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I've had the game since the day the first version came out. Just deleted it today. Had to do it. Was completely addicted! Anger Management sent me over the edge!!!

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The list of bikes that I've actually owned is pretty short. 1986 Honda Z50 1990 Honda XR80 1995 Honda CR125 1999 Kawasaki KX250 2001 Suzuki RM250 2002 Honda CR125 2006 Kawasaki KX450F 2005 Yamaha YZ125

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Oh man. 5-pager here for sure. For the pros, I think it comes down to just being able to get the job done. Weather-wise, Cali is excellent for riding year-round, but there are so many obstacles that get in the way of being able to just focus. From traffic, ... more »

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Here it is.. Embed above wasn't working... Red Bull Straight Rhythm Pre Show

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I tried the tall guy setup for a while (6'3 here), but here's the thing... Motocross bikes are designed with a specific body size in mind. The taller you go with bars and seats, the further away you get from optimal bike setup. You raise the bike's center

... more »
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The People's Champs: Sean Collier and Weston Peick. Michael Hall too in 2009.

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Have a Transit Connect LWB and I can get one bike in but have to compress the forks to do so. It's a little bit of a hassle but not too bad. Its the wagon version so I removed all but one seat. Works great.

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If my math is close to correct, that $4,000 worth of gold coins has now tripled to about $12,000. Hold on to those bad boys, Coop!

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NGH (not gonna happen)

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Just posted on Worked on this bad boy with Ryan Walters of Vurb Moto fame. Hope y'all enjoy!

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Yeah. Really hard!

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MXoN - Only three riders per country, so for 90% of pros out there it doesn't even factor in. Red Bull Straight Rhythm - Invitational and completely voluntary. Plus all the riders seemed to genuinely enjoy it last year. Monster Energy Cup - Also invitational ... more »

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Genuinely enjoyed that. Look forward to the next one.

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Only photo I've got right now. Not riding too much at the moment but next time I go out I'll be sure to snap a few more of how it works. The nice thing is that once the seats were removed, there is a ledge underneath the 2nd row seat location that is ... more »

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Just picked up a 2014 Transit Connect wagon. Removed all but one of the rear seats and bike fits in just fine. Have to ratchet down the forks before loading to make clearance but otherwise it's a good fit. Thanks ml512!

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Came across some classic TP (not the wiping kind) while perusing the ol' webbernets. First off, I did not recall him ever racing in Australia, especially in his prime. But here it is. This race pretty much sums up Travis' pro career - ridiculously fast, ... more »

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Hahaha. But bro...don't bend the Steele bro. Like fer sher, mmk.

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Pretty much nailed it right there. Wait a minute, are you David Bailey? You sure do speak kindly of him and only someone as cerebral as DB would use the the word 'cerebral'. I'm suspicious! But yeah, on the RC v JS on 125s point, I don't think it could ... more »

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Yeah that was a great ad. Pretty sure it was either a Renthal or Axo ad though, not PC. Still, RC definitely didn't look the part when he first turned pro, so I could understand his doubters. However, he sure did ride the part and began to transform ... more »