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Jeff doesn't need a bunch of insurance counsel, he needs help, morans. Dear lord

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Wow, one guy buys a bike and all the sudden he's the crusader, lol. Its so easy, just go buy a brand new 2-stroke. That's all we have to do . . .

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JMart was badas- tonite. Kind of reminds me of Seely's first rides on the 450, in a good way!

Added reply in a thread Dungey is pissed.. 3/11/2017 9:19 PM

Dungey did what he had to do, but I wonder if he feels like everybody needs to pull over for him just because he's leading the series?

Added reply in a thread What will it take for tomac to win championship? 3/5/2017 3:32 PM

Well the pressure's on Tomac, not Dungey. If he loses a race, then he's done basically. However, anything can happen.

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All the experts coming out of the woodwork with their brilliant opinions and eloquent language basically saying, "Trey is pissing me off crashing so much. He's so stupid to keep crashing. Why doesn't he get his ass outta there?"

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Pretty colors

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I know they have a crazy big Bluegrass festival in Palestine, TX every year.

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So I guess Luke Bryan knows how to sing

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Well, we know they (AMA with the outdoor promoter's help) have vehemently enforced displacement rules to the nth degree to eradicate 2-strokes. (I know, old argument. Just sayin)

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Ouch! Last weekend was not good. It's like chaos and mayhem was released for whatever reason. It's a mystery

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Weird. Interesting find.

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In a world of carnage, he's doing great where he is in the pack. Steady plodding

Added reply in a thread James stewart bought some hondas? 1/25/2017 8:50 PM

Well, I thought he was done. Maybe not. The Hondas are badness. Good choice for him. Of course he could do well on just about anything. Hopefully he can give himself several races to get up to speed.

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I don't think anyone really thinks about Barcia or Peick. Peick will be in front of Barcia for awhile.

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So I guess it was RVs bike too when he crashed at St Louis 2010? He even ejected kind of like Roczen. Of course he came back and won multiple titles. (crashed again in '12 and twisted his knee). What about the JS7 crashes? What about Larocco crashing ... more ยป

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It looked like that little rut edge kicked the back end up and Ken with it. The bike was going over. He was damned if he held on and damned if he didn't.

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Get Well Soon Kenny Roc!

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It's just a rough sport.