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Jafo, Same weird stuff here in Houston, I'm going to have it tested! as it never snows in Houston with Global

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You only really have to choices of guy's that specialize in the WP 4cs forks! That is Jeremy at Adam Kreft at I went with Kreft after much research. Go take a look at both of their site & call them, see what ... more »

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I'd settle for a decent Job, Oh hell after a 10 months of being out of work any job! Boredom will will make you do almost anything....LOL

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Guy's I'm about to rebuild a 82" Maico 490 for a friend. Trying to decide if I should powder coat it or paint it. Called one of the local Powder coat shops & let him know what parts I needed done. Forks,Frame & Swing-arm for the big parts, small

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Updated photo album bigmaico's album 11/15/2017 6:52 AM
  • C48_627917048_1214159336
  • C48_right_side
  • C48_rapid
  • C48_490_rt_side
  • C48_490_at_rio1

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First off this is the perfect job for Dave, He has tons of Moto knowledge & he knows the area well. He would be the guy to Market Cycle ranch to the masses & knows what would & wouldn't work. He's done sales & marketing most of he life! ... more »

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Just a quick suggestion for those of us with wooden work benches! You can top them with stick on floor tiles of you can buy a couple of cans of spray on rubber for garden tools! The vinyl top is easy to clean & replace!

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Tools Tire irons Air pump Chain breaker Open end wrench set Sockets Pliers Safety wire pliers Hammer Allen wrenches Flash light Magnet Tire guage Spoke wrench Screwdrivers Crescent wrench's Vice grips Torque wrench Valve core tool T-handles Master link ... more »

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Local dealer's parts guys that don't know anything unless it's in the computer! I've gone into a Local dealer & asked for 2 NGK B8ES plugs & the kid behind the counter asks "which bike is that for so I can look it up in the computer" I just pointed ... more »

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Heck it even has what looks like to be a Thor swing-arm, that's about $400 if you can find a new one.

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I've been running Mobil1 15-50 & change it about every 5/10 hours. Just run the motor up to temp & then pull a sample to see how dirty it is, most of the time it's at 5 hours & filter at 10 hours. Ran the same oil in my 03 KTM 525SX & ... more »

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Mingham97, If & when you get closer to this trip, Let me know when you'll be in Houston,TX "Interests include MX, swimming, running, biking, relaxing, beer, bourbon and good food" These can all be done at Historic Rio Bravo, as they have a pool & ... more »

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Anyone have a pair? I need to get new pair of boots & was just wondering how do they fit. Do they run true to shoe size or do I need to go up one size, As I have a wide foot at the balls of my feet? How are they lasting, I heard that they had some ... more »

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OK Bobby, Are you spying on me? That's the 2nd pic of me on my Maico that I've never seen before! I was able to copy this one & save it! Are you hiding any more pic's from me ?

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Cygrace, Are you sure it's a 400? Most likely a 490! PM me the serial number & I'll let you know for sure! If you need any info, let me know as I have a Manual for an 83' 490 pretty much the same bike! 83'/84' 490 info below. Timing is 1.8 BTDC Plug ... more »

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Cygrace, If you've never ridden a Maico Make sure that you learn the proper way to kick start it or you will break something! Also make sure the owner has removed & cleaned the breaks! Maico's are famous for not having good breaks! You just need ... more »

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Historic Rio Bravo In Houston ,Tx

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Garne SG 12's I have size 12EE & the Sidi Crossfire are great boot ,but way to narrow for my Big feet! If have you have narrow feet you have 2 options, If you a dang big foot it's the SG12's. Both are Great long lasting boots! whit great protection. ... more »

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Trig331, Thanks! Your a good man for doing this! If you need more information about the Houston area Moto people, you can put a post up on

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Just a quick update! The Sun popped out about 30 minutes ago! No rain for the first time days! Let's hope it stays, Beaumont might be good late tomorrow. But this doesn't mean we're out of the wood just yet, We still have a bunch of water coming down ... more »