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Hey @ Sidecar. Holy crap, you raced a sidecar at Weston!?! as if it wasn't hard enough! Give us all a surprise and tell us how much premix you burned during the race?

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God bless America, is all I have to say about that. This is the only country where that's possible. And sadly, with social media and BIG media in the USA, I don't think we'll ever find a 2018 YZ250F in 2035. I'm 37yo, desk job, all the time at work, ... more »

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You built your own pipe? Sick!

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Looking for some parts for my 2006 YZ125 rebuild: - YZ125 cylinder with powervalves. Any condition considered but prefer low-hour. Must be Yamaha part, not Athena. - Black or blue rim set and spoke kits (19*1.95 or 18*1.95 and 21*1.6) - YZ footpeg brackets, ... more »

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Piston ran too long, stock timing was advanced and head/squish wasn't set for the load and fuel you were using. The advanced timing cost me an OEM cylinder and top-end back in 2005. Aaaargh! The power was also too abrupt for a lot of the riding a did ... more »

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Email sent

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You used sand paper on the rotors or you sand blasted the rotors to clean and even out the finish? You use scotch bright with mineral spirits? I've never heard of that, but will give it a try. I have a 2006 YZ125 which is dirty all over, so I am just ... more »

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Bike looks fantastic! Do you have any advice for cleaning up the rotors? Your wheels look so nice, I can't believe they're not new. Any tips apart from scotch bright the rims + lots of elbow grease?

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Would love to race this! We race the Hattah desert race in Australia, and it's sand + endurance, but not the same as crazy Le Touquet, obviously.

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Just getting my son started on a 2007 YZ85 that's in good shape. in search of a starter kit that includes: tubes spark plug (9 rather than a 10 plug) bars (not higher than std) piston kit and wear parts (r brake pads) filters used flywheel cover throttle ... more »

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Looking for a used YZ125 motor for my 2006 rolling chassis in Orange County, CA. Can be from MY 2005 to current. Don't need CDI, carburetor or pipe. Do need cylinder, cases, crank, trans, flywheel, all that usually includes a motor. Basket case okay. ... more »

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