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I believe the word you are looking for is "Stewable". As for Herlings, bummer he is getting so much hate on here for staying another year, especially since we have no idea if it was his decision or KTM's.

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I believe the rule is 23, and I think JH is 19? So he would have quite a few years before he is "forced" to move up.

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Ok, so now that we have heard what the Yamaha team thinks of the situation, where does Honda stand? I cant believe Honda is thrilled with MM using that factory spec bike as a battery ram, seems very "un-Honda" like, as along with MM, their name is being ... more »

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As a fan of AC, I really hope I can watch him kick butt for years to come... That being said, the "new" team green kid looks like he has a lot of speed. Martin Webb and AC may have their hands full trying to keep that kid behind them....

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Im surprised it took until the second page for the Bud Man to be mentioned. Buddy suddenly has two big feathers in his cap, first with Weston, and now with Barcia. Are we looking at the future Aldon Baker of riding coaches??

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I first want to start off by saying that Malin and Emig had some great chemistry going in the booth, first race I have watched where I was actually enjoying Malins commentary. As for the race, only thing I questioned was putting Coop on the inside that ... more »

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Ha, yes I am well aware, especially in that region... Also, why wouldn't I want my girl to sit down and watch? She is well behaved, knows not to talk during the race...

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My girl is Serbian, not that the countries are exactly the same, but close enough... Good to see, maybe I can get her to sit down and watch the MXON with me for once...

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I am going to check this out when I get home tonight, I think I have an extra 15 laying around...

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What I find interesting with RV, is that after he completed his lites career, (1 SX Championship, 3 MX Championships). It was quite obvious that he was much better at MX than SX, even his first year of SX was quite average, while his first MX race was ... more »

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Best wishes, hope he can make a full recovery.

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I am a big fan of all of the content Steve puts out, it will be a sad day in the MX community if and when he hangs it up. In fact, I will even go as far to say the guy will be legend in 10-15 years if he keeps at it, one of a kind for sure.

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I have been pulling for Martin all year, but after seeing everything Marvin has gone through, would love to see him steal the title away from JMart. Go Marv Attack!!!!!

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Just finished this article and its 614 local time. Reading this thread was like reading a really long book, with a crappy ending....

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Cool story bro.

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Do you like long walks on the beach?

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A certain Italian who races MotoGP always puts all of his graphics on by himself..

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In the heat of the moment, coming right off the track, Webb is going to tell us exactly what he thinks, right or wrong. He obviously had some time to look at the tape, and realized it wasn't as bad as he thought it was. Mucho respect for manning up and ... more »

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Back when I used to race, we would all get our fix by racing R/C in the winter. The track we used to go to (which is closed now) had a nice banked indoor oval(for the winter series), and an outdoor off road course for the summer. Was thinking of getting ... more »

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Awesome, I feel he is really starting to turn it around with the fans, wonder what kind of reception he is going to receive at A1?? I cant remember where or when I read it, but didn't he say Roger D wanted him on the Husky to help out with testing the ... more »