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Eh just take your gas powered generator to re-charge your electric bike at the track. #makesense

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Always cool watching your 5 year old son starting to get air

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Under performing??? Moved from the back of the field and was pushing for third when he crashed at round one, got back to 7th. Qualified fastest at Toowoomba and was in a heated battle with Mellross in their heat when he crashed hard in the whoops, both ... more »

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No no, he is correct, there is only 10 in the race. The Aus-X Open only has ten starting gates. If RV runs outside the top ten he aint running at all. Main gate should look something like this in no order RV Reed Webb Brayton Hahn Faith (Has said he ... more »

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Awesome ML.

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I guess that the final flag on the Monster Energy Cup is not the official - OFF SEASON start. Bring on A1 already. Still plenty of American's racing in Australia if Moto topics are getting hard to find.

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Kenny...... He looks comfortable

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Where you there last night Tobz? Guessing Geran said something? I Missed what he said. That track was brutal, the whoops claimed a few, but at the same time, guys like Mellross and even Decotis before his crash were making them look easy on the 250,

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Did come off that way, not from Chad but Eric Johnson. If Cooper does not race Monster Cup, does it mean he is not heading to Aus? Anyone know if he is injured or just taking more time to get used to the 450 before racing it in SX?

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Maybe he can take a huge pay cut and spend a year racing in Australia

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Seat bouncing is all about the spinning Inertia of the seat foam V the weight of arse doing the bouncing combined by the shock spring rate and total bike velocity at the time of take off, divided by the speed at the base of the jump face. Its pretty ... more »

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They are wrong and you are wrong deal with it. Anderson was rolling on the racing line, it sucked it happend, but rolling any jump on a active track is risky. I bet any money that if Jason had his time again he would not celebrate on the top of the jump ... more »

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Since when do riders not jump when the see the flinish flag? Feel bad for Anderson but as soon as I seen him slow up over the jump and roll I got worried, it is a big jump that every rider hits every lap and every rider has jumped so far this weekend ... more »

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Should MX OPen be on by now?

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1. France 4 2. Belgium 4 3. Italy 9 4. The Netherlands 10 5. Spain 10 6. Great Britain 16 7. New Zealand 18 8. Denmark 19 9. Sweden 24 10. Estonia 24 11. Japan 25 12. Austria 26 13. USA 27 14. Australia 31 15. Canada 33 16. Latvia 34 17. Finland 34 18. ... more »

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I think we can Thank Mosig for those nets

Well him and one of the junior riders last year. At J2 last year which was the same track layout used on the weekend just gone. A junior early in the day jumped the triple then launched off the berm ... more »
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Wilson Todd was in a hand cast on Saturday , thumb injury, though sounds like he will be ready for SX round two. Think the choice came down to more who wanted to go and wanted to spend the coin. Have to remember there is minimal financial support for ... more »

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I have a audio interview with Adam that I will upload sometime this week, He was pumped to be in Aus, but was down on how he performed. I am sure once he gets some bike time and gets used to the Aussie track layouts he will be fine. He has four weeks ... more »

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Had the chance to meet and speak to both Brayton and his mechanic Brent (think I got it right this time

) Both super cool . They are heading back to the US for more testing between rds 1-2 here. Only expect Brayton to get quicker as gets used ... more »
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The 31st of September