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Reply to Best guitar solo of all time? 4/5/2015 6:00 AM

When I first saw this thread, Comfortably Numb is what popped in my head first, but I LOVE this one. Whenever I get the chance to play this song, I always try to rip off Prince's solo. I never knew he was a good guitarist til I saw this, and it made ... more »

Reply to Listen to my band's album for free 4/4/2015 5:09 AM

https://m.soundcloud.com/moto_davis_88/my-own-little-world here's one of our new songs live, it'll be on cd #2. Thanks for the thumbs up guys!

Reply to So if Peick does better in the Nationals 4/4/2015 4:40 AM

Don't his injuries prevent him from doing much training?

New thread Listen to my band's album for free 4/2/2015 4:34 AM

right here I've put a few songs on here before, but I just uploaded the whole 11 song album. Flame away!

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Reply to moto display at Walmart 2/15/2015 9:57 AM

I thought it was interesting that they were legit graphics, not just some duplicates. Even had the little french flag next to Musquin's name

Reply to moto display at Walmart 2/14/2015 12:58 PM

I was half tempted to hop on, hit the magic button, and go. Or dump a can of Red Bull in the tank and fly that bitch outta there!

New thread moto display at Walmart 2/14/2015 11:38 AM

Saw this sitting up front at a walmart, thought it was pretty cool, despite mismatched plates from 2012. Also, note the monster logo on the front plate is taped over

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Reply to Need your guys input?? 1/17/2015 6:36 AM

Fixed up, you wouldn't get much more out of it. If you got more than $2000, it would be a success, and who knows how much you'll have to spend.

Reply to Ask Ping 1/17/2015 6:23 AM

After the St Louis SX in 2007, my friend, his dad, and I stopped at a Denny's afterwards, we noticed a table full of guys wearing Moto related clothes, and noticed one guy who looked like he was trying not to be noticed, hood pulled up, head low. We ... more »

Reply to Weston!! 1/11/2015 10:07 AM

I rewound his scrub in the semi at least 15 times

Reply to Future Of St. Louis SX 1/6/2015 4:18 PM

No way Busch Stadium lets anything touch the field. It would be baseball season by the time it was warm enough anyway

Reply to GET RID 1/4/2015 7:33 AM

I couldn't stand it, but see why it's more useful than the scroller. Make it smaller, transparent, and just have color coded initials or race numbers, and I'll be able to live with it.

Reply to GET RID 1/3/2015 7:45 PM

That was the first thing I said when it didnt go aww after the first gate drop. Covers up a good third of the screen

Reply to Roczen's bike in the pits... 1/3/2015 10:55 AM

What's the extra button by the clutch? Launch control like the kawi for the start?

Reply to Got to ride on my A-Kit finally.... 12/30/2014 7:23 PM

Thanks again

If you ever feel like unloading that outdated 2 stroke, I'll give you whatever Kelly Blue Book value is ... more »

Reply to Got to ride on my A-Kit finally.... 12/30/2014 7:10 PM

I can confirm his review. I have Enzo suspenders on my '10 CRF450, and I thought they worked great, until I got to ride a friends CR250 with Pro Circuit A Kit back to back with mine on a rough track. He's 100% right on noticing it rolling around the ... more »

Reply to Careers of Vital Forum members 12/29/2014 4:39 AM

I absolutely love Them Crooked Vultures! Been on a Josh Homme kick lately. I work for a maintenance contractor in a large food product plant, Archer Daniels Midland. Play in bands for fun and pocket money on the weekends.

Reply to Has Reed faced the toughest SX competition over time? 12/25/2014 4:59 AM

I would say Windham might have the edge, he raced against (and beat) RV, all the way back to MC in his prime.

Reply to Hansen screwing up already? 12/18/2014 1:38 PM

Why haven't I seen a rapid reaXion yet?

Reply to No indictment in New York...thoughts. 12/3/2014 5:13 PM

I think the Ferguson case was handled spot on, and the officer used justifiable force. This just feels so so wrong though. I don't know all the facts, but the fact that it was for something so minor, there was no imminent danger, plenty of other ways ... more »