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x2. If you're talking reliability, Japanese over German autos all day long. Germans win in the complexity category...

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That's all it looked like to me.

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What the hell are you???? I'm the Todd.

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They're standard scooter size. Maxxis has legit dirt tires: There are also Kenda and Shinko dual sport designs: ... more »

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There were some severe thunderstorms that rolled through on Thursday, that's what they kept referencing on the broadcast.

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Your sarcasm detector appears to be broken.

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that one, or the gold spraypainted bike Deegan ghost rode off a bridge!

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WU TANG CLAN ain't nothin' to F with!!!!! I'll place my vote for a Grom, too. Bought one last August, love riding it in the yard, down to the mailbox, to the grocery store, etc. It's an easy 10-15mph faster than the Ruckus. When the street tires wear ... more »

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X3, that is incredibly bad, there are dozens of errors at first glance, to the point where it's painful to read.

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I bought a ready ramp about 7 years ago and use it a bunch. Loaded everything from my crf70 to my 850lb Harley on it, works like a champ. Would definitely buy another one just for the convenience of being able to have 2 bikes in a shortbed truck with ... more »

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A couple years before my time, the seniors cut the top off a late 70's Toyota Corolla, picked it up sideways, brought it inside the building, set the top back on it, and then drove it around on the 1st floor.

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Your rug was in the car??

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I didn't have to ride it, so my opinion isn't exactly valid, but I didn't care for the SX section when watching it on TV. It seems out of place with so many other good natural obstacles.

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Looked like a 100% racing incident to me. He even went out of the track bounds on the left to avoid Febvre after he flopped over.

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I loves how he absolutely brings it outdoors. Great ride, Phil!!

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I'm sure he has lots of hobbies, Perry. The man is a drink mogul.

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Anybody else like bears eating onions riding a suszuki????

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It's been done multiple times.

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I'd lick Padma's onions any day, and twice on sunday!

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I think it should be left as is. For endurance racing, timed events make sense. SX is not really an endurance race like outdoors or GNCC's.