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Stewart has backed it down in recent years. The last time he crashed out of the majority of a series was 2012 when he wrecked at Lakewood after winning the first 4 motos. Tomac was a repeat last year...

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35 here. I mostly follow Emig's philosophy. If both of you are picking your bike up afterwards, it wasn't a pass attempt. Everything beyond that is fair game. Something like what Webb did in practice was over the line, but everything else I've seen this ... more »

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After 2 nasty winters of snow every week here in Detroit, I bought a used garden tractor, snow thrower, wheel weights, and tire chains to deal with my long and hilly driveway. I have used it to move snow once all season, at the end of November!

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For me it was Eve, a stripper, in the guest bedroom of a midget's house.

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That's outstanding. Can't wait to see her in MX2, clearly she is a cut above if she lapped her entire field... three times!!!

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I've ridden a YZ250, XT600 (ugh), a YZ426, and several CR500's at the dunes. I rode my '01 500 with and without a 10 paddle. If you are really using this for dunes only, buy a steel frame 500, redo the top end, put a 10 paddle on it, and go buck wild.

... more »
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I would die an incredibly happy man if I had a perfect MX season and was 2nd on the all time win list.

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How is it wrong? That same info only crediting Reed with 1 win in the lites outdoors is posted on multiple websites. Allisports, racerx, transworld, etc. Can you disprove it?

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I don't agree at all that the stats are close enough to split hairs, if you're talking wins or championships. I used this same link in another thread...

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I could easily see him getting to #2, but I don't think anybody has a chance of matching Ricky.

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It depends on the round. Some of the east coast rounds have no pit party at all (Toronto and Detroit come to mind). The pit party in Indy the few times I went was cool to walk through once. I'd spend a Monster can on it.

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Dungey pulled the same line on lap one of the restart. Blaming Stewart because Dungey cleaned him out is silly.

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Seely didn't seem gassed on the podium or anything, I'm sure he is fine. Tomac on the other hand looked like he ran a marathon after his heat race win.

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x 1 million. Everything about that clip makes me want to go ride.

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I'll admit it was entertaining, but also uncalled for. He deserved some sort of penalty because seeing a guy closed fist punch another in the back of the helmet repeatedly makes the sport of Supercross look like low rent public access wrestling.

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Didn't he finish 19th in round 1 in 2009 and ended up winning the championship? I'm keeping the faith. Totally bummed for him though, what a crappy way to come back to SX.

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I think a 4 stroke that turns into a 2 stroke whenever you'd like is going to be the next big thing. Attempting a backflip with your pig 450? Hit a button on the handlebar and bingo, you're riding a 125!

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Spinning it in the other direction, you can easily argue Villopoto crashed out of several series trying to beat Dungey, including a SX championship.

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I share a birthday with Bubba, but I don't have a perfect outdoor season or supercross championships on my record. Happy Birthday, James!!!!

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Buy my legless dogs, suckers!!!!