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there is a decent sand place near the Richmond exit off of 89. used to live up there and i know the mx can be scarce. there are some great private tracks but you have to get into the small but cool VT moto community to find them.

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Honestly didn't think there were many worth posting, but I am never really satisfied with what I shoot, so I wanted to hear your opinions. I'm glad you like them.

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Follow the link to my MXoN set. Holding a beer and photogging proved to be more difficult than I imagined, so my shots did not turn out as well as I had hoped. Still, there are a few good ones in the there. ENJOY & SHARE! MOTO PHOTO SETS[img][/img] ... more »

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Good to see he finally woke up. Back in 2003, Josh was sent in to "help" us at a motocross school at Broome-Tioga. He, along with his friends, ended up causing more problems than the other 50 students combined. There was never any doubt that he has talent, ... more »

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I guess DV figures we all know how to use computers, which have this mind blowing new concept called...are you ready for this one....the INTERNET. I know... crazy! And on it are pages upon pages of different things and topics, really just about anything

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Exactly! IT FELL THROUGH! So it does actually matter what track they choose. If they want to keep having events in the US, they cannot just go to the highest bidder. Budds Creek was a great venue for the MXoN, but like I said before, let's open the USGP ... more »

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Any track is an option. Starwest is a great place to ride, but it is not a premier facility when you look at other tracks around the country. The issue is which one would be best suited for an event like a USGP. I believe the last time the US hosted ... more »

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Wow! Some strong opinions here! For one thing, if you have ever been outside of Newark, or the Newark airport, NJ is actually a pretty nice place, but whatever, I know I'm not going to convince anybody of that here. And honestly, hold onto your negativity, ... more »

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E-town may be man-made, but it is far from being flat. It has some of the largest man-made obstacles in the country. I actually could not tell you what the lap times are like, I never really paid attention on that track because I was either racing or ... more »

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All right, it's a long shot, but here are some reasons why it would be a great venue. 1) The track is located near several major metropolitan areas, the closest being New York City and Philadelphia. Both are within less than a one hour drive. 2) Excellent

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Anyone remember this CRF250R electric conversion from a while ago. Apparently the project continues. Its a nice looking bike and could be Honda's answer to KTM. Honda should hire this guy.
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This is very big news. A major manufacturer putting a serious effort into the development of an electric dirt bike intended for competition. Sure, its an enduro bike (enduro is HUGE in Europe), but it being KTM, a motocross version could not be far behind. ... more »

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Heading to the MXoN from the Bay Area. We will be staying in London for a few days leading up to the race and are in need of some transportation from there to Donnington Park. Anybody heading that way with room for two?

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David, I just watched your video interview on TransWorld and it really conjured up some memories of your racing career here in the US. You had some great seasons and races, and being a rather tall rider myself, I tried to model my riding style after

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