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It's a bit Jeremy McGrath invitational, maybe. Anyone remember any race formats from that? Anything interesting, or just some 1 v. 1?

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Wiggity wump, a big ol bump

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Barcia vs. Roczen looked promising. SX has got the stale format blues, for shore. Multiple races are where it's at; the nature of supercross demands it.* *The start of the race, which we know is so critical in cramped quarters, is, in all its chaos, ... more »

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Browsed her instagram, lived up to the hype pretty well. https://www.instagram.com/kaylareneelewis/ She reminds me of a tamer version of perhaps my favorite of all ladies (visually), Ukushu Khrystyna, aka Khrystyna Kazakova, who if you're me you first saw on a cover of Cycle Gear about

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There's more significance in the fact that the guy in the second picture is flat before ever cresting the takeoff than people seem to be acknowledging. He's essentially erased 12 inches off the top of the jump, and by the time he lands, with the extra

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Reply to Stewart did nothing wrong. Wrong place at the wrong time 2/28/2016 6:38 PM

Of course people's blood boils a lot quicker on this issue because it's Stewart. I was throwing my hands up myself--when you see it live it looked really, really bad on James's part, but of course there are multiple shades. A few things... A. It appears ... more »

Reply to Seely's GoPro, am I hearing things? 2/25/2016 6:50 PM

Stewart's go-pro from his ballsy ride in Toronto in '14, when he was going to the front and working on passing RV, Ryan gets a little wild in the whoops in front of him and Stewart goes, "Careful, buddy!"

Reply to Js7 in for ATL? 2/25/2016 6:16 PM

It's probably more fun getting a terrible start and working your way up to 7th than holeshotting and fading to 7th. p.s. Go Bubba

Reply to I bet when Dungeys career is over, he ends up 2nd on the all times list just behind RC. 2/22/2016 4:50 PM

More rounds does a bigger series make. Good call.

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See, there are a bunch of instances where one can question another's title. The history books don't tell those details And that's exactly why we keep the details alive here, so some of you S.S. mofos can't get away with binding and gagging Lady History! ... more »

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Ha, the first one's pretty good. Making me want to battle you with my bomb-ass JS rap I've been perfecting and just drop the mic...but I guess I'll save it. Some fools ain't worth the trouble, knowmsayn?

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He looks concussturble.

Reply to BH,RJ,MC,RC,JS,RV - all had that "I hate losing more than I love winning" attitude! 2/17/2016 6:39 PM

Naw. Great move. Uh...I think...lemme see it again first.

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That's funny, my sister was trying to tell me about this band the other day. "They do Mississippi Queen." "Never heard it. I don't think." Well, I was right. If the guitar lick 10 seconds in was repeated, that would be a really cool riff. I don't know ... more »

Reply to How crazy was that huge triple to the sand?? 2/15/2016 3:38 PM

No, they were mostly drawing the same line in the corner. How else could Anderson get inside of both Tomac and Canard there? In the Anderson thread, though, the possible benefits of the steel frame of the Husqvarna were suggested, something I failed

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It's wonderful that you appreciate my insights and want to see me find greater success by branching out. However, I know approximately jack about football, so for now I'll stick to moto.

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What do the racers know? Was Anderson the only guy out there with the ability to double this jump from the inside while everyone else rolled it or went outside to get a better angle at it? Probably not.

One phone call, that's all, to me, watching ... more »
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It was a pretty uneventful pass, though, once they showed it. At least they postponed the flashback the first time and we got to see Webb's first wild attempt at Craig. I'm more interested in what we missed in the 450 main. Flashed back to Musquin's ... more »

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I just saw the bottom of the page and the thumbnail for the "Results Sheet..." Heh.