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Is that full Graphics Kit available? And from where?

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I have a 17 450SXF and love it, its the best 450 i've ever owned. But guess what? It grenaded at 2 hours before it was even properly broken in. However the dealer and KTM took care of it and guess what? I LOVE IT still and its still the best 450 i've ... more »

New thread 17 Red Bull KTM Graphics 4/23/2017 5:04 PM

Anyone know where I can find the 17 Red Bull KTM graphic kits? I'm only seeing the 16s online. I was also looking for the 17 BTO kits but cant find those either. Anyone?

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To the OP I love my 17 KTM but am having the same initial thoughts, Kris Keefer at DR mag also mentioned this in his test. I think going up 1 tooth in the rear would allow for it to pull 3rd gear easily and be the best bet. I'm going to give it a go ... more »

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For what's worth, Ive basically owned all the brands Except Husky. And my 17 KTM 450 is the best bike i've ever owned. It corners like a dream, has a motor that is flawless (and with 2 good maps), and stops on a dime. I love it. Mine is completely stock, ... more »

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Nice! I'm a huge Doug Henry #19 Fan, that guy is something else, to go through what he went through, those legendary injuries, come back and win championships in motocross, then get injured again, yet comeback AGAIN and stay sto positive, hes just unreal. ... more »

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I've only read the first page of this thread however I've also seen a couple of Axel's Videos. I don't care for any of the negative comments. All i see is a guy that can whip and ride like a real bad ass, props to him, he has serious skills.

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youre probably reading way too much into this....

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My 17 450SXF dropped a valve at less than 2 hours and required a complete Top end. KTM honored everything, Bike is running great again, They stuck by their product and ill stick with them (so far)

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To the OP: 1. You bought an amazing bike!! 2. Yes I own one too and love mine. 3. Dont worry about the battery. Remember its a light weight high performance battery. Follow the correct technique, there are videos on youtube on how to start these 16/17 ... more »

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Ok thanks man!

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Do you have a 17 also? Thanks man!

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I have a Polar H7 strap but it will no longer sync with my Iphone 7 for some reason. ANy ideas?

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It could be, but I need someone to confirm.

New thread HELP! 17 KTM 450 SXF ECU Wiring 3/10/2017 3:07 PM

Hey guys, Some of you might recall that I had to pull the motor out of my brand new 17 450 SXF and send it back to the dealership for Warranty repairs, KTM and the dealer honored the warranty. We now have the motor back and noticed that the Gear shift

... more »

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NIce, looks like he lives in a pretty cool place too, near the ocean etc.

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Yes he fell to the right initially. Yes the bike flipped and landed on the left but that was not a hard hit. I am doubtful that the crash caused the damage. I say the damaged rotor caused the crash.

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Exactly...I could have sworn he crashed because it locked up on its own as well. At least it looked so. Also, his front wheel turned to the right and hit the ground on the right side, the brake rotor is on the left.

New thread Tomac - Tough luck in Arlington 2/12/2017 4:04 PM

With Dungey stuck back in the pack and finding it difficult to push forward, last night was Tomac's chance to make up some good points and make this series into a really close title fight. Such bad luck to have that front brake problem. Feel bad for ... more »

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