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Probably the first time in a long time that our MXoN selectors will be looking mainly at the Aussie Championship to pick the team. The only two international riders that could get a look in over the riders here are Chad and Hunter. Hunter with being ... more »

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Exactly 10 rounds of racing that mean jack shit. A chase pretty much just gives us an extended pre season with riders doing what they have to in order to secure a place in the chase. Man it is going to be awesome when teams realise their rider has secured ... more »

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Race my first Off-Road race for 12 months on the weekend and decided to blow one sandy berm apart, about the only decent thing I done on the bike all weekend

... more »
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The number 1 American Moto Website I frequent. At first it was just the forum, now check out the front page every time I am here for a look. RacerX website used to be my first stopping point, but after the changes the page got to busy, ill check that ... more »

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Not a fan of the chase format for a few reasons. End of the day it aint going to stop me watching the racing, im a race fan, I watch each race on a race to race basis and enjoy it for what it is. Some races a great like the race on the weekend, some ... more »

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They should just go all out and put Yellow rims on it and call it a factory edition. I do love my Suzuki's though.

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Cheers for pulling them stats for me

3 Wins and 11 podiums is great no doubt, but compared to the tear he went on at the start of the MX season in 15, I think sort of backs up that people sometimes get his outdoor form mixed up with their expectations ... more »
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Has Tomac ever really been a consistent front runner (as in consistently in the battle for winning week in week out) in SX though. (SX Class) Without going through his history in the 450 class, my memory of him is pretty inconsistently up the front. ... more »

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If sponsors know about it why don't they just ensure the hats they supply him have their logo front and back. Not having a go at your post, but the sponsors for not thinking out side the box. The money his main sponsors lay out a few extra bucks to get ... more »

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Yep agree with my fellow Aussie, sure if he wins this title by three points or less he will look like genius , but some of the impacts he was taking by coming up short on a few jumps could not be helping. Tough as nails for sure though.

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That is amazing to look at

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Why was Chad so far down the list

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Townley had a good start in the Super Final, battling with Shaun Simpson for first place. Then Jeffrey Herlings made a block pass which resulted in Townley crashing and having to pull-out. Team Manager Everts was not happy with the incident. “The pass ... more »

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So instead of a all new bike, just bring out a factory replica, that would be cool.

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But he would be ducking and weaving the flying bikes in the C group, that might not be so much fun for him.

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It would suck to see the DPH Yamaha team back here loose Bopping, especially after losing their MX2 rider to another Yamaha team a few weeks back, they are good people. At the same time it would be great to see him land a full time gig over in the U.S, ... more »

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They are the only Japanese manufacture to win a SX so far this year, do they really need to bring out a new bike? I would be happy if they bought out the same bike again but through the KYB spring fork on it

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It is motor racing, some races will be epic but for the most part there will be one guy who is better than the rest, pretty much the same in any individual sport, one or if lucky 2-3 athletes will find an edge in any given year. Sometimes we get lucky ... more »

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Have not heard anything, DPH posted on Insty that they were hoping he would be all good for night show. Hopefully, 17th in Qual is a great effort, Mellross 14th in 250, getting better every round.

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Back this week, for some reason did not get around to checking in during race day last week. Still 28 minutes and counting for coverage here in Aus, waiting waiting, waiting. Though spent the morning taking a few photos for Shane Metcalfe for his riding ... more »