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Yep Metty not riding for the SD3 Husqvarna team any more, not much being said. The guy providing the KTM for him this weekend has been a long time supporter of local rider here in South Australia. Up until this year he has helped out a local Off/Road ... more »

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Haha not sure if Cali11 wins the award for dumbest post on Vital ever, or most sarcastic post on Vital ever. Either way made me laugh a little.

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This is great GuyB.

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It certainly was not like watching a normal moto "Race", it was more like watching a track cycling race with everyone looking over their shoulder waiting for someone to make their move. Certainly a different type of race, good to watch, but year would ... more »

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You missed Friday's press conference then I guess.

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Cock Block? Reed passed Anderson with a block pass, which was fine and fair, Anderson returned the favor then went on to win the race. Is that not what you do in SX, if someone block passes you, you do it back and race forward for the win? I was getting ... more »

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That was more like a cycling race than a SX race. You can't blame Tomac for what he was trying, im not a fan of what he was trying, but at the same time you understand it was his only chance. But you can't really complain about dodgy tatics one day then ... more »

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I don't want any more bikes out this early in the year, KTM have a 17, a 17.5 and soon their 18 all out in the first half of 17. Look forward to seeing their 19 around December.

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And if you had to choose one rider to win a championship for you, who would you take? I would go with the BEST current rider when it comes to Championship success. Can be the best all you want for one race or ten races, but the guy who finished the season ... more »

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How are the rider numbers, especially in EMX125 and 250. Great to see.

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Should Dungey just punt Tomac? Should Marvin Punt Tomac, should Grant Punt Dungey. I'll take a Punt and say none of those happen

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How about everyone he has ever raced in the 450 class minus RV until this point. Tomac could become only the second rider to win a SX title over Dungey in his 450 career.

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My money is it being some type of bet, probably with Weege , or someone from one of the teams.

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Head to Alice Springs over the Queens Birthday long weekend, head to Finke, wait for Toby to get in at the end of day one and ask him what his top speed was and there will lay your answer.

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14 Rounds down and the points have been re-set 3 Race Chase between the top two with plenty of spoilers in the mix Lifes Good

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You are correct, there was only two laps when improved his lap time, laps 16 and 17 (17 and 18 for Dunge) His fastest lap was a 52.9 early in the race, then a 53.1 he then dropped into the high 54 to low 55s until he was about to be lapped by Dungey ... more »

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Not everyone will go down the line with their favorite. I think I have clearly been one of the biggest Reed fans of all time. I was out today when it went down but saw the Twitter posts. Was thinking it was going to be something that was blown out because ... more »

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There was a couple of small interviews on Aussie sites during the break, pretty sure he came home to get everything sorted, maybe even Visa. His call up to Star was pretty last minute so he did not have a great time to get things sorted at home before ... more »

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Just looked at times, are they racing a 52 second flat track? Top 8 split by less than half of a second, top 13 by less than a second top 19 by less than 1.5 seconds! When has that ever happend before in SX

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You realise you have just started another one of those Stewart threads