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Godspeed Mike! I had the privilege of meeting and Racing with Mike in the Torn series these past few years. Not a better man on this planet! My prayers go out to Mike's family and friends and all those who lost loved ones to cancer this year!! I'm certainly ... more »

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Matt will be on a yosh 450 for thunder valley this weekend. Stamp it!!!

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Bob, that 2005 TTR125 doesn't

... more »
Added reply in a thread Bike Stolen From Tunnel @ A2 1/24/2016 9:52 PM everything you want to know!!!

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So what do you know that the rest of us don't? Spill it!!!

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I love my Tech 7's.. I've had them for about 1.5 yrs. and no problems whatsoever. I wear them for xc and moto so they take a lot of abuse. Great boots. buy them you'll be happy you did...

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So, i want to make sure i understand this correctly, isn't JS7 sitting out the nationals because if he races any series when suspended by the FIM,They deem that not following their suspension rules? And in turn could suspended him for longer from SX. ... more »

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Are you racing Torn this year? assuming we ever have a race.

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it sure seems like its having an bad effect on all your free

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I heard Geico offered him an outdoor ride and he turned it down. something about not liking the air forks on the Honda for outdoors..

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my 08 is setup for everything i can throw at it! rekluse core exp 3.0, full carbon fiber skid plate and factory connection suspension.

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You know you don't have to comment on every thread,

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Really, This is your post from this thread!!,20/Black-flag,1280474?exclusive_forum_user=false&page=1 1/17/2015 10:47 PM Retaliation. Reeds a punk. No respect for him at all. Hang it up old man. Black flag that move every time. What a POS. Riding since 1977. Black wheels look stupid.

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Really? [Can we talk about the pass on Zach Osborne? It was mean. It wasn’t very nice. It was a downright aggressive pass and I meant to do it. I’m not going to lie. The guy hit me two times before that and I’m not anybody’s punk anymore. I let [Blake] ... more »

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nice edit. keep up the good work..

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You guys still don't seem to get it, The way I read it the tue is for next sx year and next mx season has nothing to do with 2014 or the Seattle test.

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Jay, i don't believe that is correct. JH100 finished the 2012 season of 450sx in the 18th position with 89 points. The rulebook states this in section 5.2 G "Riders finishing inside the top 20 of the 450SX class points in 2011, 2012 or 2013 ... more »

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Maybe i misunderstood, but i thought he was trying to run 250 west and 450 east?