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Reply to Congratulations and thank you team USA 9/25/2016 4:32 PM

You think Eli is kicking himself watching that race from the couch? That was like nothing I've seen all season. Des Nations lived up to the hype this year for sure.

Reply to And this is why guys don't do des nations 9/25/2016 4:23 PM

Great poster Ranger! This deserves many eye balls. Lets send this to Ask Ping?!

Reply to Braindead Fans Rushing The Track 9/25/2016 2:59 PM

That was retarded. But in a way, a kind of fitting wild end to a wild race. I'm really glad Anderson appears to be OK, that gave me the chills.

Reply to MX Geoff "B final for Team USA" tweet 9/24/2016 10:11 AM

Shame he's not here for his country when it counts. (This isn't a dig, just think its a shame US aren't putting their front foot forwards)

Reply to MXoN free stream? 9/24/2016 8:04 AM

Hahaha. Why dont we crowd fund a pass? buck each

Reply to MXoN - Maggiora, Italy Practice Discussion 9/24/2016 2:12 AM

€25,99 to watch!?!? Wow. Can ride your own bike for that price. I'll see you boys on the bootleg feeds..!

Reply to MXoN - Maggiora, Italy Practice Discussion 9/24/2016 2:05 AM

Searle has a history of great rides at Des Nations. Easy to forget that this is the guy that used to bring it to Herlings, AC and regularly beatin Paulin. His confidence seemed to get smothered in the 450s. Hope he can ride with some FIRE this weekend! ... more »

Reply to Josh Hill on the Alta Redshift MX 9/20/2016 1:05 AM

The rate our species are destroying the planet, I think we should be stoked there is viable options in the pipeline. Like the guys above said, this is our inevitable future. Will take some getting used to but deep down we all know fossil fuels will eventually ... more »

Reply to What impact did On Any Sunday have on moto culture? 9/16/2016 1:10 PM

Am I right in thinking back then, guys rode a bit of everything? Like the sport wasn't so defined, specialised and segregated? Like even DeCoster back then rode the ISDE. Seems like guys rode everything; tracks, desert, moto, enduro - is that a fair ... more »

Reply to What impact did On Any Sunday have on moto culture? 9/16/2016 8:16 AM

I'm loving these stories! Does anyone one know if the sales increase can be quantified?

New thread What impact did On Any Sunday have on moto culture? 9/16/2016 4:08 AM

I'm researching for a project and would love to hear from some dudes that were around in this era. How big of a deal was it? What can you compare it to these days? Cheers boys!

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Reply to Looking for Enduro journalists 9/5/2016 12:47 PM

Just emailed you boss!

Reply to Looking for Enduro journalists 9/5/2016 9:06 AM

Thanks Rupert! & Coyote!

Reply to Looking for Enduro journalists 9/5/2016 8:04 AM

Thanks a lot doods. This info is really helpful. Will start following up with these guys if I can track them down. Cheers!

New thread Looking for Enduro journalists 9/5/2016 4:03 AM

Hey guys, I'm looking to check in with some enduro journalists that are well versed in the history of the sport to research for an upcoming film project... Does anyone have any suggestions? Who's the Weege & Mathes of Enduro? (Sorry, felt like this ... more »

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Reply to Ac crash 9/5/2016 1:28 AM

Considering how many races he's missed during his pro career, you might think he'd want to do as many races as possible, for himself and his sponsers. For the guys that have done full seasons like Cooper and won titles I agree, esp for the 450 dudes ... more »

Reply to KR on Aldon 8/23/2016 5:18 AM

I agree, political correctness will dry this sport to the root and we'll be left with a bunch of vanilla kids with no life experience outside of a track, no opinions and no wit representing the sport. The sports growth will be stunted as a result as

... more »
Reply to KR on Aldon 8/22/2016 10:02 AM

Lets remember the dynamic of their relationship, Aldon wasn't his boss. Roczen hired him for a job. I feel like people sometimes act as if Aldon was his employer, or his boss, was the other way round... Kenny has every right to voice his opinion about ... more »

Reply to Millsaps Wins Canadian MX1 Championship 8/15/2016 1:33 PM

Not been the hugest fan over the years but good for him.

Reply to What Track Features Cause the Most Injuries? 8/7/2016 2:54 PM

Good point. Theres a big difference between... "Damn if I hold it on I could clear that" (with lots of time to contemplate before hitting the brakes) OR "How the fuck do you get over that!?" haha