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Is he racing this weekend?? I know, don't ask a question if you don't want the answer...

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Too many people here in the know have confirmed this kind of rumour/discussion throughout this thread for me not to believe it doesn't have some serious legs. GuyB does not take this kind of thing lightly. I do believe it is a very dangerous direction ... more »

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Bigger question-will we see him on the line again this season? What is the over/under on this?

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Well he is right, they ARE way harder to ride, and this comes from a 53 year old ham and egger who grew up on 2 strokes like most on here. But that is the beauty of 2 strokes-the mastery of riding them fast, like RR, or Barnett, or Carmichael, or Stewart. ... more »

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DeCoster sure seems to acknowledge all the dedication that Dean has shown. Hope that works in his favour.

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Part 1 and 2 have been awesome and it goes to show just how much shit and bad luck Deano has had. But man has he been persistence personified with the way he continues to rebound from these injuries. I believe that he has podium speed indoors and out ... more »

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I would suggest age has a lot more to do with any drop in performance/balls than marriage does-especially at a young age.

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Congrats to RR-guy can still haul the mail. Too bad there wasn't a 125 class any more-he could come back and show the kids whats up! But to ride a 125, then let them all go on the start, and come back to win or finish top 3 is so impressive. I saw him ... more »

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So Travis what is the story on the 250sx? Is the vibration that much less than any other 250 2 stroke you have ridden? Did you find it easy to ride? I would love to hear more about it? And the 125 sounds super interesting as well.

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I like him-he does an excellent job.

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No different than a guy with a newly minted m/c license walking in to a dealership and buying a rocketship and wrapping himself around a telephone pole. 450's are way too fast for the average ham and egger. Too easy to jump shit and giving newbies the ... more »

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Well it all depends on his will to prepare and compete for a full season and that cannot be disputed by any ham and egger. It's one thing to want to win but it is an entirely a different thing to actually to the work to prepare to win. Lets face it, ... more »

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Sickening. A company should not be able to create a monopoly like this. The challenge is buying product that isn't controlled by Lux.

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It would be great to see him finish both motos and with such a depleted field a decent finish should be possible. Do I have any predications? Nope. Hope has replaced expectation.

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From Dean Wilson on RacerX sign of the lap times: After tearing his ACL in January, Wilson was back for his first race in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and was a solid 11-11 for eleventh overall. By the way, when Wilson returned to racing ... more »

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Do you think his sponsors (mainly Suzuki, who have stuck by him through thick and thin), are happy he is just out there?I'm thinking they are expecting a tad more than one moto finishes. And I don't think it is a treat for the fans to watch a 10th place ... more »

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R.I.P. Mr. Jordan

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All he talks about is how loyal Suzuki has been, blah, blah, blah. Hey, he had a decent first moto-no one realistically thought he could do much better. But show your chief employer you appreciate their support and finish the moto. What did he expect? ... more »

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I'm sorry but fucking blisters? Is this his first time at a race? What has he been doing this last number of weeks? Did he not ride at all before this national? This is a PRO national, and he has been a pro for what, 13 years? If he even thought this ... more »

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still black screen-AAHHHHHHHH!!!!