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It was less impressive back in 08 but I bought an 01 as clean as the one in that craigslist add. Paid $3k at the time. Original tires/chain/sprockets, even less rub wear on the frame. Only mod was that same PC silencer. It still had the incredibly common ... more »

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Excuse me while I whip out my 5.25" floppy.

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x2. Peelout will be fine at Ford field in obnoxious gear. He wouldn't make it 15 feet at the Linc without getting punched or a beer thrown on him.

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Yeah, it was easy to see on the broadcast that Anderson got buck wild in the whoops before Dungey passed him. I'm sure he didn't do that on purpose.

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Why do you bring up outdoors in every supercross thread? Last I checked, SX didn't go for 30+2.

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Apparently those east coast rounds are profitable! Thanks for responding. They usually announce the official schedule at the last round, right?

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I had a '98 YZ250. Liked it better than my '01 CR250.

Started new thread Any 2017 schedule rumors out there? 4/19/2016 3:58 PM

I got my Feld entertainment Detroit ticket group buy info for 2017 via email today, no mention of supercross. I assume it's off the schedule now- in previous years I have received a similar email around this time that had the Detroit race listed. Will ... more »

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They should be equipped with jousting sticks and metal armor, too.

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Yes, he was docked 2 positions and ended up in 8th. It was mentioned on the broadcast.

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I think I'd pay that as long as it isn't Florida Georgia Line performing. Nothing against them in particular but I can't stand modern country.

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Well done, kind sir. any beers consumed at the Slippery Noodle? I love that place.

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Those are overalls, he won the first 4 motos in 2012.

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The worse the conditions are the better he seems to ride. Really looking forward to him outdoors, at this rate he'll probably give both JMart and Cooper a run for their money.

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Plessinger just put on a clinic. I loved the pre-win wheelie down the start straight!

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I've driven from Detroit to Toronto once, and Detroit to Indy twice to attend in person. I think most of you don't actually enjoy the racing, the riders or the sport, you just like complaining about it on the internet.

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Yeah, it was shared in some previous threads that I can't find right now. The one year Villopoto hurt his knee (13?) in Seattle, Brayton would've won the championship. There may have been one other outcome difference. Edit: that was apparently 2012.

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I'd throw in beers at Fatheads and late night pizza at Fiori's.

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Yeah, she'll be moving on to a bigger sport soon, she is far too good at her job. Same with Kelli from outdoors a couple years ago. Fantastic reporter, and other people noticed too so she got the bump up to Nascar.

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x2. So much hate for brake backet, lennay and susuki from these other people.