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At least he kicked the Motul habit.

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golf clap for ezza. bike looks wicked

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that was rad!

Started new thread n-style motorcross 8/29/2014 2:43 AM

somebody should be

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I heard that Ken means Ryan in German.

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Aldon walked away with a big fat wallet so I don't see him holding a grudge...

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He certainly did better. He almost won a moto. This year? He got lapped TWICE last weekend in moto one. Love the 'great players make great coaches' line above. I do some basketball coaching and can totally relate! Ha

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For sale. Clean. Never raced.

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Ha, love this reply. So true. It's the redhead factor. No remorse.

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It's hard to believe that Luongo's long term vision for the GPs was to increase the talent and quality of MAV TVs coverage of the British Nationals but apparently that's how it's all panned out. Well done mate.

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Great story and epic photos in the gallery. The good ol days. Can't believe he has 6 daughters!!

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If he really did lap the brother 5 times, and he knew he was out to get him, how on earth did he get taken out on the last lap? No matter what, a dude 5 times slower should never even get a sniff. You'd be cautious and then gap him by half a straight ... more »

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Anything is possible at this stage, including the money flowing in the opposite direction. What if Stew sued the FIM and anyone involved for a premature suspension and putting an end to his career. Not to mention the damage to his rep and sponsors and ... more »

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Bike and gear combo is on point

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Sheesh could be bubba's final window of opportunity and he will prob be suspended. How could he and his ppl be so stupid? Heading out to kick some puppies now.

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worst movie ever but I always wanted to know who rode the bikes

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I think Torco broke his badly a while ago and again in the recent crash. If I remember correctly he had a lot of swelling that never went away. We should start a support group because it's a nasty injury.

I broke mine 12 years ago and I hobble ... more »

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He didn't need adderall for the 2 strokes. It only became necessary when he switched to the (yawn) 4 bangers.