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I haven't tried on a computer, but going to the promotocross site on my ipad or iphone just opens the nbcsn app, which then requires a login. The app won't work for the 2nd motos for me. Next spring I'll have to try connecting a desktop to the tv and ... more »

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If he still rode for KTM this would be a non-issue. It isn't that dumb of a rule, do you think F1 or MotoGP would allow somebody to show up and race with a 10 year old machine?

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It's honestly not that much of a stretch, the president of In N Out is a massive motorsports fan. I think she currently races a '70 Cuda in NHRA top sportsman, and she has a ton of other drag cars too.

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We don't know what Stewart is getting paid, and Dungey is sitting out the rest of the season. Bad analogy, bro.

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Thanks, I can't find a closeup pic of just the seat but it looked decent (if purple velvet is your fabric of choice, anyway.) The 2x6's are the loading ramps, my truck was parked at the beach at Silver Lake and I didn't have the tailgate on it so we ... more »

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I mean, it was no leopard print, but the seat itself turned out great.

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No help here, but I made a purple felt seatcover for my CR500 to be snazzy at the dunes. Went to the craft store, bought like $5 in material, then went to town with a staple gun. Worst case, find some fabric you like and make your own.

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That was some quality entertainment.

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We should campaign to get Stewart in on this.

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Both are awesome. I'd let either of them take half my stuff!

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The motos that would be broadcast on mavTV are free to watch on the app. From what I've seen, if your cable provider does not have NBCSN, and that particular moto is on NBCSN, you're out of luck. I've only been able to watch about a 3rd of them online. ... more »

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2 hours 5 min

Started new thread Anybody ever needed a life flight due to motocross? 7/15/2016 8:23 AM Apparently Lego thinks we all have at some point!

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Awesome story! That is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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I think that was the primary reason. Every other conventional camera location would've provided about 15 seconds of clear footage after the gate drop.

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*not 25 *not 25 That outside pass was just incredible!

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I don't think that means anything. Tomac has backed it down 5+ seconds a lap since he hired the Gap Band for the rest of the field.

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Really going out on a limb there after the massacre taking place RIGHT NOW in the first moto.

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I've noticed the same with clean CR500's. Sold my 450x and wanted to pick up another decent steel framed 500 essentially for dunes only. What was a $2000 bike 5 years ago is now a $3500 bike. I'm a little surprised.