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There is a tipping point to everything, and this would be the tipping point for our sport. If the manufacturers can't see that the outdoors is the critical piece to continued exposure and growth to our sport then the sport begins to die. And as far as ... more »

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Ringo, Give it a rest man. UpTiTe knows his shit on here and anyone who has been around this place for awhile knows it. Its getting old. I might disagree with him a little on the impact of a guy like Aldon and his impact on a rider's results, but he ... more »

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Totally agree, and he has youth on his side. Isn't he only 24? Sure he has had a bad run of injuries but very few riders haven't had this at some point. Not only that but he worked his ass off after 2 consecutive knee injuries to get back to form. Wilson ... more »

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The racing has been freaking awesome! Can't wait to watch this last one. Plus the 250E starts next week. This si been once of the best starts to a season in a long time.

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I too do not understand the rush to see guys retire. It can't be just because they aren't winning races every weekend. Its hard to win and if one guy does dominate for awhile, if everyone else retired simply because of that, then who are they going to ... more »

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I totally agree. His ability to show flashes of speed sure has kept him employed, but his body of work in terms of consistency since 09 has been modest over this period of time.

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John this truly blows and I am so sad to hear about this, but as other have said, based on your character and drive you will get after this injury and kick its ass.

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Don't sell the 250-I did and regret it constantly. Easy to sell, hard to get back. But get the 350 if you have the dough. It gets nothing but rave reviews.

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Name: Ken Age: 54 Began riding: Age 8 Favorite rider(s): Roger DeCoster, although Heikki Mikkola was Roger's nemesis, I had a great deal of respect for him. Later on John Dowd and RC. Currently Dungey but respect everyone who makes it to the gate as ... more »

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Awesome for Deano. Now if he would just ride for Canada at the Nations.......And Bobby Hewitt and Husky is full class here for Pourcel. Rare in this sport to be sure.

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If this bike can weigh what the new Kawasaki weighs, then big win for Suzuki. Fix the suspension, make it lighter, and it will be a front runner. I love the blue highlights. Looks awesome. Oh the deals to be had on any new 15-17 model!

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I am confused as to why there is all this speculation about Dungey. If his motivation remains high to prepare and do the work and compete there is no reason why he wouldn't remain as a title threat for the forseeable future. If his motivation wanes and ... more »

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Lostboy is the winner in this thread! Love his set up.

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Tomac and team will figure this thing out. He will find his way to the podium before the 1/2 way point of the series.

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FFS-this thread should go straight to the dungeon. What are we even talking about here? Seely is about as good a guy as you will get in this sport and everything we see indicates a healthy relationship here. Talk about fake news speculation. Ridiculous. ... more »

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At the risk of looking like a suck up...winning these things is not easy. Its not just Dungey who view the increased opportunity to win, its a lot of guys and a few of these are still thinking championship I'm sure. There will be plenty of great racing ... more »

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Looks so nasty, but it could have been so much worse. I was shocked and relieved that he was able to walk away with nothing more than a splint on his arm. Get well Kenny and see you May 29th-we hope.

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Just so we are clear, I wasn't shitting on him. Asking an open ended question based on what we know, based on his earlier statements. I don't think I am being unfair and perhaps this race gave him a true indication as to the pace and effort required ... more »

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Speed is not the issue here. 20+1 has already proven to up the ante in terms of fitness, skill, and concentration. The track breaks down more, and the tracks obviously have the potential to bite someone more as well. A bit more like the outdoors in that ... more »

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The best guy is out? The 3rd round of 17 has just been completed. I thought the final result of the series determined the best guy?