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Just looked at times, are they racing a 52 second flat track? Top 8 split by less than half of a second, top 13 by less than a second top 19 by less than 1.5 seconds! When has that ever happend before in SX

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You realise you have just started another one of those Stewart threads

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Title made me LOL Only as it bought back memories of the old chat room I think it might have been on DMXS that I used to pop into on race days, back when there was the live audio cast of the races. Listen to the races while watching live timing and chatting ... more »

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Setting a nice pace
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If Ken Roczen did not crash he would be healthy If Dungey wasn't born in American he would not be American If Jeremy Martin did not race Daytona Dungey would be 19 points If Marvin and Anderson don't screw up the start Dungey could have finished second ... more »

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No it is a board with a shit tonne of people posting here. Some of the those people want rivalries and takes out moves, others want robot like poster boys. Wide variety of thoughts and opinions. I just want good racing, like say a first time 450 rider ... more »

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Funny how the tracks look pretty smooth on TV. While Daytona certainly looked rougher than the average track on the broadcast, until you see these type of images, you just don't realise how gnarly shit gets out there.

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Tear-Offs on the infield of the Daytona 500 track! Now I am really starting to hate the guy. I care not of the Environment, the human race is well on track to killing that off, dirt bikes and tear-offs are the least of the problems. But just imagine ... more »

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Agree that was a disgraceful display.... Though I have seen worse, I have actually seen riders throw their goggles at fans after winning! can you belive that, they win and are still so angry they throw their goggles and sometimes other gear at fans. ... more »

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J-Mart also now known as the number one rider in the pits when it comes to bike set up. Just 8 days on the bike and he has it dialled and has top 2 450 speed out of the box.

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3 x 7min or 8 min plus 1 lap mains. That could be cool Any chance FELD is thinking this way also because the number of riders trying to qualify for the night show is getting thinner and thinner? Only had a quick glance at combined qualifying results ... more »

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Longer races for the most part this year have provided better racing and more time to capture the battles throughout the field. Just watched Millsaps go pro footage, it shows with a crash in the first turn and being nearly a lap down at the end of lap ... more »

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In there interwebs in general

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Likewise Jmicmoto13. Great idea for a topic, hopefully a lot of the regulars will chime in. A lot of good people on this forum, good people that I sometimes agree with and some times don't

Great place for a moto fix between rides.
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Name: Aaryn Age: 38 Began riding: 1983 stopped 1990 Started Again 2002ish, still going Favorite Rider: Too many to list! Any Aussie on the World Stage, if I had to pick one, Hard to go past Chad Reed! Profession: Back working fulltime in a warehouse

... more »
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Tomac tried it in his Semi, he cased the final jump and nearly went over the berm, but you are right from what I seen he did not hit it again until Webb done it in front of him. To me it looks like Dungey is just not going to push it on a track that ... more »

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Or there is no need to go all out with some radical design because the platform they have works, why change something drastically for the sake of change? Maybe MX / SX bike have reached their potential for now withough going into new age materials that ... more »

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If you had Stamped it with a Dongoffer we would have taken it as Gospel

Great to see that Pourcel will continue racing, another reason to follow the Canadian series again in 2017.
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What is happening on Saturday, some type of race?

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Pourcel is a great rider, a champ, but he is off compared to you would expects top line factory rider to be just at the moment for what ever reason. Agree should not be any hate on any rider for the most part lol. We still don't Know what the deal is, ... more »