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Any comparison depends on your reference point and family situation. I moved to SD 5 years ago from upstate NY (10 min from Broome Tioga). Same time as Seth. My only regret is that we didn't do this 10-15 years ago. I completely appreciate your comment ... more »

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2000 KX250 I got for $500 from a neighbor. Had the suspension revalved and replaced a bunch of small stuff, now it feels brand new. I have $1600 total into it now. Craigslist is crazy, I'm seeing the same bike for as high as $2900, roached. ... more »
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That's great! I bought my daughter (6yrs old) and wife quads back in December. We've done 5 day trips to Ocotillo Wells since December and every time I roll down the mountain and see the desert I get a shit eating grin that doesn't go away for days because ... more »

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I drive the length of Mira Mesa Blvd every day. It's a miracle I'm still alive. After almost 3 years I still haven't figured out CA drivers.

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That's good news. When I lived in NY I rode MX573 all the time as it was only 15 min away from my work. Got to know Ed pretty well. Met you (Turbo) there, and I paced you over the driveway double one day. I think my avatar is from there on a sloppy day. ... more »

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I do them on my grill, top rack, with indirect heat for about 3hrs without smoking. turns out great.

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nice...I saw lots of Jackson's farm in that vid. One of the things I miss about NY...

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wow, that's interesting. We just moved to Poway, for the school district of all things. We moved here from NY back in January. I'm actually surprised that property/school taxes are so low in CA. My house in Poway assesses for almost 10X what my house ... more »

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My problem with it is that not only does the time change week to week,, but also which channel you can catch the motos. For example, according to the TV sched on RacerX, Hangtown and Freestone showed 1st motos of both 250/450 on Fuel and 2nd motos of ... more »

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Check out, founded by a good friend I grew up with. Focused on soldiers' welfare both during and after they return, they might have some input or advice and be able to help your friend and/or his wife with support.

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Great video. I grew up on Yamaha 3-wheelers, starting at 4 yrs old on a YT125. Then moved up to a YTM200. So many fond memories of tearing through the woods, riding on frozen lakes and hoping for a snow day so we could ride on the roads. We literally ... more »

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I know a wealthy NYC lawyer that maintains an estate in upstate NY. He used to lease a pickup truck to keep on the property for general maintenance, but he hated having to pay full coverage insurance on it. So the next truck he just bought outright with ... more »

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You can use AutoIt to create simple scripts for keyboard and mouse actions and run it in the background. There's a million different things you can torture people with using that scripting program. I made a real simple script that would type 3 f's 'fff' ... more »

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Very cool deal. Having just moved to San Diego I needed to find a shop I could trust...

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The last company I worked for brought all manufacturing back to the US. We did a lot of manufacturing in China and software development in India, and they found that the quality suffered so much that it ended up being cheaper to do it all in the US. ... more »

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Congrats on the first ride. I just moved to SD last week too. I sold all my bikes in NY, figuring I'll just start new out here. can't wait for that first ride. I'll have to hit you up once I get a bike again so we can ride together. I'm working at Qualcomm ... more »

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You only have to pay 1 way on the GWB, so you save $13 coming home. Doesn't that make you feel better?

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Thanks for the info. I'm really looking forward to the open riding, the weather and a lot of other things. NY isn't great for riding unless you know landowners or want to drive 4+ hours, so I've been riding the same few tracks for years now. I'm a mechanical ... more »