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Hmm, maybe Baggett could get on the 350... I think could do very well on that bike outdoors.

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That's 200+ pounds of fury right there! Haha.

With gear on I'm well over 200lbs. As far as racing a 125 goes...well, good luck (although I'm planning to do just that at Englishtown next weekend!), but the fun factor is through the roof. I actually ... more »
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Any 125 National from 2004. Bubbles absolutely destroying the field (of 250fs) on his 125. Beauty in motion.

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Wow. That's 10 model years of the same bike. I think that's a first among the major OEMs, keeping the same basic design of a bike for a decade. Below is the 2008 RM-Z450!

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But pretty much true. If it's your first road bike, don't get all serious and feel the need to spend thousands. My first real road bike was a 1987 Bianchi Sport SX. Steel frame, down tube shifter, etc. Got it on craigslist for $285. It's ... more »
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Why does Davalos get bagged on for riding 250s? Mostly because he has somehow managed to have a factory or factory supported ride since turning pro in 2006 (yes, 10 years ago) yet he has only managed to win four regional SX races in that time span. Alex ... more »

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Well, Cianciarulo looks about a foot taller than when he turned pro, so that will affect some things. There aren't too many DV's out there at the moment although Musquin probably comes the closest (not because he's French, but just in the way he moves ... more »

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Yes. Although I have had the privilege of riding plenty of other machines, as far as bikes I actually own I actually did exactly that: went from owning a KX450F to a YZ125 which is now a 144. If I could I would also have a 250F in the garage because ... more »

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I am equally intrigued by both E-bikes and people's resistance to them. Whether or not you like them, electric vehicles (of all kinds) are the future. MXers were resistant to four-strokes at first, thinking that the then large and heavy machines would ... more »

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Good lawd!

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I also have a 2005 YZ125. There's a reason Yamaha only kept that fork for one was horrible, which I discovered after getting my bike. I eventually found some 2008 forks off of a YZ250F and threw those on. I got the entire front end setup (forks, ... more »

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That might be the biggest compliment a rider could ever receive. 1) The vid is not sped up. 2) This makes you appreciate how scary-fast pro speed is...and he's on a 125!

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Bought a Husky pressure washer for $100 from Home Depot in 2009. Have used it probably an average of once per week since then. Have needed to replace some seals a couple of times but otherwise works perfect for washing bikes. Gas powered washers are ... more »

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Pumped for him. It was a little bit of attrition on the parts of Martin and Davalos but he still earned it. Way to take advantage of an opportunity!

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By the end of next season he will be battling for wins.

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Change #5 from "Who rides for Monster / ProCircuit Kawasaki ?" to "Who rides for Monster Energy Kawasaki?" Then... Change #8 from "Who is number 14 ?" to "Who WAS number 14?".'ve got some questions with proper answers. Seely IS currently ... more »

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I've had the game since the day the first version came out. Just deleted it today. Had to do it. Was completely addicted! Anger Management sent me over the edge!!!

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The list of bikes that I've actually owned is pretty short. 1986 Honda Z50 1990 Honda XR80 1995 Honda CR125 1999 Kawasaki KX250 2001 Suzuki RM250 2002 Honda CR125 2006 Kawasaki KX450F 2005 Yamaha YZ125