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Maybe why is it that certain people are permitted access to a keyboard?

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Happy Birthday, Scott!

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Bet it's not a

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Remember. Your brain is going to write checks your body is not yet ready to cash. Pretend you're a kid learning how to ride all over again. You need to sharpen your basic skills because that muscle memory is dim and faded.

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Looked like he was avoiding weight on the right when he hopped off the track.

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Lyle Lovett was out there last night. May be today as well. Whoops. Just saw your post above. NM

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Freakin awesome. Hope you make it to RB. I plan to be there along with Team Cramp. (Don't ask. We'll show ya.).

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Bates flat out rawks. And has been for about 50 years.

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Whipmeister1 Def Mid Pack usually top 10%-20% div 2 is as fast as I get.

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Thanks for the vids and pics. Track looked pretty good.

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He was ripping pretty good at Swan. Kept Bisceglia and Cunningham honest.

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I'll say it again. Trey has to find a way to avoid early trouble. Is his kryptonite.

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So what's to say that the other rider's numbers weren't result of a hack. too? I'm confused.

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Follow the Benjamins....

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CNBC analyst yesterday said he thinks they have untapped opportunities as a content provider on their own. Like youtube or netflix. Interesting angle, pretty straightforward to roll out, lots of growth potential beyond selling the little boxes.

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This one is mine. If you got one, post it.

Matt Bisceglia OTG

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Depends. Year? Numbers matching? What's missing? And is it an H (clutch+4 speed). H models are about double the regular ones.

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Like this^ Low pressure and careful with the heat (heat will build the pressure, too). Freeze plug one end, radiator pressure test plug with Shrader valve other end. No more than 10 lbs of pressure. I think there are some Youtubes demonstrating.

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Stone Edler stylin