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Reply to Alpinestars warranty experiences? 4/15/2014 8:21 PM

I had the same experience. Alpinestars will treat you right.

Reply to Seriously MX Sports? 4/15/2014 4:49 PM


Reply to Where'd you ride this past weekend? 4/15/2014 11:20 AM

Honestly, I'm not sure. I was riding my snowboard, not my bike. This will be my first full Spring and Summer in the area, so I am planning on doing some serious exploring over the next few months. I think there is more dual sporting back and forth across ... more ยป

Reply to Are you social? 4/14/2014 1:02 PM

I'm antisocial

Reply to Where'd you ride this past weekend? 4/14/2014 10:25 AM


Reply to Clear grip tape 4/13/2014 9:04 PM

Yeah, get ready to ruin your boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants

Reply to A year with the NFX & NFXs 4/12/2014 8:07 AM

I am taking mine out on the slopes for the first time today, with snow-specific lenses, of course. (no tear offs and extra air holes for less fog, since there is no dust) I will have a full report later that nobody here cares about.

Reply to Brooks to Valli Yamaha 4/12/2014 7:12 AM

I hope Pourcel enjoys head locks

Reply to Peick not Hill 4/11/2014 9:05 PM

I was being sarcastic, by the way.

Reply to Vital MX shirts 4/11/2014 1:27 PM

I'll take a pair of the tie dye balloon pants and the white Vital t shirt.

Reply to Junglehead VS Goggles.. 4/11/2014 12:59 PM

Check out this thread I started a few weeks ago. These are the coolest things out. http://www.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/Dragon-Frameless-goggles,1267744

Reply to Peick not Hill 4/11/2014 6:53 AM

And I would like to know what his salary was

Reply to Jumping Quad, What Jumping 5 Called? 4/9/2014 2:36 PM


Reply to Starting to jump? 4/9/2014 2:35 PM

You might want to try a 4 wheeler

Reply to Tomac 4/7/2014 2:13 PM

I think he has the speed to be great.

Reply to Anyone see Guy B's 4/7/2014 11:24 AM


Reply to Is 15 weeks to long for these guys to get a break? 4/7/2014 7:05 AM

Are the actual racers asking for more time off? I'm the one here that needs more time off!!!

Reply to Let's say someone has a Kickstarter Moto-ish project.. 4/7/2014 6:06 AM

Put me down for 2 million

Reply to Vital's own "Team Green" making us proud(?) on the Rip to Cabo: 4/6/2014 8:43 PM

How the heck does he get a pro to work on his bike?? Usually it's the other way around...

Reply to Anyone see Guy B's 4/6/2014 12:25 AM