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Me too... where have all the bears gone Jarid???

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Holy shit I go to dinner and come back and this place falls apart.... get em Jeff... tell that turd who's boss!!!

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Just remember Sam Boyd Stadium is pretty far to the East from the strip so you will need Transportation to and from the event. If I remember right there are free buses from the Palms Hotel and they pick up as well. If you don't go that route I would ... more »

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Dude.... really ....

... more »
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sweet baby Jesus!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

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I am just curious what they changed on Tomacs KX450 to make him more comfortable, suspension, chassis, engine? Combo of all three? Did his shoulders finally heal? Am I the only geek thats wants to know, why all the secrecy?

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This is horse shit plane and simple....

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What up homies!!! Just finished washing the 450, cleaned 2 air filters, already have a plethora of beer consumed with three races to go... LETS GET IT ON!

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Just kidding man, I couldn't help myself! ... more »
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Bingo, that wouldn't hurt! Every time I bring my truck in for service I tell the advisor every little thing even though I know they won't find anything, but it's written down and I can go back and say see I told you guys something wasnt right if it blows ... more »

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I have broken my scaphoid and shattered my elbow into 15 pieces with a pulverized radial head and detached elecrinon process nearly loosing my arm. Almost 20 years later neither are the same and give me problems everyday with both arms going numb and ... more »

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Its 4% ABV in Utah.... go to Squatters Pub downtown! Food is good... beer is good, they are the ones that brew the "Wasatch Brewing" beers that should be available in ID, I know I can get them here in LV. ... more »

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Sweet titties thats awesome!

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FC recommended for me with their valving: 160 IC, 12 OC, 203 balance for a 225 with no gear Vet B rider, It seemed that when I went above 160 inner it really became harsh. I never rode it with stock valving so I don't know if that is why the rates seem

... more »
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That is consistent with what I have learned over the past few weeks on my bike. I have been running the stock green coupler with good results and tried the white one to try and make the 50T rear sprocket work in more conditions with not very good results. ... more »

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I found my 2006 KX250 new in the crate and I was happy I did, my recommendation would be to buy new.... those TC250s look pretty sweet!

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Worst: 1998 CR250, im shuddering just thinking of riding that thing! Best: 1987 CR125...close second my 2000 KX250

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Nope... mine are 2 years old and look new!

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You are going to love it... i have three rides on mine and cant wait to hit the track tomorrow for nunero four!
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Thats friggen sweeet!