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So we have too many top riders? Do we need another class added to the show? The idea of an exhibition class each week in addition to the 250 and 450 regular classes seems like a good idea. This class wouldn't compete for points, just weekly results. ... more »

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I remember when I hated that team Honda made their guys wear Hondaline stuff. Then when Team Peak came along, I thought it was cool. Now I'm back in the camp where I'm not a huge fan of the matching team look... but I think it's more because the stuff ... more »

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I remember reading about how Mickey Diamond's mechanic would hand cut his #6 when he went to Yamaha.

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Wouldn't it be cool if Racer X was doing this poll because they will give the winner a full ride for 2017? Team Racer X (insert brand here).

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I've got one (that mimics the Honda). Mine works perfectly and is not loud at all. Had it about 15 months and it's gotten plenty of use. I always run 93 octane and fuel atabilizer. Starts on first pull too.

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Well... he had a $7 million, 2 year deal for his bag and that sponsor paid an additional $2.5 million to get out of it earlier this year. I'd say Tiger is doing just fine.

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Mookie wins A1 followed by Barcia in 2nd.

Started new thread Monster Energy to sponsor... 11/28/2016 7:29 AM

Tiger Woods. That's according to the latest reports. It's confirmed he will sport a new beverage sponsor on his bag, thetc signs point towards Monster. While this isn't directly moto, I think this is relevant because it's another area they are putting ... more »

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Would it be possible to see some examples of the "discarded" plastics? Also, while they may not be "suitable" for retail sale based on the coloring, if they are quality pieces, could they be used for A: practice bikes or development concealment? Like ... more »

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Mike Jones jersey from the 1987 USGP at Steel City when he won his qualifier Steve Lamson's Peak jersey from High Point 1991 ... more »
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I hadn't heard that about not finishing I had heard part of the reason he stayed in Arena cross so long was to complete his college degree and it was easier to work school around the AX schedule.

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Jason Lawrence just took his shirt off!

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I wouldn't mind a chase/playoff type format as a trial but I think you'd need to have a minimum participation requirement to qualify. I also like the idea of multiple, shorter mains per event.

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IIRC, Steel City was closed because of "impact" on a local water reservoir. I believe it was several years working to prove no impact and the fight became too costly/difficult.

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Excitebike FTW. All other MX games owe themselves to the greatness of the original

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I was never good at holeshots... but I scored a big one in the 3rd moto of the LL regional at Echiconnee. There was a new section with 4 smaller jumps that I was going 2-2 in all weekend. With the lead on the first lap, I just pinned it and ended up ... more »

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Wow. Is it really necessary to call the OP names? Did it really bother you that much?

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1951 Chevy. I've also got the 2013 GMC below. ... more »
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Well thought out, rational post. I disagree about putting the 250's on the lesser network because I think the 250 racing has been the better racing recently. I'd rather watch them.

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Has anyone else here watched any Formula E racing? It's pretty good. I admit, it does seem strange without the normal engine sounds, but the cars are plenty fast. They also remotely limit the amount of power the car receives and give "fan boost" allowing ... more »