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Thanks, fellas. Again, I appreciate it. Putting this stuff together has been an enormous undertaking and frustrating at times when rider A gets injured so you go to your Plan B rider and then your Plan B rider gets hurt, etc. But, we are four episodes ... more »

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First off, thank you for sharing, Langham. I appreciate that. Everything helps as this is 100% word of mouth. And, thank you to everybody above for the kind words. I appreciate it. This was definitely an intense interview and, I think, a very tense episode. ... more »

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Hey guys! I am sure some of ya'll may have heard of a documentary Web series on Vimeo OnDemand entitled Spectrum. The idea itself came up about two years ago on a road trip to Andrew Short's farm for a video project (A Test of Time). We started discussing ... more »

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Love the Rob Machado appearances throughout. I'm always reduced to tears of laughter during his parts. Also, I believe this was Troy Adamits' (man behind The Great Outdoors, Inside The Outdoors, and season one of Supercross: Behind The Dream) first-ever ... more »

Added a new video Smithville, TX: Andrew Short 3/23/2015 10:45 PM

Andrew Short's property in Smithville, TX is arguably one of the most beautiful facilities in the country. With 300 acres that include an outdoor track that runs alongside the Colorado River, a Supercross track, and a grass track; Shorty's is a motocross haven! Between the Indianapolis and Detroit Supercross rounds, we spent a couple days at Andrew's Smithville property to bring you this fun video of Shorty ripping laps on his private Supercross track.

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Added a new video Breaking Boundaries: Vicki Golden 2/26/2015 5:42 PM

Multi-time X Games gold medalist, Vicki Golden, is breaking down the boundaries of Supercross racing by chasing her dream of being the first female to qualify for a Supercross night show. Teaming up with her riding coach and former factory Suzuki rider, Sean Hamblin, Golden is ready to bring these dreams to reality.

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Added a new video Ready For Battle: Alex Martin 2/9/2015 3:38 PM

While he's now on break for the 250 West, Alex Martin has had a trip to the podium, and has taken some big steps forward this season.

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Added a new video I Will. I Can. I Must: Jake Weimer 1/23/2015 4:24 PM

After a disappointing 2014 season, former factory Kawasaki athlete and past West Coast Lites Supercross champion, Jake Weimer, found himself with no ride for the 2015 season. However, Weimer's fight and determination to find a way to be on the starting line come Anaheim 1 paid off, as he eventually landed on the Monster Energy/Team Tedder Racing squad. This highlights the passion and determination be on the starting gate at all costs.

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Added a new video Tested: Project 2003 Honda CR250R 1/7/2015 10:39 AM

Realistically, the modifications done to this 2003 Honda CR250R were fairly minor. As some may forget, a two-stroke's power characteristics can be quite heavily affected just by adding a different pipe and some proper jetting. So in this case, the most major change was a custom made "works" cone pipe and silencer from Flow, with a jetting spec to match. This "works" pipe was made by Randy Blevins, who handed crafted many exhaust systems for championship winning teams. Beyond that, the engine itself was just rebuilt with an oem replacement piston kit from Wiseco, a V-Force reed valve from Moto Tassinari, and a complete clutch system from Hinson to handle a little extra abuse. Since the bike was purchased at a fairly cheap price, this left a bit of extra coin to spend elsewhere on the bike. As for hard parts, the beefier wheelset came from Dubya, which consisted of Talon carbon hubs and Excel A60 rims. To go along with the wheels, Neutech's Tubliss system was mounted on both ends to add better traction to the Dunlop AT 81 tires that would be utilized. Last up, Galfer's rear wave rotor and 270mm Tsunami front rotor were added to help bring the bike to a halt. The final years of the CRs weren't exactly the most popular when it came to handling, so a few steps were taken to try and get the best out of the bike. Ride Engineering's 22mm triple clamps were added to improve the handling, along with a re-valve and re-spring treatment from Enzo Racing to take away some of the harshness that comes from the CR's stiff chassis.

Project 2003 Honda CR250R Features:

Flow: Custom cone pipe and carbon muffler.

