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I thought GuyB reported last week that the AMA talked with him and asked him to not come back since he was 6+ seconds off being able to make the night show.

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Great interview, and really impressed that Dungey is checking up on him so often too. Also cool how supportive Honda seems to be.

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This could be the greatest news ever if Frezno Smooth is getting a sequel.

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X2. This is America, not Soviet Russia. Innocent until proven guilty, people. It wasn't on the broadcast and nobody saw what happened. So it isn't fair to automatically place blame. Maybe Deano wrecked and Barcia ran into him?

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I remember Grant taking out Alessi at Lakewood (09?) and Alessi was out for the season, he was already riding injured from breaking his kneecap practing somewhere. I thought I remembered Grant getting the favor returned a year later in SX, too.

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Completely agree! Alice Cooper the band is much, much better than Alice Cooper the solo artist. He had a handful of decent hits solo (Frankenstein, Poison,etc), but Love it to Death doesn't have a bad song on it, it's a great theme of an album. I actually

... more »
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I believe the most appropriate answers are "not when it counted", along with "when RV crashed out of the series". Dungey is no joke. I'm really interested to see how the next couple of rounds play out. Mr. consistency vs. Tomac, who has never been exceptional ... more »

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Weezer's Blue Album Blind Melon - first album Alice Cooper - Love it to Death ZZ Top - Tres Hombres Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell The Allman Brothers - Live @ Fillmore East Blondie - Parallel Lines Biggie - Life After Death GNR - Appetite for Destruction ... more »

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I'll throw it out there, I watched the concrete flat track races from Daytona earlier today and it was really entertaining, same with the Mama Tried show last month. I liked how a Grom won the Run What You Brung class!

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EFI and carbs are close in terms of absolute power, it is not a substantial swing one way or another. Where EFI shines is being able to accurately control the fuel curve across a wider operating range than a carburetor. Carbs can compete with peak power ... more »

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Who beat RV straight up more times in supercross? Stewart or Dungey? I'm guessing Stewart...

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He does ride street bikes, owns a Harley. He also is part owner of Speed Sport News, which may explain some of his connections. I don't mind Ralph, he does his broadcast role well. He isn't supposed ... more »

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Bob is correct. More horsepower = more heat, there really is no way around this. The heat goes both into the exhaust and the cooling system. You can change your exhaust temperature with both timing and air/fuel, but at some point the cooling system is ... more »

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I don't see him on the entry list, but that could change between now and Saturday: As a JS7 superfan I would selfishly like to see him ride again, but totally understand if he is done. ... more »

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Pretty cool. Are they watering it as the track is being built? Looks like the water truck is by the random dirt mound on the start straight.

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FYI, if you'll be working in Dearborn, the drive to many of the northern suburbs sucks. Detroit is a very spread out city, and as such the traffic is not great.

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I know of a few people that like Freelin, I've never been there though. I've only ridden Red Bud and Ogemaw. Ogemaw is nice and beginner friendly, a little sandy but not too bad. The few doubles are easy to go around, the rest are just tabletops.

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Yeah, the 3.2 diesel for the Transit in the US is the same as what's in the Ranger and Everest in the rest of the world. They do add some additional emission equipment for the US market though, and it is also the most expensive engine- the diesel is ... more »

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I have driven a bunch of them. Medium roof if you're taller (I'm 6' 3") requires a slight bit of ducking if I remember right, but it isn't objectionable. You can have a party in the high roof models. Here in the US you can get the 3.2 Puma diesel, the ... more »

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I enjoyed that, thanks for the link! I don't think anybody will ever question his work ethic!