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Working on my S7 Edge. Thanks

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Agreed. I also think this will be another race where we see Webb struggle... because of the whoops. That seemed to be his biggest problem the first 2 weeks. I'm sure he will get it figured out eventually but I'm not sure it's going to be this week.

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I'd like to see the bottom bike with yellow in place of the black on the front.

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I think these are good choices. For me it would be Malcolm Smith, DeCoster, DeStefano, Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, and David Bailey. But it's tough to leave out Hallman, Bayle, Stanton, Bradshaw, RC, McGrath....

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I disagree. I think more teams should drop the black and go back to the colorful bikes of the 80's and early 90's. Suzuki's should be yellow and blue, Kawasaki's bright green and blue... Way too much black on the bikes today IMO. KTM has it right although ... more »

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/end thread
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"We're doing it on our own"... we as in he and Mookie or we as in himself and his "team"?

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I talk about this very topic in my blog, dropping today! Make sure to check it out and give me a follow. And click that like button for me.

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I'm good with the suit. I think its good when people dress for success. However, it would have been EPIC had he worn this... considering his new move to Shift.

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Hey now... let's not let facts get in the way of a good uproar.

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Guy Cooper. George Holland. Mickey Diamond. Bradshaw. Perhaps consider Eric Kehoe?

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Well, they called me and I said no...

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If AXO would go back to their classic designs, they'd corner the market!!

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Which is why I think there should be some sort of playoff/chase system. Get injured early but have a chance to win if you heal up in time. Barcia is a perfect example of someone who would benefit from a playoff format.

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No idea actually... I was like 8 the last time I raced there. Only remember "New Castle" unfortunately. I recall it was mostly flat and they had a big tabletop close to the finish.

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I'd suggest Team Tamm would be one of the first.

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Any D5 guys remember the track in New Castle, PA?

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Malcolm as a "behind the scenes" fill in rider for JGR? And he gets to race on his own with his supplied bike(s)? Sounds feasible to me. JGR won't need him unless Barcia or Peick get injured so they aren't worried about him showing up at all the races. ... more »

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Yeah... instead of paying $65 a day, they should be getting paid a minimum wage of $15 per hour and make the taxpayers pay for it!