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The final round of the Aus Supercross will be online later this week. Make sure you watch that for tips on how to and how not to race and ride in the mud!

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Jay was unreal, Such a great rider when his confidence is there. Schmidt was enjoying himself out there, seen the fist pumping each lap, good to see him finally have a little luck over here, had been a tough run up until last night. Haha Chump, yeah ... more »

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From where I was, which was the other side of the track, it looked as if Crawford got sideways going into the whoops and Nick passed him as Crawford went off track. Nick was def in front on Crawford at some point and was on track, Crawford should have

... more »
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Well I guess I can still call it mine as it is sitting in my shed, but it is up for sale. Long term project bike I was riding for a Aussie Mag for six months. First time I have had a two stroke in the shed since my 2000 YZ250 back in 03 to early 05 In

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Is there still one 250 seat there still for SX? Good chance he would have ran away with the Aussie SX title if not for a stray hay bale at round two.

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Australia Voted Yes, now there are fucking Rainbows everywhere. Good to see ya back here Terry.

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Best post ever

Lets go ride, who cares how or why there are different rules for Aus-X, the event rocked from what I watched on TV, and ill be missing it again next year.
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No way Anderson is 25 - 30 seconds back. And no way anyone will be disappointed with Roczen finishing inside the top five

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Pretty sure the same thing happend last year, a few friends tried to get plates signed by the Yamaha riders but they would not sign non genuine Yamaha plates. Not sure what the deal was, just what I was told from those who lined up. They had no issue ... more »

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I had a double take when Uncle Ronnie while being interviewed on Live television belted out one of most famous lines. "Im here riding red and getting head" Live on Foxtel in Aus. My wife looked over at me with that look on her face and said, did he really ... more »

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Don't think it was a knee Jerk reaction to Schumacher as that happend a few years prior. Not a fan of the rules, but is what it is. You either choose to ride MA affiliated tracks over here and pay their fees and play by their rules, or ride one of the ... more »

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You can run helmets bought from overseas, the AS 1698 ( The Aus standard) is not the only standard accepted in the rule book. The Euro and U.S stickers / Labels are also listed in the current MA rule book, have been for years now. As for the M.A official ... more »

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ML Why are the spec details different from KTM to Husky. KTM slightly lighter, both different curves on the Dyno. Do they both come off the same production line? What are the small differences with build and / or set up from the production line that ... more »

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April or just a little earlier. Heard the same from someone I trust. Hope it is true will be good to at least have another option when buying my sons next bike.

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Haha guess what my first set of boots were! Those things were great for the first few months, then flopped to the side sitting by themselves in the hall way one day.. Not to much confidence in the ankle protection after that.

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SX1 Main Event Final Results: 1. Justin Brayton 2. Dean Ferris 3. Todd Waters 4. Dylan Long 5. Daniel Reardon 6. Nick Schmidt 7. Luke Clout 8. Nathan Crawford 9. Kade Mosig 10. Cheyne Boyd 11. Daniel Herrlein 12. Luke Wilson 13. Joel Whightman 14. Robbie ... more »

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That is great to see.

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Jeff Ward has raced Trophy trucks in Aus a few times now from memory, including the Adelaide round of the V8's Toby Price also races a few of the Trophy truck rounds. Maybe that is the go.

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Guess its true, every single one since the age of 16

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I posted a bit of a smart arse comment on FB about the Irish having the same rider line up for 20 years. Then heard on the broadcast that it was Martin Barrs 15th MXoN . Went digging found out he is 31 years old meaning he has raced the event every year ... more »