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I laughed out loud at some of the flying W's, the nutsmash at the end, and when you ran into the guy already down in the dust, then took evasive maneuvers and got some downed trees caught between your front wheel and fender! I feel your pain.

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x2. If he needed to switch to maintain his lifestyle, I'm not one to throw stones.

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Right on, dogs are awesome. Ours is a chocolate lab, so it has bursts of maximum derp mode about 2-3 times a week.

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Kopps is the benchmark in the Milwaukee area.

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Cleo the dog gets decorated around the holidays!

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Not quite a poster, but I found this banner on ebay last week. 4 days later and it's in my house. The girlfriend probably isn't going to let a life size James Stewart hang out in my living room though.

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I don't think anything blew me away as much as Stewart's win in Toronto.

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I've never heard about this. Can somebody give me the cliff notes?

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x2. That is by far the most awesome story in here. Mine is lame, but I rode open practice at Red Bud. I'm not a racer, and was terrified the whole time, but I can at least check off riding a national track off my bucket list.

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Solid work, I dig it. I've got a wastegate can/arm for a tap handle...

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I'll also state the obvious, that almost everything listed in the OP's post is not a need or desire on a dirtbike. If those features aren't on the mostly ungoverned pro bikes, why would we want them on ours? Seriously, who wants to replace a magnesium ... more »

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My best friend lives in Pittsburgh, I've ridden 4 different spots with him. Off the top of my head: 1. Finleyville 2. Hillsdale 3. Wellsville, Ohio 4. Canonsburg Coming from Detroit, all of it is incredibly technical. I don’t mind the rocks and ruts, ... more »

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I think the real original goon is DV12. He set the bar high for goon videos.

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The GM trucks are probably the best of the bunch by a very small margin. They are prone to brake line rust in heavy salt climates though. I have an 05 Ram 1500 4x4 with the Hemi, it's got 109k on it now and is just starting to need attention. Wheel bearings, ... more »

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Cool, thank you. If I have a work trip next August or September I'll definitely bring the bike and try Winter Park. Yeah, I follow the radio station KSMT on facebook and saw that the snow makers are already running up there.

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Before he switched to Yamahas, Robbie Maddison was doing distance jumps and FMX stunts on a CR500AF. I've definitely seen video of him backflipping one before.

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Yeah, I'm not going to answer if it's okay because I don't want to give bad advice and have your engine blow up because of it. I will say if you did the squish test and the clearance is greater than .100" I would personally be okay running it, but I ... more »

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I personally would look at the head side and measure the gasket thickness before worrying about it. Most 2 strokes have no quench area to speak of so they will have plenty of piston to head clearance even if the top of the piston is protruding above ... more »