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Been thinking about finishing that college degree. Can't be a student without a backpack!

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I think 2003 was the last year they made any real changes to the engine and it is a good one. About as tractable as a two stroke can get, especially with a flywheel weight. The frame geometry is the same as the newer aluminum frames. Suspension is pretty ... more »

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Probably my biggest pet peeve about this sport. It's 2013 and we're writing on a dry erase board to communicate with riders once a lap. That's just plain foolish. Radios can help improve the safety aspect greatly as well by letting the rider know where ... more »

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Doesn't matter what he rides.....ain't gonna be a contender for the title.

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It amazes me how moto heads are so resistant to change. C'mon folks.........lighten up and roll the dice. What's the worst that can happen? Someone misses the Joker, Trump, Cuban lane and some drama is created which may result in media exposure for our ... more »

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Moto XXX is getting cranked up again JLaw is riding again Perfect marriage Hanny will fit right in as well. Don't have to win.....just crack the top 10 and get some face time for the sponsors.

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Man, we used to have a blast on a Honda 200sx and a 350sx. I still want to get one of these bad boys

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Is the Hannah lid original? Either way I love it! And the LOP jersey......I searched for one of those for years and finally gave up. Sweet! Awesome stuff. I sold most of my vintage stuff because I just didn't have the room for it. Sorry for the crappy

... more »
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About 3 months ago................ 7 broken ribs Broken scapula Torn knee ligament Shoulder is jacked up but not sure why yet KO'd for about 10 minutes and still don't have a clue what happened!

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This is really cool. Used to be a big fan of Kyle Lewis on the Moto XXX team. Whatever you do, please bring back this guy.....................................

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The Vitards always make me shake my head with the "radios have no place in MX...the rider won't be able to focus......just use a pitboard". Pitboards are just plain archaic. Might as well get a stone tablet and chisel the message on it. And we wonder ... more »

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Same for me I've tried with Microsoft Vista on Explorer and Chrome as well as Windows 7 on Explorer and Chrome. I get the same message.

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He's been on a different planet ever since he jumped on the 2012 bike during the 2011 season. Gotta give him props but sure makes for some boring racing.

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This is only the suspension company, right? I'm pretty sure it is separated from Fox Racing the apparel company. Either way, good for the Fox family. True pioneers of our sport.