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Having a 4 page thread on Vital helps the publicity of an otherwise unknown amateur.. Just sayin...

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What is this home page you speak of?

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Never heard of her.

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The bike hasn’t had much success in motogp yet, waiting for the day red bull throws enough money at Marquez to get on one.

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Two strong finishes from our MX2 rider and who knows. What team USA has been lacking the past few years (a dominant mx2 rider) we finally have. I like a team with a huge chip on its shoulder, a win isn't out of the question.

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I agree, not sure why Joey isn't getting more mentions. If Zacko is indeed going to have to step up to the 450, then there is not a better pick than Joey to ride mx2

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Never, no way one of these teams would tell us anything but the truth...

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Roger isn't the one twisting the throttle... We have lacked the "elite" guy, add in a little bad luck and that equals no W's for team USA. That being said, I like our chances this year, and next year..

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I threw up in my mouth a little thinking of the road rash that guy is going to have.

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Well Ray Charles and two strokes have something in common, they are both dead.

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I remember when the road bike series decided to "fire the AMA". We have what many consider the premier outdoor series in the world, where the oem's spend huge amounts of cash. Why try to fix something that isn't broken???

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Well I for one am greatful that we have such a class act running our motocross series. I mean would Luongo ever respond to a thread? If there is ever any dispute over anything DC comes on to clear everything up right or wrong. Thanks DC

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Terrible news. I raced against him back in the mid 80's. Such a great family, my prayers are with them. RIP NH69

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Prayers sent, stay strong Nicky!!!!

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Water under the bridge, Matthew didn't care why should anyone else. IMO getting all butt hurt and kicking him out just makes you look guilty of said accusations. Corporations don't have feelings.

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I love the East/West shootout, one of the best races of the year imo. I would love to see another shootout at a track like Daytona, how much more exciting would it make that race?

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Only street bikes for me, grew up racing dirt ovals, but I have always been a fan of mx. Now watching in this era it makes it a lot easier to follow with all of the great mx content. This sport is a hidden gem, not known to many of the regular sheeple. ... more »

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Sounds like it has nothing to do with Monster, more like he hurt JH's feelings and Hill had to look like a tough guy in front of his bros kicking out a guy like matthes.

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Great Race, that ole dog isn't done fighting yet!!

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The lapper should have moved, it was a dickmove for sure.... That being said, for everyone saying he messed up a great race, how do we expect Dungey to pass Tomac if he can't even get past some dude running 16th? This would have been the result no matter ... more »