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New thread Best Sand Race Ever 12/8/2017 7:26 AM

Okay maybe not "ever" but some damn good racing!

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Reply to How long until electric bikes rule the world? 12/6/2017 1:02 PM

Obsolete is a strong word, which is why I used it. I do not see basic bike design changing much in the next 10-15 years, so I would guess there will be a push of converting older bikes with electric motors, which would obviously cut costs for consumers. ... more »

Reply to How long until electric bikes rule the world? 12/6/2017 12:17 PM

To quote my first post in this thread "10 years until they're prominent. 20 years or less until gas bikes are obsolete." And yes I could see the resurgence of 2-strokes coming. Kinda gave it a nudge too when I did the Vital ReVival project. Never really stopped ... more »

Reply to How long until electric bikes rule the world? 12/6/2017 11:56 AM

10 years ago did you think that KTM would be the major player they are today? 20 years ago did anyone believe 4-strokes would completely take over the market? There are a number of factors involved in a changing landscape of motorcycle technology and ... more »

Reply to How long until electric bikes rule the world? 12/6/2017 11:11 AM

10 years until they're prominent. 20 years or less until gas bikes are obsolete.

Reply to Friday Morning Digest! (New Weekly Post) 12/1/2017 11:08 AM

Hands down Herlings. Not even a question. Cairoli a very very close second though.

Reply to Geneva SX live timing or link ??? 12/1/2017 8:17 AM

Josh Hill racing on the Alta. Very cool! Interested to see how he does. Don't think it will be a Henry/Vegas '97 situation, but first legitimate pro race I know of for the bike. Straight Rhythm doesn't really count.

Reply to Eric Gass 11/21/2017 5:58 AM

Eric is a very smart (and funny) cookie and could do well in many sectors. He was a medical technician before he became a full-time mechanic. I'm sure he's moving onto bigger and better things. Happy for him.

Reply to NJ peeps 11/15/2017 7:40 PM

Just rode the main track today. Still open for now but the rumors sound true unfortunately. I'm nostalgic and Raceway Park means a lot to me. It was the first motocross track I ever went to and where I grew up racing. But since it's not disappearing ... more »

Reply to Are there less factory teams now vs 1997 11/14/2017 7:45 AM

How could there be fewer factory teams in 2017 when there are more factories with teams than there were in 1997?

Reply to NJ peeps 11/13/2017 1:09 PM

Well I hope it's not happening by Wednesday cuz I'm tryna hit practice on the main track!

Reply to Barcia on Yamaha for A1 onwards 11/10/2017 1:30 PM

What contract? You're talking crazy talk now.

Reply to Any New York / Long Island People? 11/10/2017 7:43 AM

Lot of former LI people here! Like I mentioned, I'm in Brooklyn and don't ride very often but would like to a little more next year. Season is rapidly coming to a close around here (high of 37 today...burrr!) but I'm trying to make it out to Englishtown ... more »

Reply to Post your favorite pictures of you riding! 11/9/2017 7:48 AM

Cool! Where is this? MX on the water. Love it!

Reply to EICMA 2017 show in Milan, Italy this week - official coverage thread 11/9/2017 6:57 AM

Jordi Tixier's new bike and team. I'm sure it will have some nice cone valves in race trim.

Reply to Any New York / Long Island People? 11/7/2017 12:20 PM

I was checking out some vids of Gotham Mountain. That place looks dope! MX on a ski resort basically. Are they good with grooming? It's about 2.5 hours from Central Jersey so I don't want to make the trek only to have a dusty dried out track. Anyone ... more »

Reply to Any New York / Long Island People? 11/3/2017 2:11 PM

Live in Brooklyn but I'm from NJ and still keep my bike at my parents' place there. I've ridden all of two times this year (at Etown) but hoping to step up those numbers next year. Tedesco snapped this shot of me during my first excursion this year at ... more »

Reply to Justin Hill Signs with O'Neal 10/25/2017 6:29 AM

Hill's scenario reminds me a lot of Brian Swink in 1992. Swink won East 125 SX on PC in 1991, then switched to Suzuki for 1992. Hill won on PC, then switched to Suzuki along with Bell and Gaerne...and both chose gear companies with questionable fashion

... more »
Reply to Video: Justin Bogle MEC Crash 10/16/2017 11:43 AM

Took these about .5 seconds before he hit the deck.

... more »
Reply to first pro you saw at your local track 10/10/2017 1:12 PM

First pro was at the first race I ever saw in person, period. One of my best friend's, Jon Ferrante, took me. His parents owned East Coast Kawasaki Suzuki (which just closed this year after 30+ years in business). Anyways it was LARRY WARD at the NJ ... more »