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Unfortunately we don't get the midsize Transit custom here in the US, just the Transit Connect and the fullsize Transit. Spooner- what about a regular Transit? The short wheelbase, low roof version isn't too large, and you can fit 2-3 dirtbikes behind ... more »

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On craigslist be prepared to have a bunch of people text/email you lowball offers without seeing the bikes in person, and also expect odd trade offers. Quads, electronics, fur coats, junk cars, etc.

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Plating in Michigan is pretty easy, I have everything required on my CRF450X after adding a Baja Designs dual sport kit but I haven't bothered to go through with it. I have 3 other street legal motorcycles, no need for a plate on my 450 too. Michigan ... more »

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Rossi made it from 25th to 4th. Lorenzo led start to finish, followed by MM & Pedrosa. For about the last 10 laps, it was obvious at least to me that Marquez was faster, but never attempted a pass on Lorenzo. Pedrosa had dropped back, then in the ... more »

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x2. I was hoping Pedrosa was going to dive in on Marquez, take them both out, and VR would the championship, but we didn't get that lucky.

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It was a shortcut at the Detroit round too. People were taking it at different times depending on their position.

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I'm usually not one to complain but it was definitely rough today. I had to turn it off.

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I'm a huge Tomac fan but I'm pretty sure RD will be hoisting the championship trophy above his head at the end of the season. Tomac has a lot to adjust to next year, I don't really expect him to shine until outdoors.

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For what it's worth, it looks like RCH stopped tagging Dodge in their facebook posts sometime in September.

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x2! The transworld link, and the link on Redbull's normal website also seems to work.

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I have no opinion on his choice of going privateer vs. his previous rides with larger teams like TLD, but I do think it's awesome he shares freeriding videos from places I've ridden when I visit my buddy in Pittsburgh. He just posted one the other day ... more »

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I bought a grom last month. If they produce those I'll be buying another one. So awesome!

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Lots of good suggestions. As mentioned already, check the clutch basket for heavy notches. Definitely pre-soak the friction plates, if you didn't that would be a prime suspect. Also check the clutch adjustment, you may just have it too tight. in my experience ... more »

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Nice! That reminds me of Ivan Tedesco riding an XR650 on a motocross track.

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You guys are looking at this all wrong. It isn't bragging, or trying to make ends meet. It's a mafia style threat. Next thing you know, Roczen will have some concrete shoes and be stuck at the bottom of lake Minnetonka.

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I'm guessing she has about 7 more X-games medals than you do.

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I don't ride mine and think "I wish this thing was 20mph faster". I have the girlfriend's supermoto and my Harley for that. It's fine the way it is. About all I'll change is tires when they're due and maybe revalve the suspension since I'm 275# and riding ... more »

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I totally understand there is a different customer expectation purchasing a 18k bike vs. a 3k bike, but the Harley dealer I worked with was literally calling me every half hour with updates. Called me to come look at it after it was uncrated, called ... more »

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I've bought a Harley Road King Classic, a Grom, and a WR250X new in the past 5 years. The Harley dealer practically blew me when I bought my bike. Neither of the other 2 dealers seemed like they cared about my business, even though I didn't beat them ... more »

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I bought a Grom about 3 weeks ago, and have similar aspirations as you. I think those chinese knockoff CT70's are ~$1300 at some hardware stores, while the Grom was $3k with a warranty and fuel injection! Fair warning- they're slow. They will do 45 pretty

... more »