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I spy the GET starting system on Reeds front fender and back to hydro clutch.

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Outside of sparks, has anyone else noticed how much smoke Eli's bike seems to make? It has happened at multiple rounds

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Go blue, for those who couldn't get it to turn. I can not fathom why you feel this way. The bike handles great, and it isn't wide. The shrouds actually give you something to grip with and the bike itself is hardly wider than any other manufacturers.

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The 5mm lower pegs? I thought they were just introduced in 16-17 on those models?

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Any riders out there shorter and have a 17 yz250f? I have been wanting to get some because they are 5mm lower than previous models. I have a set off of a 14 that i would be willing to swap.

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Come on out to Archview anytime. I live 15 minutes from it and helped build it with a long time friend who own/runs it. Hit me up when heading this way. Generally they do a ride day after STL supercross, gets a little crowded but it is fun.

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I think AC will have the most speed with some inconsistency. Savatgy will be right there but always solid off starts which will make him the title favorite in my opinion.

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Few things to consider.... 1. Before entering every turn, try and take a deep breath 2. Pick specific breathing points on the track and DO NOT miss them 3. Take deep breathes over every jump while relaxing your hands on the bars. (straighten them out ... more »

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They are right with matching speed, Its simply confidence and trusting yourself. Rule of thumb is to keep the throttle on while hitting the faces.

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I heard he switched from factory triple clamps to X-Trig, put a new linkage on, and they softened the initial stroke on the shock to allow better traction and comfort through bumps etc.

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Rumor has it that the single exhaust has more mid-top end power and actual horsepower than the dual exhaust. However, the duals provide more bottom which is ironic coming from arenacross. Also, it is much cheaper for the single

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Thanks, any thoughts on if it is good/bad to mix 50/50 with pump?

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While we are on the subject, what is the cheapest "race gas" for 4 strokes? Been thinking about running better fuel and i have heard higher octane isn't really the best route.

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We got a problem, your not allowing the key board warrior to have his 15 minutes of fame.

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Nothing like someone pushing their political views on a non political post. Good on ya

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He is a bit skewed lol

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Maybe I'm a tad different as a millennial, but I'm more of the old school thought process. Then again, the one thing I see wrong with this entire scenario is Jason getting pissed off at Friese for doing something that Jason himself has done his entire ... more »

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Man you guys have this thing pegged. Call up Keith McCarty and tell them what to do with the bike.

Reeds bike looked great turning down on the flat corners and before the sand section.
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