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I've heard that they already have a fix for this issue and will be installing KYB SSS forks developed by Yamaha and Jody/MXA approved!

I kid I kid! ... more »
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Joe,, I guess I don't have my account set up to receive emails or I might have come out, I rode down in case grande this Friday before hitting SX last night! I will for sure come out next time you have people out, my email is my vital name ... more »

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Vegas will be in 70s all week, I might even get to lay the epoxy down in my garage and start to set up my shop!

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I think it was awesome except the part when he took them both out...

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Glendale is In the greater metropolitan area of PHX...On the far west side of town... It's still phoenix.

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And pull the clutch in while applying the brakes?

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Better than Transworld... I get the need to advertise but holy cow I don't want to see the same commercial everytime I click on a video! The whole fun of the Internet was no commercials... Now I see the same one 5 times in a row!!! WHATS UP WIT DAT!

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I concur with Shane, as a company commander I have access to all my soldiers medical data and I am HIPPA certified... Releasing statistical data is not a violation of HIPPA only PII and specific treatments or conditions of a person without their consent! ... more »

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That's hilarious... I was going to write the same thing! Multiple times my buddy would not be able to start that thing and then ask if he could ride my KX... I just laughed at him! Due to that experience I have never owned a 4 stroke!

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That was a gnarley get off there at the end, any word on how he is doing? That was a great video and write up, thanks for posting it up Michael!

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I love Ping and his articles and I think the videos they do are great for recommending settings for the stock bikes! I know he was taking a dig at Jody in generality, However, from the MXA 2016 KX450 race test that is ironically on their main page today....

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Does he still have the forks... I would be interested in them!

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I think he was... And stop calling me Shirley

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He stated it was vapor lock after the race... What's your question?

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Yes they are worth the money... Mine are 2 years old and still look and feel great! I am a 9.5 wide and I fit the 10, the toe box is roomy enough for my Fred Flintstone feet. I had to move the shifter up a notch to fit the boot under and that's it... ... more »

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Thanks from Vegas!

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What up homies??!!

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Other than RJ... Lechien was my favorite rider from that era! Those are great shots and is it bad I remember them from when they were in the magazine????

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