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Got mine when I was 14, son found out in the weeds at the farm a few years ago to drag it home.....have not had time to do shit yet....but it is a 47 5 window deluxe cab, love these AD chevys.

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Sometimes i hate this sport......get well soon jesse, he has hada tough year.

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Same story as alot here, first lap over jumped a single into corrner with foot in wrong position. Had 90%tear of mine. I had what looked like a golf ball on my calf where it rolled up. Also tore the calf muscles some. Problem i now have is the hospital ... more »

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Very cool build

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Very nice

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I canfrim my tablet and phone, but not explorer on my pc at work.

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You should have a lifetime supply in the camper and at the house for some of the BS that floats around here.

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I see a possible road trip in my future then, I miss lakewood with my dad and brother...this would be better.

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I think Jerry Robin should do good in his classes again.

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I did a couple for my son after he broke his other f2 carbon, I think they turned out ok for a hack carpenter. I have painted a lot of stuff, but this is first helmet with automotive paint set up and doing it

... more »
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2006 2011 ... more »
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Sounds like alot for a 250f for sure, but what reason does Starling have to come on here and spread bullshit?

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Sorry GuyB...elderly chevy

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And still cant really touch the ground on a 450 but have seen him come to the track I once worked and and show the guys the fast way around on Alex's old honda, and what a nice guy to boot.

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I sold one my bikes last year, jsut cant be hurt right now, she came to me a couple weeks ago and told me to go buy a damn bike again, so I found a package deal I am going to check out.....65/85/125 cover me and the kids.

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Who's this Bob Hannah guy anyway?

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Congrats to Nico on getting clean, it will be a tough SOB for a while but training and riding will help through the fight for sure. Beat my drug addiction in 96', just keep moving forward and you will make it through.

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Been using for years, thanks for a great product, and supporting the sport