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Keep the PC, especially if you only use it for Netflix and homework. Macs are great for design and video editing. I have one myself. But if all you're using it for is homework and netflix you're spending more money than needed. As TXDirt stated, they ... more »

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A suspension revalve is under $1000. If you don't mind air forks, go for it. I used Factory Connection and found a setup that works great for me.

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HSA = Health Savings Account. It's still coverage by the same provider but using a high deductible plan. It saves the company and employee money. I signed up this year, if we have the same surgeries, doctor visits as last year, we'll save around $900. ... more »

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Any info on the wheels?

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definitely oversized rotor or steel brake line. After a factory connection revalve, I've had no issues with the forks. Spend a day testing air pressure and find a setting that suits you.

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cool deal. Add me to the list

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you're welcome. Start your PT now! It's a lot easier to get the swelling down before surgery than after. Remember RICE Rest ICE Compression Elevate also, diet pays a huge role in your recovery. Eat as healthy as possible.

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A lot of misinformation in this thread. The graft harvested from your hamstring may or may not grow back. Also, patella and hamstring grafts have very similar failure rates. With a lot a of Dr.s choosing hamstring over patella due to osteoarthritis. ... more »

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First get custom knee braces if you don't already have them. Here's some great articles on rehab and prevention ... more »

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In Japan, #4 is unlucky. Somebody should have told Ricky that. #13 in Italy is lucky. His number had nothing to do with his accident.

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exactly, it wasn't the lappers fault. I guarantee JA21 won't be rolling finish line jumps in the future. I'm just glad he's OK.

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'13 ... more »
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get one of these filter or you'll be replacing that fuel filter way too often. You also don't want it to bog from a dirty filter while riding.

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is the chin guard on the TLD SE4 really close to your chin? I've heard this was a complaint on TLD helmets.

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listen to your Dr and PT and don't rush coming back. If you don't already have them get some good knee braces. CTI and DonJoy are at the top of the list.

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wow...congrats on the success! Vital Christmas giveway is pretty sweet. Haven't won but still cool. That Britney girl was pretty fun too.

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pw50 for sure. My opinion is he should be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels before riding moto.