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Bemidji in around 1977 & 1978. That is where I first saw Tom Benolkin ride on a pair of Kawasakis. Fuck he was fast. Great track BTW.

Added reply in a thread Dungey not Fu**ing around in AZ 2/6/2016 2:32 PM

Gotta say the long lap times play in his favour in every way, so unless something crazy happens he will be tough to beat tonight over 20 laps.

Added reply in a thread Web going to lose the title being dickhead 2/6/2016 2:30 PM

Sounds like he is a little stressed.........

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Those look plenty big to me and in fact scary as shit, so whoever is going to enter those things at speed with the commitment to stay on top has my respect and admiration......

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With the looks of this track and the lap times, fitness could play a pretty big role in the outcome tonight I would think.

Started new thread SX tracks in 2016 2/5/2016 9:16 AM

Have been pretty killer so far, no? And this Glendale tracks look pretty racey too. Considering the rain all around these first few rounds, we have to give props to Feld and the dirt wurks crew for an amazing job.

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I currently own a tricked out 2002 CR 125 thanks to Joel Ard, and it is a blast to ride. I don't proclaim to know anything close to what some people know on this board about engine design, and I read with great interest the discussion on all of these ... more »

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When do we get to see and hear this bad boy in action??

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Awesome stuff Mike. Wish I was closer to one. Congrats on everything and I know scramblecross is destined to be a huge success.

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You guys crack me up. Its okay, The Baker Factory will keep on winning and cashing cheques while all of you knuckleheads spitball as to how their program doesn't work. Some of you are as sharp as the edge of fuckin town. Would RC have won without Aldon? ... more »

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2016 Factory Edition KTM 450-go big!! Lightest in class, e start, new forks, and you can own the cutting edge of mx technology. Plus you will go like Dungey! You are welcome.

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Not in his prime to be sure, but we are talking about the present, and very few dudes can be in the conversation when Stew was at his best. But I would argue that the field is as fast as it has ever been and he needs every bit of his ability mentally ... more »

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I'm not arguing the guy can still throw down a lap time with the best of them Lenny. So can Pourcel. Doing that for one lap with a clear track when the track is fresh is much different than an entire night of racing and throwing that same lap down time ... more »

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Maybe Kenny will pay Roger to have him back!!!

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In the time that he has been gone the pace and the depth of field is at an all time high imho, and I think he found that out in his heat and then again in the main. So while he may have been cleared (passing the concussion test is one thing) but racing ... more »

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That is funny stuff right there!!

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This is in response to mgifracing and uk125250, Dungey raced the des nations 6 straight years leading the team to the win 3 of 6 times (as was pointed out in this thread), and you guys seem to be upset with the way he races the des nations?? UK, are ... more »

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Rode one late last summer and it was amazeballs. Loved it. I'm envious. Enjoy!

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One of the best battles in a long time. Craig was so smooth but Cooper is just relentless. A pure racer. Hannah like for sure.

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I would love to see Osborne win one for sure.