw the post on Facebook that Dylan has passed. Horrible news. He was racing the SX last weekend. Godspeed 558.

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High Point would be awesome IMO... And 1 place I've never been but looks like motocross heaven is Mammoth Mountain. What would a USGP be like there??

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Saw this on Facebook this morning from Chad Sanner. Not sure what's going on with him but please pray or keep Dylan in your thoughts. "I haven't had a chance to read this yet and it was the first thing I saw when I came on here to make this post.... ... more »

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I know several people, including my dad, who've had corrective surgery and every one of them will tell you it was the best decision they could have made.

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New baseball facility is opening this season (I think) on the north side of town... might be an option. Place is huge and in a better, safer location IMO

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Well damn... wish I had seen this sooner. I haven't actually had a bike since 1996 when I graduated high school and I'm a die hard Suzuki guy. Oh well, I hope the new home is good to her. Very cool offer of you!!

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I think this thead proves we need to bring works bikes back to US racing!! Can of worms... opened.

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Good luck with that... I expect them to run the cars late and delay the SX.

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It always seemed to me that with exception of when first learning to jump as a basic beginner, most guys develop their style early and it stays the same as they progress.

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You guys are looking at it all wrong... it's a comedy not a drama.

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I'd just like to say that other than the crash, which still seemed like a freak thing to me, he was so smooth and fast in that race. That bike didn't look like a pig at all.

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So, I'm assuming they will all be racing +25 and maybe +35? It would be cool is some other guys would breat out the boots like RC did a couple years ago. Eventually, this may lead to the need for some sort of ex-pro class... but that's a completely different ... more »

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When I was little, I had a set of coveralls that we added boot zippers to for muddy conditions. Gear stayed clean. They were dark brown. Interestingly, that trend never seemed to catch on. LOL

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Hey now... no need to bring Jesus into this. LOL It seems that the 4 stroke technology has gotten to the point where they are no longer at a displacement disadvantage. I'm one who feels like the 450 is almost too much bike (especially indoors). The AX ... more »

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Ding ding ding! Look at the big brain on Brad!!!

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Personally, I like the Zook. I'm glad they brought the blue back and hope the trend continues.

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As an East coaster, I don't mind the early time. Also, I like having day races mixed in. With that said, if it's "too dangerous" to host an event later in the evening, wouldn't it be best to avoid that venue? Unless it's for other reasons? Just curious. ... more »