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Not a dirt bike. Very cool though.

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I have a set of Pro Circuit A kit Showa forks in mint condition. Let me know if this is what your after and we can work out details.

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There's no 3D rendering there. It's all flat shapes and layers. Extremely poor quality. Use the paint bucket less to fill shapes and learn shading to show depth.

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It's very obviously is. Not the first time one has been fitted to a competing brand at the factory level.

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I have a hard time believing this "agreement" from Tony is actually true since the document is still intact. Typically when Matthes is presented with a contract or agreement it's destroyed when he washes it in his cargo shorts.

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Well aware of the tear-off/business card trick. Want to replace the seal and fresh oil though considering the $$$ I spent on these. When will I learn better??!!

Started new thread Showa A kit service question 6/12/2014 8:58 AM

I have a set of the last generation Showa A kit spring forks and just blew a fork seal. Anyone know if there is any kind of service manual on these? I bought the bike from Pro Circuit and they just tell me to bring it in.....yeah right!

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The difference is the Honda engine mode select is not just a 'start mode' like the KXF. You also don't have to deal with changing couplers to access a different map like other bikes. 3 different maps can be accessed with just a simple push of the button.

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Sounds like a blown tranny. Shift fork could be wasted. Splitting the cases is the only solution.

Added reply in a thread SoCal's most dangerous tracks?.. 5/15/2014 2:05 PM

I remember Elsinore in the '04-'06 feeling like a SX track. There were some gnarly rythm sections plus some HUGE high speed doubles.

Added reply in a thread SoCal's most dangerous tracks?.. 5/15/2014 1:58 PM

Starwest isn't bad since it was rebuilt this year. Poor track prep is more dangerous than the layout. It's a real point and shoot track, especially on a 450. Piru would be sketchy for a beginner or vet rider due to being mostly built on the side of a ... more »

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This is hardly anything like using the works bike exemption rule. Those bikes were truly handmade and significant changes were happening to them each week. The Factory Edition Dungey races next year starting in Anaheim will have a frame and engine cases ... more »

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Totally normal, especially if the idle is high or choke is out. Bikes need air flow to properly maintain temperature. Always makes me laugh when someone starts up their bike and lets it idle on the stand while they get their gear on. Nothing is worse ... more »

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That area in San Bernadino is super sketchy and most of the hotels close to the track are dumps. I'd stay in Ontario near the mall about 20 min from the track. Much cleaner and safer area. It really is best if you don't bring guns into the state. You ... more »

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Don't worry! HLTN is here to pickup where Unit left off. Not extravagant spendors???!!! We're they not aware of the one-off carbon fiber freestyle bike the company built???

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Same owners? Layout? Track builder?

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AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!! Not going to be happy if Pala closes! People consider SoCal to be the mecca of motocross but it's turning into nothing but a series of lame "Vet" tracks with mellow tabletops, a couple hundred yards before any jump and MAYBE some single-to-tabletop ... more »

Added a product review for Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebar 3/4/2014 11:44 AM

Tested: Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebars


The Good:

The Bad:


Review and Photos by Bill Weppner

Handlebar setup is critical to the comfort and confidence we all desire from our machines. They bind us to our bikes and when set in just the right position, make the ride as comfortable as our home sofas. Move those bars a few millimeters fore or aft, or change the bend a few degrees and you lose that comfort and just don’t feel at home anymore.

Technical Features

Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum.

Available in nine bends, in both 7/8” and 1-1/8” bar sizes.

Can be ordered with bar pad color of your choice (ten color options).

MSRP $60.95 for 7/8” ($99.95 for 1-1/8”, as tested).

First Impressions

The Mika Metals 7075 Pro Series Handlebar is made from top quality aerospace aluminum that serves to provide engineered “flex” into the bars, to reduce arm fatigue and increase comfort, a solid plus to riders of any level. A close look at these bars reveals a number of tapers in the metal, an obvious indicator to different thicknesses and outer dimensions of the bar that contribute to its ability to dampen impacts. Mika also offers up quite the range of bar pad colors, for you to choose while ordering your bars, although the bars themselves are only available in black.

On the Track

When on the bike it can be quite difficult to perceive the affects of any handlebar initially, unless it’s made of solid butter. Around the midway point of a moto is when flex, or lack of it, can become a factor. As fatigue sets in, every square edge bump can feel like hitting a solid wall. The flex in the Mika Metal Pro Series bars added a level of comfort around this point that it was noticeable and welcomed. The front end seemed to suffer from less deflection, while still feeling precise when my arms began turning to Jello. At the end of the day, fatigue in my arms and shoulders were noticeably reduced, and can be attributed to the improved damping effects of the bars.

Long Term Durability

The only real way to test the durability of a handlebar is simple, but crashing repeatedly isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Out on the track, the bars have stayed just as straight as the day I received them. On top of that the finish is still in good condition, with some of the usual small roost chips here and there, but nothing excessive.

The Last Word

The one miss I encountered with the Mika Pro Series bars was with the position of the taper (from 1-1/8” to 7/8”) towards the end of the bars. This left me with less control area adjustment than a standard bar, and for my preference I couldn’t quite get the controls moved in as far as I would have liked, due to the interference of the larger taper.  This ultimately led to some further adjustments during the first few laps, for me this wasn’t enough to deter, but the lack of control room could be a problem for riders with more items on their handlebars (handguards, launch control, etc.). Overall they are reasonably priced compared to most 1 1/8” bars on the market.

VitalMX rating: 3.5 stars

About the Test Rider

Bill Weppner resides in Long Beach, CA and has yet to declare his gang affiliation.  He has a deep desire to be the fastest +30 rider at Milestone MX Park on any givenSunday, so long as Jeff “Chicken” Matiasevich isn’t there.  When he’s not railin’ ruts and banging… stuff… he’s working for the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, that likely wants no affiliation with his comments and/or reviews on this website.  Enough said...

For more information on Mika Metal's Pro Series Bars or other Mika Metal products, you can check out Mikametals.com, or your local dealer.

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