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Reply to How many of you have been landed on? 1/18/2015 5:24 AM

Yes Man it sucks.

Reply to If You Had To Pick 1 Pro Rider To Back You Up In A Fight??? 4/8/2014 3:01 PM

Dedycker. Definitley not Ryan Hughes.

Reply to Be honest here... 4/4/2014 3:14 PM


Reply to What would RV do if RD passed him? 4/3/2014 4:05 AM

He'd pick his bike up.......slap his levers back into place and pass him back.

Reply to Best Mx Movies? 4/3/2014 3:57 AM


Reply to Does the 800... 3/30/2014 8:46 AM

He should get a Hayabusa and go drag racing.

Reply to Motoporn. 3/27/2014 4:31 PM

Awesome thread.

Reply to Adam Cianciarulo Surgery 3/26/2014 12:24 PM

He's way too focused on his career imo. He is also a level headed kid with a great support group around him......hate to see him out but he's got a bright future ahead and its smart to get the shoulder remedied now.

Reply to Used boots for sale? 3/25/2014 4:11 AM

I have a good pair of Astar tech 6's $70 shipped

Reply to Bravo vitards 3/23/2014 3:38 PM

Pffft. One lined track.

Reply to Stewart: Jump for dough, corner for show! 3/23/2014 4:47 AM


Reply to RV + IV = No race right ? 3/22/2014 3:38 PM

I guess these guys that train their bodies to the ragged edge must beat their immune systems to shit.......I've had food poisoning twice in my life but I hear about it week in and week out in pro mx/sx.

Reply to I Went to Discount Tire 3/21/2014 3:43 PM

I ordered a set of cooper ATP's for my ford excursion from them tuesday. They showed up at my door thursday.....$617 delivered to my door. Around here you cant get load range E 285's for under $200 a tire. I'm a big fan.

Reply to GoPro Info 3/13/2014 1:36 PM

I've got the silver and its great......the gopro app is the way to go, turns your phone into a wireless remote. I have the bar mount, hat clip, head strap and a ton of flat and curved mounts stuck to everything.

Reply to PW50 vs. KTM 50 Mini 3/12/2014 3:25 AM

Use the $100 that you'll spend on training wheels and buy him a strider bike. He will learn to balance in no time....its a lot easier for a kid to learn to balance in the simplest way possible. My advice would then be a pw......even if its only for a ... more ยป

Reply to Are we gonna see that new, fast, Allesi again tonight ? 3/8/2014 3:09 PM

Alessi is just a Country boy.

Reply to RC's 01 KX250 on Craigslist 3/6/2014 2:46 PM

Thats awesome. Well worth 4g's


Yup......love 'em

Reply to Mike Alessi keep your head up. 3/2/2014 10:04 AM

Not Tickles responsibility. He's handled it well but certainly doesn't need to go to bat for Alessi for cleaning him out. Alessi's have made their bed over the years.....let them lie in it.

Reply to Mike Alessi keep your head up. 3/2/2014 9:09 AM

Booing is stupid. Alessi brings the shit on himself though.