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Sidi SRS 2 and heard the SRS 3 are even better!

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Get well soon Roczen

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A 1989 wrist injury on Rick Johnson's throttle hand had ended his career. At the time of injury, RJ was on pace to win at least 4 more titles (no one could touch him 1989) and would of had ended with +40 supercross wins. The doctors could not repair ... more »

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The same rider who went 24-0 in 450 class and has dominated outdoors. Did you forget his 125 era? 2008? 2012? James fitness will speak volumes of his goals....... And maybe, just maybe..... JS7 wants to leave the sport on his terms. I never thought the ... more »

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This is strongest MXGP field in decades. I am not including RV2 run due to only two major players entering the season (and we witnessed who won the title). I am cheering TC222 and Gajser. I love Gajser's aggression and style.

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I am curious too. By the way, CRE is expanding. But for how long? Reforming or eliminating Dodd Frank and tax reform helps us. Rising rates puts pressure on Cap Rate. That hurts in SR. I would love to see moto expand from 2 rider teams to 3-4 riders. ... more »

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Agree 110%. He has to stay healthy.

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He wins races and titles on Monster Energy Kawasaki, he stays.

Reply to Ando, "Whiskey Throttle caused Webb incident"? 1/29/2017 12:54 PM

Aggressive racing where JA21 made a mistake and took both riders out. That said, he has ABSOLUTELY NO reason to be pissed at Vince.

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Challenging question with great responses by Reed and Dungey. Applaud all.

Reply to Reed's comment: "You are only as good as what you have to work with" 1/28/2017 10:30 PM

Reed loves his 2003 YZ 250

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Where was the RV post?

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Here's the differences: - Dungey took the same line in the heat, the landing kicked up his rear end, he crashed in the turn - Dungey took the same line in the main, the landing kicked his rear end, he T Boned and seriously injured Stew. - Dunge's take ... more »

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By the way, slap some on the head while he has his helmet on..... Come on bro! 2 mistakes!

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If you were 'intelligent', then you would know it was a racing incident. By the way, JA21 has been DQ.

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Great interview. Listen to this interview with RC:

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VF should not be fined period. Did the mechanic touch Anderson?

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You've must of been around since Decoster and Hannah.

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