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About Me

My first bike, like many on this board, was a Honda Mini Trail (1972). Moved on to a 1973 SL 70, and finally to the Suzuki TM 100 where I began to race in the Big Wheel Schoolboy class. I spent one year on the RM 100 before moving onto the 125 class. I have raced on on off since 1975 and have owned approximately 40 bikes over that time. My favorite bike to date was my 1978 RM 125. Loved that bike!

I have been involved in mx as a rider, promoter, volunteer administrator, and anything else to do with moto. I continue to be a huge fan of the sport and hope to go back and race again once the snow melts in the great white north.

I am a professional coach and have been involved in sports my entire life. I have a daughter of my own (8), and three wonderful kids from blending my life with a fantastic woman. They are two boys (ages 5 and 10), and a girl (also 8). Life is great and once I can get back into moto, my life will be perfect.

I also love to play golf, squash, run, and lift weights.