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Don't need a B main. Just a B gate. (The 'b' stand for Behind the A gate.)

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That's riding scared IMO. Not at all. Placing yourself in front of a faster rider to block him and not giving a fuck if they whine about it, then going over to look him in the eye and shake his hand, is the opposite of cowardly, especially if there's ... more »

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It was funnier than Stewart's "I think you were looking at a piece of dirt" comment a few year ago, but then Stewart was put on the spot (a pretty tough spot too) and Webb wasn't.

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'btw. eli stated clearly that he wasn't running over his head when he crashed. his words were that the pace he had that day and the races before felt "effortless" to him. pretty scary.' Maybe Tomac was within his comfort zone, but clearly his bike wasn't. ... more »

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I read the first couple Hoagie man posts, and they'll be my last. I can't help but read his dumb fucking words as if they're coming out of this dumb fucking face. Separately I can handle the words or the face. But combined? Godalfuckingmighty.

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Before Washougal I'd say for sure Webb would rather Marvin win it than Jeremy. Since all this "cross-jumping" drama started, no freakin way. I'm pulling for Marv, and I'm pissed Webb had to go and drive himself into the ground that last lap and put JM ... more »

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Broadcast, or some kind of "pre-game" show? I gotta hear her say that. (It was before 250 moto 2)

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A couple from some '90s SX I heard recently... Dave Despain: Mike Kiedrowski takes the checkered flag with a one-handed pump job. Despain on McGrath: "...First time he's done the dirt nap this season." Larry Maiers: "That was a hay nap, Dave. He went

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Not sure if it was brought up, but how about Marvin jumping off the track before the finish line to go around lappers so he wouldn't get trapped behind them? I would think that's something the officials would've discussed.

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Pretty sure these had vanilla ice cream when I had em but maybe they're just as good w chocolate. CAUSE THEY WERE FUCKIN GOOD.

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So the suggestions so far are... -strength -testosterone (balls) -low numbers of mx women -segregation -gender roles (which is simply a Reason for low numbers of mx women) I definitely think it's ONE of these things and not a combination. When in life ... more »

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He even broke it into 2 words when he said it: "Golden Rod."

It's not bad though, ex-specially cause there's an rd in RoD. I kinda like it. (If it happens, though, will Ryan regret his little 'joke'?) But I still like (specially now that he ... more »

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Thanks. Surely teams have rethought their contracts since then? I bet Yamaha would've liked to have that one. Hey, does that mean he purposefully threw that hard pass on Muhtassovitch (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) a couple rounds earlier, to wreck ... more »

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What's this? Was there ever an admission on Bradshaw's part? How would losing the title get him a better deal? I seek informations.

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Listening to the MXGP preview Pulpcast, JT said that if RV shows up in his 2013 form he would win the title, no one would be able to match him for a season because he was (and would be again) the fastest rider on the planet. FF a few months to when Tomac ... more »

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"I think RV outdoors was faster than JS or RC just from progress" My instinct is that this is true. But, like my instinct that McGrath in his prime could only fantasize of a pace like James Stewart's, it's only an instinct. I'll need to pore over the

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If you did, it was probably obvious sarcasm.

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There are 'Start New Topic' buttons at the top and bottom of every thread, dipshit.