Wiseco: Top-end kit $208.86.
Wiseco.com /  800-321-1364

Enzo Racing: Front fork re-valve $180.95, front fork springs $112.00, rear shock re-valve $180.95, and rear shock spring $122.00.
EnzoRacing.com / 714-541-5218

Hinson: Complete clutch kit. $972.00.
HinsonRacing.com /  909-946-2942

Galfer: 270mm Tsunami front rotor $371.00 and rear wave rotor $139.00.
GalferUSA.com /  800-634-9166

Dubya: Talon carbon hubs with Excel A60; complete front wheel $1009.95 and complete rear wheel $1124.95.
DubyaUSA.com /  714-279-0200

Moto Tassinari: V-Force Delta 3 reed valve $159.99.
MotoTassinari.com / 603-298-6646

Works Connection: Elite clutch perch $155.85.
WorksConnection.com / 530-642-9488

Pro Taper: EVO Handlebar $89.99, half-waffle grips $12.99, 2.3 platform pegs $189.99, and Twister throttle tube $69.99.
ProTaper.com / 951-736-5369

Dunlop: AT81 80/100-21 front tire and AT81 RC 110/90-19 rear tire.

Nuetech: Tubliss tire system $99.95.
Nuetech.com / 714-998-1021

CV4: Radiator hose kit $136.99.
CVproducts.com / 800-448-1223

Ride-Engineering: 22mm offset triple clamps $479.90 and bar mounts $99.95.
Ride-Engineering.com / 800-805-1516

Renthal: Front sprocket $25.95, rear ultralight sprocket $64.95, and 520 works chain $81.95.
Renthal.com / 661-257-2986

MotoStuff: Specialty fasteners.
MotoStuff.com / 503-830-6433

Throttle Jockey: Gripper seat cover $69.99.
ThrottleJockey.com / 949-752-5227

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I've been wanting to share this story for quite a while, and I've finally found a bit of time to get this out there. Little history... I was born in '86, grew up around dirt bikes since I can remember, went to my first Supercross race in 1994 or 1995 ... more »

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Justin mentioned it in his interview, though the clip wasn't used in this final edit. But, at one point last year, Justin was only five points out of the series lead, behind RV. I'd have to say that is being in the championship hunt. Longer and closer to it then we'll ever be! Haha

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Added a new video Time to Win: Justin Brayton 10/13/2014 10:03 PM

Justin Brayton is a rider who has been on the cusp of winning multiple Supercross races, and has always found himself in the hunt for a championship. However, he's not necessarily believed he's had the ability to execute. Now, Brayton has found himself back on a KTM, where he earned his first-ever podiums and outdoor Motocross win at Steel City Raceway several years ago. Joining the BTO Sports/KTM team squad, Brayton has a new-found confidence and is ready to step up and start winning come 2015.

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Added a new video The Evolution of Tom Parsons 9/29/2014 10:12 AM

From riding four-wheelers as a kid, racing dirt bikes on a local level, to racing Supercross, and now X Games gold medalist... Florida's own Tom Parsons has come from humble beginnings all the way to Monster Energy Cup Best Whip champion and X Games Best Whip gold medalist. Tom Parsons was recently in the neighborhood, so we decided to catch up with the Florida native to discuss his progression from struggling Supercross privateer to an X Games gold medalist, amongst many other things.

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We'll have some new updates on our Kickstarter page in the next week or two! Been deep in editing 10s of hours of interview footage, working with our musical composer on the score (which is coming along nicely), and everything else that goes into bringing ... more »

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By that logic, I suppose all athletic trainers in baseball, football, etc should be fired and replaced by local EMT.

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Hey guys, I know a lot of people are curious to see CR22 on the green bike. Here's the first look with him on green up at Castillo. We filmed this piece a few weeks ago, and I hope all enjoy! http://youtu.be/cEBr8vzsCTI

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Fun time yesterday. Video soon, I promise.

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si. Thanks for sharing, Scottie! That was very cool of Patrick to whip that up for us. I also believe we may be adding a couple more rewards to the Kickstarter this week and, with Wyatt's birthday also being this week, we will also start grabbing a few ... more »

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It'll be a runtime between 45-minutes to an hour (feature length). I am assuming those thinking we are looking for "free money," and such failed to actually view the Kickstarter campaign link that is on page one of this thread. The campaign is required ... more »

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I'm glad you bring that up... One of my biggest things is not having a film that shows only one side of the story/bias. Josh and I both want everything to be out in the open, showing all sides of everything that has happened both in his personal life ... more »