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Reply to Photos of models that I took 9/12/2014 12:29 PM

I am willing to pose topless

Reply to How Did You Get Started In Motocross... 9/11/2014 11:27 AM

I started racing motocross at the age of 15 after a successful career in BMX. I placed 8th in the 125cc West Region Supercross season of 1989. In 1990, I won my first supercross race and placed 2nd in that season. I won the 125 West Supercross title ... more »

Reply to Villopoto vs Cairoli 9/10/2014 8:43 AM

Ok, I think I'm starting to get it now. It's ok for you to belittle the American series, but not ok for Langston, someone who has actually raced both series, to belittle the European series. Hypocrite much?

Reply to Dragon Frameless goggles 9/8/2014 12:30 PM

Here is me on top of the world, outside of Telluride, CO, this past weekend - wearing my sweet Dragon goggles. My wife was packing up some of my gear after I rode and she dropped these bad boys on the concrete and scratched the lense all up!!! Already

... more »

Reply to Jason Weigandt's RV article 9/3/2014 9:37 PM


Reply to do these idiots have nothing better to do? 9/3/2014 7:40 PM

Plastic bags can last up to 1,000 years in a landfill. If you knew the toxins that were released into the environment during this long decomposition - you might not be so keen on these plastic bags. Trees, by the way, are a reusable resource. Listen, ... more »

Reply to Got the bike done!! 9/3/2014 7:29 PM

Needs more skullz

Reply to The number 14. This is going to be weird. 9/3/2014 4:06 PM


Reply to Need help with redoing my track 9/3/2014 2:08 PM

I'd go with a bunch of doubles, but leave the dirt in between the jumps.

Reply to WHITE BOOTS 9/3/2014 8:56 AM


Reply to my bike starts easy....almost to easy 9/2/2014 12:57 PM

Remove the gas cap immediately!!!

Reply to Are KTM's known for eating rear rotors/pads? 9/2/2014 9:42 AM

This is why I never use brakes

Reply to I broke my collar bone today 8/29/2014 11:44 PM

Walk it off

Reply to IQ of current Vitards 8/28/2014 6:25 PM

I'm pretty high up on the lower side.

Reply to Ban on tear offs in the UK 8/27/2014 9:16 PM

My dad was so cheap he would pick up my used tear-offs and clean them and try to make me reuse them... He was an environmentalist and I didn't even know it.

Reply to Dragon Frameless goggles 8/26/2014 4:35 PM

I've heard that Arai's are especially good for keeping gypsies away.

Reply to Swapping between MX and woods riding 8/26/2014 4:09 PM

Nuthin, bro

Reply to Dragon Frameless goggles 8/26/2014 3:18 PM

Nice sig...

Reply to Vital MX during the off season? 8/26/2014 2:35 PM

We can dance if we want to If we don't nobody will And you can act real rude and totally removed And I can act like an imbecile

Reply to Kind of awesome.. 8/26/2014 1:43 PM

I could do that - on a PW50