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After a long moto, what's the only drink you reach for?

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Look at this camera from the EARLY FRIGKING NINETIES. Seems like that would be an option. A tiny light camera would enable a tiny light mount, so together they might not present a safety risk. Maybe mount the recording device under the visor, split up

... more »

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Signed it as Chad Reed.

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That's where James will end up. He's got time now.

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"Stewart could be facing a period of ineligibility, which would bar him from competition not only in Monster Energy Supercross, but also the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship during that time. We're not certain yet how long this ineligibity period ... more »

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This one got a pretty loud laugh-like noise out of me, actually.

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Boo! The Matrix and Slither are two of my favorite movies. Or maybe you enjoy sci-fi/action and horror/comedy.

BUT...I like McDonald's just fine (especially McGriddles...fuck yes) And most of my riding has been over rocks in the desert and ... more »

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heh heh...Ryno Powder. I heard it's pulverized horn.

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If Jeremy McGrath started his career alongside Ricky and James, he would be less successful than Chad Reed.

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I thought RV had a compass tattoo in that spot, not a majestic forested valley with the words "There Are No Sherlocks" in the foreground.

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Seriously, though.

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They read this and do the opposite, I guess. http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/ He's not even close to a white black guy, though. -likes rap -fanboys over lil wayne, rick james, Lebron, Tiger, Floyd Mayweather, and Guy Fieri -celebrates his parents publicly -etc.

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Guys? You might want to be sitting down for this. ronnie mac = goon = clown = ronald mcdonald

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250? lol. I'll say 175. Someone get on that with a yard stick. Closest guess gets a plush Big Bird.

Added reply in a thread Hey Feld - not buying sx tickets this year 12/6/2014 4:54 PM

Well, the Stew ruling will likely decide whether I go, but for a more basic reason. If he's racing, it'll likely be the last chance I'll have to see him race in person, which I'll gladly take. If he's not there, then it'll just be another race, usually ... more »

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5th, 4th, 5th, 29th, 6th. Those are BB's seasonal finishes in SX five years straight, regionally , on a bike he's dominated with outdoors. If he gets more than three top 5 finishes, you're damn right I'll be surprised.

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Were there any Black Friday deals? I guess I'll do it, but I want a refund if RV gets hurt before the 1/3 mark.

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Earlier I postulated that I could see Roczen showing up next year with unmatched speed (unmatched by everyone but maybe 7), but after seeing Tomac at the baby SX's I can pretty much see him hanging with anyone. Easy to imagine Trey and Davi being outmatched ... more »

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Oh the humility!

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Kinda surprised this thread is still around, let alone catching up to the "excellent" MvA thread. The game looks neat. Honestly if I hadn't downloaded Supercross I might be tempted to sell it and get this. It does look like the handling's kind of clunky ... more »