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No Red Bull helmet... someone get Richard Rawlings on the phone quick. Time for Gas Monkey/Seven/Stewart Racing!! Run White Hondas with black and green accents.

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You posted this because there wasn't already a multi-page thread about it?

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I thought Bradshaw with the 45 and the skull. LOL

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Did he buy JB51's Honda?? LOL

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I had the splatter paint ones and a couple shirts back in the day. I was soooo cool!!

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I noticed it said 6 rounds contingent on Davi coming back. So does that mean no shot at a full season if Davi is back for round 7? Or would they give him a full season if he is top 3? What about outdoors? Any chance at a ride for that?

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Forget everything else and make sure your sprocket bolts are torqued properly. Then order a pizza... or take a nap. Doesn't matter.

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How about 1 x 45 minutes, 1 x 20 minutes, and 2 x 3 lap sprint races? That way, everyone gets what they want... a stupid long race, a normal race, and 2 quick sprint races. Would cater to both the fit and the great starters. Run the sprint motos back ... more »

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I'm not sure why, but I decided to look up Mugen and see what they have been up to. Well, according to Wikipedia (which we should ALWAYS take as fact), they have been very active in Isle of Man racing with Honda, specifically electric motorcycles. I ... more »

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So is it the 2 pistons hitting that create a spark? No spark plug?

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Leg day is for posers bro!

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Okay, what am I missing? I just received an e-mail touting the new magnetic goggle from Blur Optics. Apparently, the lens is held in place by a series of magnets and they can be changed quickly, even while wearing them. My question, how do you use tear

... more »

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Perhaps RC just isnt good at the trash talk? Or maybe the GOAT is going to expose who RM really is once and for all? Sorta like the mask matches in lucha libre... loser gives up his mask and his true identity is revealed!

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Nice and clean. I like.

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Can we get super minis at the RBSR??

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At one point when RV had lost a race and Ronnie Mac was 1 away from the finals, I thought it might be fixed. But watching Ronnie race has ass off and RV do the same only to maker a small mistake, I decided it wasn't fixed. Hats off the everyone for a ... more »

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I've noticed the "vulgarity" level has been turned down a bit. I'm good with that.

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Maybe next year they just do a long line of whoops only??

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That almost looks like a mini bike. LOL I do dig the simple graphics though.

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"Rythmn lane too sketchy..." "Landings too steep" Put these boys on a track from 1986 or 1987... they would complain like crazy about "no flow" and steep landings! While I didn't like the track overall, that one lane was good to me because it separated ... more »