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I bought Joel Ard's trick 2002 CR125 and it is a blast. My first 125 since my 98 RM 125 (which I loved). Got off the 450 train before it killed me, and on to the 250F bandwagon for a time. Now I have a 2013 CRF 250 and the buck and a quarter, and every ... more »

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Love the Cdn white. Pricey but worth it imho.

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X2. Ain't going to happen. He is done at Suzuki and I'm sure they are done with him. This is the first step of getting out of this contract. What a shame after they stood by him throughout this mess. And I still don't get how he seemed to sour with the ... more »

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That was a pretty good buy for 2k. Nice starting point.

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A work of art man. Congrats. Who did your graphics?

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Well this was disappointing. I was kind of fired up for the original plan. Now, not so much.

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Too much! Bruce back in the day! Who knew??

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Well fuck me. Got game Kong, got game.....

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With all due respect, James is not in a position to deliver the championship that Honda seems to covet so badly. Amazing rider for a race but not for a series. And will he race indoors and outdoors? Is he even slated to race MX in 2016? If KTM scored ... more »

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Won't make the main

Added reply in a thread Antique vid (so cool!) 3/29/2016 6:29 AM

That bike sounded on point! Great vid. Why do we need a 10,000.00 machine to have fun again.....?

Started new thread Craiglist sweetness 3/28/2016 10:45 PM

This looks pretty sweet. Some may think it is a little pricey, but worth it I think. Could not build it for this price. 1989 Honda CR125R cr 125 cr125 vintage collector/racer AHRMA LOOK!

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I agree. Bad ass track and bad ass racing. That young gun Tim G did not look happy on the podium-love it. He looks to have a pretty bright future, he is on the gas.

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I'm not following live timing but I did watch the first MX2 moto (thanks for the link posted earlier), and that track is so gnarly. Little wonder that the world is pretty much on par in terms of talent and skill when you have tracks like this to race ... more »

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Welcome! Smart move with your first post being a picture of a 2 stroke! You will do well here. And nice bike.

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Probably because he didn't....SEE THE FUCKING FLAG!! I was hoping to read a definitive answer to this penalty, but no such luck. That was a terrible series of responses. I am waiting for the clowns to come out and the juggling to start. I agree with ... more »

Added reply in a thread With Roczen probably going to Honda, will 3/22/2016 8:46 PM

JMart is a #1 rider and I believe he will end up with better career numbers than Roczen when the dust settles (aside from the GP title). Roczen is an amazing rider and I am a huge fan, don't get me wrong. Despite a few hiccups in sx Jmart has won races ... more »

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Ok, I admit to being a little crusty with my point, but after reading 5 pages and points good and bad, my feeling on this hasn't changed. Even though Dungey has built a good lead in the points, it is still racing and anything can happen. And we have ... more »

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What a knucklehead. Probably next to no experience on a motorcycle period, never mind a dirt bike. And he is riding it on a public street, at night, with no helmet. Got it.

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I agree 100% with Kong on this one. She is real purdy as is. Nice job.