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I saw Tool twice last year, along with Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle this year. People who are annoyed by Maynard being at the back of the stage annoy me. Go to a hair metal concert if you want a front man with a foot on the monitor. I'm there to hear ... more »

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I think it's insane that on the way up, he was passing people who were camped out on the face. Can't even begin to imagine how easy he made something so difficult look.

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Mind blowing. Unreal ability to turn off fear and think critically. I saw in an interview he started it a while ago but bailed shortly into it because conditions didn't feel right. He did his homework and then some on this.

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That's cool as hell! I really want a pied ball python, and am a pretty big fan of raptors. Curious what you had to go through to get permits/and the actual bird?

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Major bummer. He was definitely my favorite vocalist.

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It's just the wrong word. Gotta be thorough when trying to spell throughout

New thread Anybody have non typical pets? 5/15/2017 4:25 PM

Anything other than cats/dogs? I'm a reptile lover, and have a Russian tortoise, 2 crested geckos, and am temporarily raising 4 baby turtles (red eared sliders and painted turtles)

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I haven't read the whole thread to see if anybody else has replied, but it's impossible to make a ton of money on Spotify unless you're Taylor Swift/anybody that has near half a billion streams of a song. My band will be lucky to see more than a few ... more »

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I'm hoping Seely can get back in his groove outdoors. Was it last year or the year before he was mixing it up in the front? I had him pegged as an also ran when he moved up to the 450 but he's really surprised me.

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Big difference in raising an animal to eat and going for a hike in the wilderness and killing animals for fun along the way. Dude is a douche. Take a picture and leave it

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The chase would be a different scenario. It's impossible to say every rider would finish/perform the same if the circumstances were different. Would Tomac have choked earlier if he had gotten the points lead after the 2nd chase race? Would Dungey have ... more »

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Honda has always been 1 year behind on the 250 changing with the 450. 2010 it got the 09 450 makeover, 2014 it got the 2013 makeover.

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The 250 class is going to be insane. Forkner, both Martins, Ferrandis, Savatgy, Cianciarulo, Osbourne, Plessinger are all capable of winning multiple rounds.

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I'm an Eli fan, but if only there was a way to average up their overall performance for the year, that rewards them for wins and penalizes them for bad races! Ryan earned it or Eli lost it, either way you look at it ends the same.

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It was definitely aggressive, but I've seen far more blatant takeout moves gone unpunished. The only way it would be too much in that situation is if he straight torpedoed/ghost rode his bike into him from a different lane

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That was a fucking roller coaster!

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I have a close to neutral stance on the musquin/Dungey incident, but that's comparing apples to oranges. Having someone pull over is different than just adding a racer to the mix that could potentially beat Dungey. Unless Hill was leading with Tomac ... more »