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2 things... First, when RC and I used to practice in Monticello, FL together, we'd always spend about 15 minutes running about 75% and doing the spot/block turns. It often became a contest of balance to see who could hold out the longest. Second, Ron ... more »

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Pulpmx.com under MX history

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Growing up in district 5 I was always on the fance to watch Mike Jones, Steve Crowe, and Steve Childress. Allso looked up to Shane Lawson and Davey Yezek (they were only a few years older). But the greatest I ever saw was the one and only Mitchell Kumpstein. ... more »

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It seems like the only person who can straight up beat JS7 is JS7. I would say the strategy of staying on 2 wheels, getting a good start, and finishing a consistent top 5 when you don't win works pretty well for RV.

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I always wore one. The Fox Rost 2 was great. When I switched to the AXO Pentagon, I broke my collarbone 4 times. Different models offer different levels of protection. The ones with raiser, shoulder cups like the Fox and HRP are better for shoulder protection ... more »

Started new thread Found a couple VHS classics... 3/24/2014 6:16 PM

These 2 and several others in my old bedroom closet at my parents house. Also have the other RJ video, several Gary Bailey videos, the Broc Glover video, the Matazattack "I'm no chicken" video, and lots of old Motovideo race videos. I'll have ... more »

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I have no idea what's going on with the PC bikes. But it reminds me of the 89 RM 80's. We had issues with the stators going out and it would cause the bikes to do something very similar. Ended up that the plastic covers on the side of the motor were ... more »

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I think on the RM 80, the biggest change was the move away from that stupid flared out radiator shroud. That thing was horrible. We used to hook those heavy duty rubber straps to the holes and then around the bike to fold it in as much as possible and ... more »

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Leg swag or Dog Pisser?

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Ha ha ha ha ha! But F you!

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Ha ha! I was "leg swaggin" in 88/89. 1988 Mini-O's supercross finish line tabletop.

1989 Loretta Lynn's mid-field tabletop. Okay... so it's mini swag, but for some reason, I always kicked that right leg off and crossed the bars. ... more »

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That Tedesco thing was crazy! Had a similar thing happen to me at the Mini-O's one year on 80's. Went into the first turn about 4th and I was on the far inside, got nailed from behind and highsided or something. Somehow ended up with my leg down between ... more »

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You are entitled to your opinion but personally, I appreciated the fact that they separated the men from the boys. I'd love to see them bring back a Gary Bailey Daytona with telephone pole whoops. Whoops that anyone and everyone can blast through do ... more »

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cool story bro!

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If you're in the mood for some kick ass pizza, give Antico a try. http://www.anticoatl.com/ For things to kill time, the Coca-Cola museum is pretty cool if you've never been.

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Someone with photoshop skills should fix this up a bit...

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Interesting you say that because after the "stall/bog" I thought I saw a puff of white smoke from the pipe. I'm sure we will never know exactly what happened but it sure sucks for Deano (or anyone in that position).

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Who does Moss 102 ride for? He has looked pretty good and I've seen him near the front in the heats and semis a few times.

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Maybe they should make it an official part of the event and do a fan vote on the top retro bikes. Then award championship points based on fan vote finish.

I bet we'd see some super sick stuff then. I mean how much would 25 additional points ... more »

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You should send that over to fosheezee and let him build a masterpiece with it.