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That's what I said, The track may not be great, But a GP 40 minutes from my house is awesome !!! I'm sure there will be a good fan turnout !

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Cody Gragg didn't outrun the 450 pro class

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That motor on the 03 was a BEAST !

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feed is up

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sent it !

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What's your email, I'll shoot you a code, I can't PM on here, I have no idea what email I signed up with !

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Stream was perfect for me too !!! HD is nice !

New thread Really Nice Craigslist Bike 2/2/2015 6:38 AM Just in case anyone is looking for a nice CR500

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Reply to Creekside MX Alexis, NC 1/12/2015 11:27 AM This is a friend of mine, He has a track in Grover, NC(30 minutes from Lincolnton) He has ride days regularly, Awesome track built by 402 Trails (builds most of the pro's tracks) 20 bucks to ride, also ... more »

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If anyone is qualified to call someone an idiot, You are the man with the credentials !

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All I have to say is my lil buddy down below has his own rain shelter !

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Deputy Sheriff for 11 years and counting !

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I got a buddy I ride with who is a pro level MX ATV racer, He has bikes to cross train on. He has a thumb throttle on all of them, and he rips on the bikes as well, Works great for him.

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Get in touch with Chad Watts

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Honestly, Thats an awesome wheel set, But those spoke skins make them look like shit, they just look cheap, and that's the last thing that wheelset actually is

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First off, I have always been a huge MX vs ATV fan, all of the games. I downloaded MXGP earlier, and it is by FAR the best motocross game I have ever played, If they used the physics engine from MX vs ATV Reflex, It would be the perfect game !!! But ... more »

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That bike has never been out of the crate ! If you have ever been up to E&H Honda in Forest City, NC there's not much of an inventory system, Very small, locally owned dealership. The price is ridiculous, but the folks that own it are awesome people. ... more »

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Thanks !!!