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The folks talking shit on this thread would of been muther fucking Chicken, Beast from The East, Big Bird, and Buckwheat too......

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Its fucking racing pooseys........................

New thread Goose History...... 12/5/2016 1:14 AM

Riders Won With: Steve Lamson, Ezra Lusk, RC, Alessi (did he have a season with 800 at Zook?), Reed Riders Champ With: Lamson, RC, Reed Pretty damm successful career.....

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20k ---- congrats

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Or mind games..... kinda like Ali or Hannah.

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I'm obviously a fan of Roczen -- see picture. That said, he speaks his mind and doesn't live in a box fearful of the mob (fans who jump the shit of any rider whose actions they disagree with). I love his candor -- he shares is truth. There is only a ... more »

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Love KROC and AC92. Baker knows his shit too..... Something happened.... its their business

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With all of those cracked fucking frames you could put it sixth. On a serious note, if you have KTM #1 or #2 how can you NOT have Husky #1, #2 or #3. The new Kawasaki could finish third and boom...... the YZ250F finishes fourth. Shootouts are subjective ... more »

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1. I am a fan of the sport so I am always cheering for good racing. 2. I am a fan of HRC Honda. Have been since the mid 1980s and I tend to support/cheer all of their riders. 3. Some riders stand out - Canard, Roczen, RJ, O'Mara, MC, Lusk, RC etc.

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Thank you

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... more »
New thread (2) Questions.... 11/7/2016 6:53 PM

1. I cannot locate the Gasjer fast lap at the World Manufacturer Supercross. If someone has it, please post link. 2. Who sings this song? | Thank you, bd

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New thread JT Racing...... 11/7/2016 6:49 PM

Rocked out some classic....... Good Times!

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New thread LOOKING FOR...... 11/4/2016 11:49 AM

Does anyone have RJ 1986-1990 (Prefer 1989) swag or autographs they want to sell? Also interested in O'Mara from 1983-1986 swag and autographs. I am a huge fan of both! Thanks!

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Some of best looking bikes in the pits. Huge fan of Jimmy and bummed to read this. He busted his ass for this team.

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He needs a year of injury free --he has the speed and talent.

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In Vegas, there's a dealership selling new 2016 CRF 250s for $5,500. Check your dealerships for older models. One last note, Suzuki on Boulder Highway has new 2012 RMZ 450 for cheap. Buy new if you can. Most of these new bikes rock.

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I'll speak with candor, eliminating the Pro Motocross Series would be absolutely the fucking dumbest move in moto history. I hope people get some balls and say no to Feld. 25 to 30 Rounds.... how much money does this add to budget? 25 to 30 Rounds.... ... more »