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I just saw the bottom of the page and the thumbnail for the "Results Sheet..." Heh.

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Craig knew he was there, saw Webb's front wheel sneaking up beside him and knew all he had to do to keep the lead another lap was squeeze Coop's line until it disappeared. Webb let off just like he should have, the world keeps a-turnin.' This cute back ... more »

Reply to What happened to Tomac? 2/8/2016 11:30 AM

omg y

Reply to Coolest moves in SX/MX... 1/26/2016 4:15 PM

Cross up wheelies n brake slides. Duh. And low speed or high speed, scrubs are great when they're flat. My favorite move is "The combo that desn't look like it would be faster but is" move. It often involves slowing before a rhythm, or soaking up a single, ... more »

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Looks to me like someone moved over from left to right, but I'm not sure it's who some of you think... Looks to me like it might be the guy who in img. 2 is actually turning back to the left as a corrective measure... Not sure if they touched, but that's

... more »
Reply to Ryan Dungey goes 100 at Anaheim 2 1/18/2016 5:50 PM

He'll need to do it one more time to match Chad Reed's streak of 7. IMO, there's no way. Reed was a tougher customer during his streak (3 times he finished within 10 points of the winner, 0 for RD), but that first-gen KTM probably wasn't doing Dunge ... more »

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Dubstep never doesn't work.

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That picture and this comment are just making me laugh and laugh.

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Don't know if Dunge could've ridden to such a strong 2nd immediately afterward, knowing he accidentally purposely knocked out the most popular rider in the sport and an mx legend who didn't need to be knocked out anymore. If it was an accident he can

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liq a diq

Reply to Will James open a can of Whoop-arse this weekend? 1/15/2016 6:33 PM

Who knows, but I feel bad not picking him for an A1 podium...dude was on his way! Well, maybe Roczen would've had something to say about that, but he was 10 seconds back...

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Has James Stewart ever broken a bone in a crash? Besides the funny bones of the haterz... An arm or a leg, I guess I should say. Also, Chad Reed is the winner of the 2011 SX season if we eliminate bad luck, not Ryan Dungey. Stop the lies.

Reply to A1: Kinda exposed us all didnt it? 1/14/2016 7:10 PM

Second. Dungey/Villopoto. Third, actually.

Reply to A1: Kinda exposed us all didnt it? 1/14/2016 6:57 PM

Dungey didn't lose control. People saying he would've been able to stop if... If his goal was to throw it in front of Stew for a block pass then in any scenario you can think of stopping wouldn't be on his mind at all until it it's too late. And he cased ... more »

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A few things for ma homies on Vital... First, it's very obvious that RD was doubling. He cased a double, not a triple; had it been a triple he cased, his momentum would've been killed dead and we wouldn't be talking about this right now. That in mind, ... more »

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Ho-leee shit, Big Lenny won the billion??

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I would finance the building of a time machine, go back to June 2009, and hope I had something left over to pay James Stewart's salary so Suzuki wouldn't have any qualms about loaning him a ride for the '10 season. More realistically, though, I could ... more »

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There's a gopro vid of a head-on collision in an incident like this at an SX...guy turned down super early to cut under 1 or 2 others and got smashed. Lost the bookmark tho...probably circa 2012?