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Had the opportunity to ride one many years ago. Man, what a different beast of a machine compared to MX. Much respect to those dudes. Bought a RMZ250 from a guy a few weeks ago and this was in his garage. I was there a long time just listening to his

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So what's the deal with MX'ers and the decal fetish? I guess motor heads in general have decals plastered everything. Why do we do this? Some of the elder statesmen will get the thread title.

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^^^ Me too. Used to head out of my garage, hang a right for a block and then another right for about 1/4 mile and there it less than 500 acres of undeveloped land. Before I started riding some of the dad's built a few tracks out there that ... more »

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James Stewart Blake Baggett

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How about this one? It doesn't have a name on it. It's brand new.

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NBC's Today Show just had a segment on Supercross with Carey Hart/RCH that was shot in NY before the race. Although the reporters didn't have a clue it was cool to see SX on a show with millions of viewers. It was one of those where Carey taught the ... more »

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Here's a summary of the 2014 outdoor season

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Found a hardly ridden 2010 RMZ250 I'm thinking about buying. I know they rated well in most reviews but what's the real-world opinions from people who have owned one for a while and not just one day? I especially want to know about reliability. I've ... more »

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Email info about the 350 to .
I'm kinda on the fence about buying another bike as my back has been giving me fits but sometimes I just can't resist a nice bike!

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2 stroke Green grass Logs I dig it

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Truly a cool story Bro! ATL at its finest.

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Let me know if you want that 2011 350.


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Personally, I think his music is garbage and he sets a shitty example for young people with his "I love pot and alcohol" statements. BUT....I'm getting gray hair too so maybe I just don't get it. What I do 'get' is that his rapping about motocross may ... more »

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Mine ride for 1 day when she was 8. The temp was about 100 in the shade and not a stitch of wind blowing. That convinced her to stick with volleyball. Sure did look cute in that gear while it

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All around sweet bike. Forks and front brake are very nice touches. I dig the simple Chesterfield/Donny Schmit scheme.

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Hit me up on that 2011 model when yer ready to part ways with it. I travel up by Munn fairly frequently (Clifton area).

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I've had several YZ250F's and 450F's and I can tell you.....I never got them to turn nearly as well as a RMZ. Tried different clamps, bars, tires and lowering radiators. They all helped some but nothing magic. Turning isn't bad since 2006 but it's just ... more »