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I'd think you'd want the build up in a high wear area like that. From what I've seen most of the issues on these frames have been in the stem down tube area anyways.

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I think it was a great idea. Guy got a whole new engine for the price of a valve job. Barcia could use this upgrade. Probably saved about 15lbs without having to buy a $2500 titanium bolt kit too.

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Was just talking about this the other day. Champions like RC and Reed would be up and going before their bikes even came to a stop. I've seen some of the Euro guys pull into the pits and just about give up after falling too.

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Same here LOL! ...RYNO POWER!!!

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BNG's that will make the bike feel 20lbs lighter and E-start option for $699.99 plus installation to make back up that 20lbs.

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Holy shit that bikes clean. the fork covers havn't even turned yellow yet. I'd take the seat/ plastics off and save them out of the sun if you plan to ride it, but i'd be afraid to get it dirty myself. Great find!

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Time to break out the solar helmet for those long desert rides.

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Your foot going to slip off that kick starter and go right thru your leg first time you try to kick that beast over.. I'd think about knurling the tip or building it up and adding some grooves to it.

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That was like a text book whip. Great job!! liked the slow mo too.

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All I know is that 360 deg shot of the holeshot showing a rear view look was bitchin!

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Popping on decel is usually a lean condition. Might have a bad seal on the boyesen reed cage. I'd silicon both sides of gasket on reeds if the jetting seems right.

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Anyone get a pic of those trophys up close? They looked better than the dollar bills that the big boys got.

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Jeffro, I'm out by Browns Camp. Was nice here today too, almost hit 70deg. Can't wait to get the bikes out this week and see if i can even remember if its 1 down and 5 up or???

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Its not for power, its for balance.

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Newmann for President!!!

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Still white KTMs with different subframes.

Added reply in a thread Who is the sports biggest star now? 5/17/2017 9:46 PM

At least we still got Cooper Webb- " Frenchie don't want none"

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You sound like his attorney. It was stupid to use a steel can anways and rules are rules. RC cried and threatened to quit the series so AMA rolled of as usual. My favorite was when Villo was allowed to take his penalty on the fly during a staggered restart. ... more ยป

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LOL, that "Not my moderators" line is the best. Too funny bro, thanks!!

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Only thing Emig is good at is reminiscing about 1997. You don't hear RC talking like that.