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Something like this worth it for the roller? If you find a 125SX for the right price, maybe we could get a 125 vs. 150 vs. 200SX review

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98' was the first year of 5-speed trans; you'll have to go 1997 and older bottom-end for the 6-speed. Or, you can throw a 6-speed setup right into your 04' cases: Another clean ... more »

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Dual spring, SFF, SFF-Air, history, fitment, condition, etc?

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It's hard to beat a brand new OE cable doused with TriFlow and a WC assembly!

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Check one off the bucket-list and do it! With some planning you'll be able to watch a few SX races, ride some amazing tracks, and enjoy California's beautiful Winter weather. Most SoCal tracks (Pala, Cahuilla Creek, Elsinore, Perris, Milestone, Glen ... more »

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Have you spoken to Varner regarding his motorwork, carb mods, intake (VForce) mods, and recommended exhaust? May be a good option to save some coin and let him have a crack at it before going nuclear with the short body Keihin/Lectron swap. Great project, ... more »

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Any pricing and offset information available by chance? They look AMAZING

Ps: Great motos last weekend; always good to put a face to a name for fellow small-bike 2T rippers!
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Not quite a fan of the aesthetics just yet (super-sharp shroud and side panel angles, in particular) but no one can argue against their constant progression. Glad to see what appears to be a three-piece exhaust system (previous two-piece was a major

... more »
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Yes, I believe you're correct about Pingree - Pretty sure that's also the case from the Enslow clip, posted above. Glad to hear KTM Rider #83 is alright! Can't begin to imagine the thoughts going through one's mind when this happens

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Kind of like wishing Honda would let him ride a 20 year old bike around Castillo Ranch around this time last year, just before the start of SX

Here's hoping there's a chance! (Insert Dumb and Dumber "So you're telling me there's a chance" gif ... more »
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OTHG races are always ran well and priced right, you won't be disappointed. Compared to larger GH races the track will likely stay fairly flat, but note that the Caselli Ride Day is Saturday. Have fun and let us know how it goes

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Another shameless plug for some footage with 2T audio: Once Fall/Winter rolls around, Cahuilla Creek always goes back into the weekly track rotation; Certainly worth the drive out for SoCal residents who have never ... more »

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Seeing that everyone was blessed with the Roczen/Terrafirma rewind last year, any iota of a chance that we see the same thing on a 125 this year?! Hear me out - I know it doesn’t jive with Honda’s whole company philosophy (which is a shame in itself),

... more »

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Service Honda used to sell pulled 4T engines from their AF projects, but it looks like they're done? Maybe try another 500AF conversion shop; I'm sure someone somewhere already stuffed a 500 into the new ... more »

Added reply in a thread Kick ass two strokes! 11/29/2017 5:32 PM PS: Love the look of the Gen3 Honda!

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Looks like the 'J' cylinder stamp is a 98/99 cylinder...Is it a flat-top or dome piston? That would give you some insight as well. Great motor, whichever year it ends up being
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*MotoStuff code: Holiday17

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PC is usually pretty close on specs: I'm at 410M, 40P, 2AS, 3rd position for most Socal tracks with OE needle on my 2006. Running 50/50 pump and 110 leaded with Bill's Pipe/Silencer and a Vforce3; This should

... more »
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Riders or show bikes? I'm partial to the 07 CR134 and 03 CR250 builds as the parts availability and potential are there, but the YZ's would be great runners as well if you can find some "SSS" for the 05 YZinger. Kawi's would be unique but the fit and ... more »