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California snowpack is currently at 163% of normal! Watch out for them avalanches

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Is Millsaps, Anderson, Roczen, Dungey, or Musquin?

Reply to Josh Hansen - 250 West - Predictions? 1/3/2017 7:41 PM

Roczen Dungey Tomac Anderson Seely Canard Reed Barcia Musquin Webb Grant Wilson Millsaps Pourcel Brayton Bagget Tickle Bogle Peick Who would you put him above? He would be lucky to make a main. Top 10 in 250s is pretty achievable for him and probably ... more »

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That would be a Nord C2, through a modern Leslie style cab with internal mics, put in a stairwell and mic'd about halfway up the stairwell

Reply to Throttle stuck WFO on a 2-stroke 12/29/2016 12:08 PM

My old boss was paralyzed from a 99 KX 250 sticking WFO on a parade lap before a steep jump face, after they brought the bike back to the shop to try and figure out what it was, I think they came to the conclusion the cases didn't seal right and would ... more »

Reply to THE underdog for 2017 SX? - Brayton 12/28/2016 4:27 PM

I dunno about winning a race this year, maybe a possible podium threat at best. Was it 2012, his good year on Factory Honda where he was the only real challenge to Villopoto in most races?

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Question, do the top teams have blanket health insurance for their riders, including fill in riders that get hurt on their bikes? Or do they all have their own policies? That could be one reason a top rider is hesitant to sack up and go the privateer ... more »

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I've heard it's best to double up on the vegemite behind the ears

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https://www.instagram.com/p/BNc3adiAfZ0/ Here's a little snippet from the studio control room

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Thanks! I appreciate it

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Thanks! The female singer joined the band right before we recorded our first album, so she mainly sang backup or traded lines. She's doing a lot more heavy lifting with singing on the upcoming one! I'm way more excited for this one to come out

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reverbnation.com/thefiresiderelics You can listen to the rest of our debut album right here, start mixing our 2nd one next week!

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https://youtu.be/MJgWNhNLGSc Catchy riff over a funky beat

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https://youtu.be/t7We8dcv_oY More of a slow, folk like song that rocks out at the end

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https://youtu.be/dHuC3RhCsYE Some pretty crazy piano work in here (this song is actually about my last race/crash I had)

Reply to What happens when a pro signs a big money gear/helmet/goggle deal but it fits like shit or not at all? 11/27/2016 6:19 AM

Didn't Broc Helper wear Bell helmets with some lower shelf brand stickers after a few concussions?

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Oooh, 'member the 125? Yea, I 'member the 125! He needs to hire JJ Abrams to be his trainer and reboot his career

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Hey man, power strips are in short supply! But I probably should get one that reaches the ground... or just add more outlets lower

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Pedal board setup