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Ironically gun stores are kinda thriving around here (SoCal). I like Ammo Bros and Turners Outdoorsman. Turners is technically a outdoors store but the bulk of their business is firearms. I find the best time to go is during the week gunstore clerks ... more »

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They were saying it tasted much better than the Stalin cake that gave everyone diarrhea

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Thats not Mexico if that happened in Mexico Senor Chivo would end up here

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Great more payouts from a bankrupt county. You know these brutality settlements outta come out of the police pension that would nip this crap in the bud real quick.

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Do not be surprised to manufacturing of consumer tech like Ipads and Iphones moving back to the states and out of China. Apple is getting tired of losing ground in emerging markets to Chinese knockoffs. The problem in this country is there is not enough ... more »

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You would need around 4,224.18$ (3,843.58€) in Riverside, CA to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 3,700.00€ in Brussels (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Consumer Prices Including Rent Index. This comparison ... more »

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We should be more concerned with people's histories. A gun is harmless until someone picks it up.

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My research indicates wives are more expensive than kids lol. Half the time its the wife lobbying that something needs to be purchased for the kids.

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THIS! Toyota's are lil more pricey both are nice trucks

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They are defining it as "armor piercing handgun ammo" what a load of crap. It will be challenged in court no doubt. It sets a dangerous precedent.

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My understanding was it was only m885 green tip being banned. Did something change?

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On second thought based on the success of things like Amtrak and healthcare I'm sure we have nothing to worry about.

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Shit like this amuses and infuriates me at the same time. If I am an ISP and Netflix is using massive amounts of data that forces me to spend millions upgrading my network how else can I recoup my capital expenses other than charging them more? Most ... more »

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Stewart in the wall

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Thats true too, its been that way for almost ten years now. 5ESS and DMS platforms have been replaced with VOIP platforms for long distance and even local switching, but we have been installing VOIP CPE for a few years now as well. We will drop an ethernet ... more »

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I would rather have a time machine then see bands past their prime with one exception....Rush. They always seem to bring it no matter how old they are.

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I've worked in downtown LA I can tell you a large percentage of the homeless here are unfit to work. The majority of them are mentally ill and have no one who cares enough about them to help them. Most of the people who are too lazy to work are smart ... more »