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I'm going to disagree with you here. This is a place, or a community, where I come to share the passion of motocross as a fan and as a participant for the vast majority of my life. I love to bench race, find out about hot set ups, and to learn from some ... more »

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The Yamaha has been killing it in Europe and Webb can ride the wheels off the fucking thing, so lets drop the whole Yamaha argument. It is ridiculous. Barcia was the belle of the ball one year ago when he was a stud at the nations. he had an unfortunate ... more »

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X1000. The only redeeming quality to social media was when they recovered that guy's bike that was stolen from the supercross awhile back. Don't have the time, the interest, the energy, nor the patience to invest one iota of time into any of these social ... more »

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Webb is a total stud, and he is an old school racer's racer. In 10 years time we will look back on him as one of the great riders in our sport. Team USA dug deep and was very impressive. Nothing but horrible, terrible luck and they were still so close ... more »

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Dick, Gotta agree with you here. I don't want to come out and say that I hate this band, because, well that is pretty strong language. I strongly dislike this band, and did from the start. Every time I hear them on the radio I can't change the station ... more »

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Is it just my imagination, but wasn't that 03 450F 4 speed motor awesome? I thought it was super fast and pulled forever! Loved that bike. Thoughts on that motor?

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It is a little disheartening to hear that so many aren't dedicating themselves to their full capacity. I mean how else would you in the end beat a guy like Dungey? If he is out training and out dedicating you, what makes a guy BELIEVE he can win? You ... more »

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Jabroni, interesting POV and you are correct in that there are more than enough bikes capable of winning races, but the level of true commitment is far from even across the board from what you are suggesting. And people complain about domination of 1-3 ... more »

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On the "this is an important issue meter" it doesn't move the needle boys and girls. Just a 22 yr old champ getting a buzz on. He earned it. Congrats Kenny-you left no question as to who was the man in the summer of 2016.

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JMart is going to be fired up to kick some ass. Top 3 in Glen Helen. You are all welcome.

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I'll tell you what, that track took some serious fitness to hammer down for the entire moto. Impressive to me considering the location. One lap around the track for me and I would probably consider quitting the sport!

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Is he racing this weekend?? I know, don't ask a question if you don't want the answer...

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Too many people here in the know have confirmed this kind of rumour/discussion throughout this thread for me not to believe it doesn't have some serious legs. GuyB does not take this kind of thing lightly. I do believe it is a very dangerous direction ... more »

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Bigger question-will we see him on the line again this season? What is the over/under on this?

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Well he is right, they ARE way harder to ride, and this comes from a 53 year old ham and egger who grew up on 2 strokes like most on here. But that is the beauty of 2 strokes-the mastery of riding them fast, like RR, or Barnett, or Carmichael, or Stewart. ... more »

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DeCoster sure seems to acknowledge all the dedication that Dean has shown. Hope that works in his favour.

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Part 1 and 2 have been awesome and it goes to show just how much shit and bad luck Deano has had. But man has he been persistence personified with the way he continues to rebound from these injuries. I believe that he has podium speed indoors and out ... more »

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I would suggest age has a lot more to do with any drop in performance/balls than marriage does-especially at a young age.

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Congrats to RR-guy can still haul the mail. Too bad there wasn't a 125 class any more-he could come back and show the kids whats up! But to ride a 125, then let them all go on the start, and come back to win or finish top 3 is so impressive. I saw him ... more »

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So Travis what is the story on the 250sx? Is the vibration that much less than any other 250 2 stroke you have ridden? Did you find it easy to ride? I would love to hear more about it? And the 125 sounds super interesting as well.