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My guess is Wilson. While Noren is good Outdoors, he doesn't have the SX chops Honda needs and at this point I'm sure Honda (and everyone else) is hoping Roczen is healthy by Outdoors.

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I don't think Wes has been a part of Vurb for a bit. He's just been doing his own productions, from what I understand.

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First floor, with a side entrance or sliding door and an extra kitchenette type of set up. No problem!

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Haha, this is awesome! I've wanted to do the same thing before...but the '86 Honda Elite 80 doesn't quite have the juice.

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Still hate the Vet 30+ rules that allow former pros who have never earned a point, but that's mostly because I'm slow.

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I don't know Zaugg...your thoughts seem quite biased

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I'm predicting the 250 rider will be Matt Bisceglia. He still has potential on 250s but also has proven that he can run well on 450s and will only get better with time. Furthermore, he and JGR worked together in his amateur days on Yamaha's.

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He stopped wearing the neck brace when he came back from injury during the Nationals. Definitely makes him look a little different on the bike. For a first race on a KTM I thought he looked pretty good. I'm assuming he was on a 450 but I truly believe ... more »

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Good points...and an even better point...I need to move to the Netherlands! 70 tracks plus my favorite city (Amersterdam)?! What more could someone ask for? To answer your question, I've ridden a few ebikes (KTM Freeride E, Zero MX, and another now defunct ... more »

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True. It looks impressive for an e-bike, but the prices for pretty much all electric vehicles right now are pretty ridiculous, but it's mostly due to lack of competition. Once other manufacturers get more involved the prices should come down a bit...I ... more »

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Most legit video I've seen of an e-MX bike. If you watch with out sound, you wouldn't even think it's electric. Perfect track, solid crew, and another fun day yesterday on the @altamotors Redshift.

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Cool idea for sure. I believe that's Craig Decker in the center with Ezra Lusk behind him with his eyes closed and Damon Huffman in the sweet pink pants. Don't really recognize anyone else though. Got any names DC?

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Yup, sorry to say you have one of the slowest 125s ever. I had an '02 CR125 and loved it despite how terribly slow it was. Hard to keep on the pipe and even when it was on it wasn't all that impressive. Still, it was a Honda and held up very well. My ... more »

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Type A motor = an aggressive, domineering motor that impatiently goes after what it wants

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They could at least make an exception to the rule for current and past National Champs. It's not like he could win on that thing anyways...well...probably.

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Awesome Kirk and Joe! Yeah, kid has amazing style. You could tell when he was in Am's that he would be good at SX. So smooth on the bike. I'm sure most nerds here have seen this one that Ryan Walters and I worked on together last year shot at Swanpound ... more »

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Great thread Joe! I got lost in all of those whips but it's interesting to see their styles back to back. RV always rode over the rear of the bike no matter the size of the engine. I was never a huge fan of his style, but it was still fun to ... more »