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x2. High profile people have died in MotoGP races. I can't think of anyone losing their life at a Supercross, and the last pro motocross death was possibly Josh Litchtle at Red Bud, from heat exhaustion. The chance of injury definitely seems higher from ... more »

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That interaction went pretty much how I expected, especially after listening to RC and Emig interact with each other on SX broadcasts. Ronnie swung for the fence with that last one!

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Yeah, it's a far cry from his normal podium interviews. Guessing he meant it far more as funny rather than arrogant, which I can totally appreciate.

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I believe lottery winnings are done in the same manner. Either a reduced lump sum or the original amount spread over a certain number of years.

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Impressive ride and it was awesome to see how pumped he was on winning. Villopoto wasn't anywhere near that excited when he won it back in 2011. Marvin looked to be in shock during his interview. Rode great, took home a massive trophy and a suitcase ... more »

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I put together a vintage system about 12 years ago before the prices really took off. Have a Marantz 2270 receiver, a 8260 SACD player (would not recommend...sounds great but has laser issues), an older Pioneer turntable that I upgraded with a Shure ... more »

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Looking at how it is loaded, you are probably a little light on trailer tongue weight, which is why it feels sketchy to you. I'd get a slightly longer trailer so the bike can sit parallel in the trailer instead of diagonal, and put both the fan and cooler ... more »

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I was afraid just watching that towards the top. Then a random dog decides to end it's life and run off a cliff!!!!

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If he doesn't ride straight rhythm this year I'm having my doubts we'll ever see him ride again. I do remember a few years ago he mentioned when he was going to call it quits he was just going to vanish, never to be heard from again. Maybe that time ... more »

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I have used instrumentation on vehicles that measures in cylinder pressure and torque at the driveshaft, so engine output can easily be calculated while driving down the road. I would be surprised if the calibration engineers from the various OEM dirtbike ... more »

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My bad, I had at least some of the details correct! Point is definitely made though.

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One of my friends spent a whole day riding in Pittsburgh woods and hills on a mostly stock CRF70 (suspension work only, plus a muffler end cap and UNI filter). It went everywhere.

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Around when I first joined the board Slipdog posted a gopro video of himself breaking his leg riding a CR250 (?) if I remember correctly.

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Does Transworld still include a bikini poster every month? It isn't exactly a top shelf magazine...

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That's what I was going to post. Road racing, MX, SX, trials. I'm guessing he would've excelled at enduro or AX too, if you've ever seen his freeriding videos.

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Yep, saw those pissers all over the place!

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I was in Eindhoven (Netherlands) last year on vacation, there were open outdoor urinals all over the place. It was essentially a plastic corner that you peed in.

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Exactly!!!! PA hills are legitimately no joke. I bet Bob's hills are similarly steep, just doesn't get captured that well with cameras. I didn't know what a real hill looked like until riding there. Have been to Finleyville, Wellsville, Hillsdale and ... more »