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Just watched and MM was on it and Deano looked good. Tickle had great pace too. Although not too many battles, watching Marv go for a cool Monster Mill was pretty exciting IMHO. It was good to watching some racing, so MEC is still thumbs up for me.

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Musquin wins this sucker in a season long battle between Tomac and Anderson.

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Colour me slightly skeptical as well. His outdoor results have been less than impressive and for him to do it on a 450 in a year...hey the guy can ride sx but as a full time 450 guy you have to be able to produce year round, and that includes the outdoors. ... more »

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Nicest Yammie 2 stroke ever. Love the Chad Reed 04.

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Raced at Austin Raceways, in Austin Manitoba. I first raced there when it opened in 1977, and I believe it closed in 1997. An old school reunion race of sorts was held in Austin on August 27th and it was an absolute blast.
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Congrats on what seemed to be an amazing first effort, especially considering that the venue was a late entry. The track looked gnarly and certainly represented well-better than some of the shit GP venues that series trots off to.

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Sorry I don't have any pics of the racing but there are tons out there on Facebook. Ross did race, I think a 1982 CR500 in the 500cc 2 stroke class. He bought a 2014 YZF450 new and has only ridden it a hand full of times since. he was there, like all ... more »

Started new thread Cdn MXLegends race in Austin, MB 8/30/2017 9:06 AM

This past weekend I attended one of the coolest events I will ever go to as a motocrosser. Austin Raceways, in Manitoba was legendary in Canadian Moto as the toughest track in Canada, nothing but deep and gnarly sand. The owner, some 25 years ago shut

... more »

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That is a beauty. Go Canada and go Colt.

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I don't think I am naive about the possibility of PEDs in our sport. I am asking you specifically if you believe Aldon cheats with the knowledge and permission of the athletes he trains, because that is the insinuation you are putting out there. With ... more »

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Do you really, honestly believe this? I believe you to be a knowledge and accomplished athlete in this sport, and I find it hard that you believe the whole crew is cheating. So Zach Osborne's incredible season comes down to an artificial result? Is this ... more »

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Lets put away the tin hats kids. Baker is not going to risk his reputation in any way shape or form, nor would any of those guys that trained with him take that level of risk. To suggest otherwise is absolutely irresponsible. I hate all of this conjecture, ... more »

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Team USA is getting fucked because YS has fucked them on the date of the race. As long as this date stays in place, the race will continue to diminish imho.

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Hang in there yo. Get well soon.

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Above all else, Milt is just a good dude who loves moto as much as anyone. Great family man.

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Wow. First of all, to Torco and all the others who posted their Harley's, nice bikes all-congrats on having the dough to indulge yourselves!. For all of you who are either shitting on the bikes themselves, or the image, or the people who ride them-I ... more »

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I don't know man, Grant is uber talented on a dirt bike and can come off the couch and finish in the top ten, but he has still been injured so often over the years. I got nuthin really other than he is really fast but can't finish a series, and still ... more »

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I don't really think of anything else other than what is in front of me. The best part of riding is the being in the van on the way home and I think to myself, "I didn't think of anything else today other than riding" and it is always so cathartic, no ... more »

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Prayers sent to Mike and his family.

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I agree, those dudes were hauling ass, and what a great track. A true and fair test in every way.